Buzz B Gone Review [2021]: Best mosquito repellant?

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Buzz B gone Review

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Planning to camp out this summer?  Then, better have a great plan and include the best mosquito killer in town. Apparently, the most awaited season for us can be the grandest reunion of mosquitoes too. I mean you can see a swarm of them flying around from afternoon to midnight and expect that to be worst if you are heading somewhere near nature.

Have you ever had to rise from your bed exhausted, with swollen eye lids due to mosquito induced insomnia? If yes, then this review is for you.

What of ever having to slap yourself like someone with severe manic disorder because mosquitoes won’t allow you breathe? This review is for you as well.

With the way mosquitoes launch attacks on innocent, non suspecting individuals, I suggest we should spend more time casting them out more than we do to demons. Because to me, they are the real demons. The sting though painful and very irritating is not as disturbing as their whiiiim! choir note that makes it difficult for their presence to go unnoticed. Even if you resist the itching bites, I doubt if you can resist their buzzing sounds too. They are well known for their prowess in disturbing peoples’ peace. How terrible!

It is very much annoying just like the mosquito bites themselves to spend halve of one’s income treating malaria and fevers caused by mosquitoes. Those creatures snatch life out of people gradually. You can understand what I mean, when you think of the numbers that die from malaria yearly. A friend once told me about how her entire family got admitted, one after the other due to malaria. That’s how much harm those tiny creatures can do!

They won’t allow you sleep or rest, lounge at your balcony, summer camp, seat out with friends on a beautiful summer evening and worst still, it seems you can’t do anything about it.

You have a mosquito net in your bedroom that is folded up because heat won’t allow you stay in there. You practically can’t manage, because it gets really stuffy in there or nonetheless, it makes you claustrophobic. I get you!

You were afraid to venture into most insect repellents in the market because of the associated risk of toxins and yet mosquitoes have frustrated you into it. Now, you still have the noxious smells of the chemical and other things to deal with.

It’s even more heart wrenching to see your kids suffering these bugs’ bites and you don’t Know how to help. You’re not alone in that frustration.

Finally, there is good news for you and I.

I believe ‘BuzzB-gone’ is what we need!

Buzz b gone is already gaining popularity in United States, Canada, UK, Australia, worldwide but does it really work? What are the Pros? Cons? Where to buy? This Buzz b gone Review article will guide you.

By the time you are done with this article, you should be able to decide on your own whether Buzzbgone is for you or not.

Alright! Lets move on!

What is buzzB-gone?

BuzzB-gone is a portable, compact bug zapping device that functions in a very natural way to keep you from mosquito bites. It is an UV light emitting device with 360 degree suctioning fan( powerful enough to trap any mosquito that invades it’s territory) and dehydrators. Completely chemical free. And of course, you have nothing to worry about the size, because it can be; dropped on a table, put into hand bags, carried from one point to the other even by kids- all thanks to it’s portability.

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Buzz b gone Review

The primary aim is to enable the user to place Buzz B-Gone in any room where he considers a mosquito repellent device to be useful. No chemical substances are used, unlike other sprays and similar products. In addition, the device can be easily used by children and is absolutely safe to use, so that it can be used without any concerns.

Why Get Rid of Mosquitoes

This is a just a refresher on the multiple reasons you should strive for a mosquito-free environment. You see for most people mosquitoes just make them uncomfortable, they hum at your ears while you are trying to have a conversation, read or even sleep.

Their bites are also very itchy and cause a lot of discomfort, it can leave you with a red swollen spot on your skin if you scratch it too much.

Aside from all these “surface” problems mosquitoes cause, they can also cause some serious health problems. Mosquitoes act as carriers of some deadly diseases which include;

  • The infamous malaria.
  • Yellow Fever
  • Dengue Fever
  • Zika Virus
  • West Nile Virus

The point is, this little guys can cause a lot of problems if we don’t get rid of them effectively…. and that is where Buzz-b gone comes in.

Buzz b gone Specifications

  • Only 17 cm X 13 cm 
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Range of Use: Up to 40 Meters
  • Quick 2 Minutes Setup. Plug and Play
  • 360-Degree UV Light Advanced Technology
  • Portable—Use It Everywhere: Home, Office and Outdoor
  • Plugs into Any USB-Device, Including Chargers and Mobile Cell Phones
  • One Minute Clean
  • 100% Non-Toxic Anti-Mosquito Device

General Features of Buzzb gone

  • The USB Port and Cable: These enable the user to charge the device before heading out. It also allows you to connect to a portable power bank.
  • Robust 360-Degree Fan: This is the essential part of the device as it creates a powerful suction force that is used to pull the bugs into the cylinder from all directions.
  • Tried and Tested Working Mechanism: This gadget uses a tried and tested working mechanism that’s been proven to work by experts. It uses UV phototaxis-thermotaxis-inducing light, which attracts bugs to it where they’re they meet their death.
  • Ease of Use: The product is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is plug the device into an electrical outlet, turn it on, and it’ll immediately get to work. The fact that the device also comes with a USB cable means that you can even power it with your laptop.
  • Compact, Small, and Portable: This feature makes BuzzBGone easy to carry wherever you go. The bug killer fits into any small space so you can easily pack it in your small suitcase or backpack when you’re traveling.

How does Buzz B gone work?

Buzz b gone review.jpg

By it’s ultraviolet light phototaxis, it lures mosquitoes to it’s core where the 360 degree fan sucks them in and they remain trapped  in the base. It’s completely noise free that you may not even notice all these dramas going on in there, as you are probably busy with your awesome dinner or amazing conversation or even in the dreaming phase of your sleep. How about that? Research has shown that bugs are attracted to UV light. This is one of the mechanisms, this product functions.

When the mosquitoes are attracted to the device the powerful 360 degree suctioning fan sucks them in and they are trapped until they dehydrate and die. The device has a collecting tray at it’s base where the mosquitoes are collected. They can easily be disposed by detaching the tray.

What is so special about Buzz b gone?

Imagine relaxing with your family outside, enjoying nice weather, maybe reading a book or playing board games. What a wonderfully spent time—yet, one issue occurs. You are swarmed by mosquitos.

Buzz b gone review.jpg

Usually, people would blame themselves for not having repellent in a pocket or, if they had one, they would spray the repellent into clean air, that way releasing a toxic chemical called DEET into the environment. This chemical was proved to be harmful to humans, and especially to pets. It means that by trying to avoid bites, a person poisons family, friends, kids and their pets and everything around. But everything changes with eco-friendly Buzz b gone!

Buzz b gone lures insects in by using UV light technology, then—making sure that no insect will escape from it—zaps them with phototaxis wavelengths. This anti-mosquito gadget only requires power from plug outlet, computer, power bank or any other device via USB port. Therefore, there is no need to worry about batteries. After plugging the device into a port, relax, and let it do the rest. It’s that simple!

It’s portable, clean, fast and reliable! No more chemicals or mess! Using this device, you will enjoy warmth outside without worrying about being bitten!

Benefits of Buzz b gone

Good Health

 Mosquitoes has been known to cause malaria over the world, which doesn’t stop there but can progress to death of the person if not treated well. This malaria can be avoided, you know the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’. why try to cure a disease when you can prevent it.


Buzz b gone is a portable device, not heavy, well designed, produced with the best possible equipment which you don’t have to worry about quality. it’s portable to the point you could travel with it if you are going to a mosquito endemic area.

No Dangerous Chemicals

Unlike mosquito sprays this device emits no dangerous chemicals. Most of the chemicals found in mosquito sprays are dangerous to human health and can cause poisoning. Even worse some of those chemicals are carcinogens meaning they can cause cancer down the line.

Easy to use

 Operating this device isn’t rocket science. You basically push the power button on the top and let it do its thing. Whenever you need to clean out the collecting bin you just open it from the bottom and empty it out, simple.

Family Safety

 You know the saying ‘while save one when you can save all’. You won’t fill any better if one person in your home is suffering from the dreaded disease called malaria. With  Buzzbgone  you are sure, your family is totally safe from mosquito bites which means safe from malaria disease.

Very Affordable

So many Mosquito repellant products has been made and sold for large amount of money. Get the best product at an affordable price which am sure you wont see elsewhere.

Why choose buzzB-gone over other repellents or insect sprays?

BuzzB-gone has a very natural mechanism of functions. It’s completely chemical or poison free. It neither has to be used directly on the body nor has any risk of inhalation as with some bug sprays, therefore it is allergy free. It is safe for both kids and adults. It’s portability is also an advantage and quite unlike some repellents, you don’t have to go about with chemical stinks on you.

A friend told me a story of a day she went for an outdoor dinner party. She had anticipated mosquitoes would be there for their(mosquitoes) dinner too, so she equipped herself by applying repellants all over her body. She also put a touch of perfume in her routine manner and went for the dinner party. She said that after the dinner party, an old time friend she sat beside, had come up to her to advice on how to avoid body odours. She didn’t know how to explain it was the repellents. This is definitely not the case with ‘buzzB- gone’. 

Buzz b gone
Buzz b gone Consuemer Reports

How to use Buzz b gone

It is the function of this Buzz b gone review to guide you on how to use this mosquito repellant device. Its very easy and straightforward.

Simply plug in a USB electrical outlet or power bank to charge. Turn it on and you are good to go! It doesn’t use non rechargeable batteries, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries. Just recharge! It is also very easy to maintain. Remove the base part where the dead mosquitoes are collected and simply rinse off.

It requires no technical maintenance, so anybody can care for it just fine. It is also super easy to charge since it uses a USB port, it implies you can use your phone charger, charge in the car or anywhere convenient. Once it’s charged, then your only job is to turn it on.

The device is straightforward to use; here are the four simple steps you have to follow to ensure a mosquito-free surrounding. 

Step 1 – Simply plug the device into a USB electrical outlet or power bank.

Buzz b gone.jpeg

Step 2 – Place it in an area where mosquitos gather, like your backyard or deck.

Buzz b gone reviews.jpeg

Step 3 – Let BuzzBGone work its magic! It will instantly trap the mosquitos, letting you enjoy a safe, bite-free evening!

Buzz b gone review.jpeg
Buzz b gone customer reviews

Step 4 – Cleanup is easy. All you need to do is dump them out of the holding container and give it a quick rinse.

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Pros and cons of Buzz b gone

To maintain the neutrality of this review, we have to tell you the good sides and bad sides and as we know every products has it’s pros and cons, so, here we go;


  • Very easy to use and maintain. The manufacturer has emphasized on this feature which is very understandable. It is one thing to make a product and it is another to make products people can use. The importance of its easy- to -use nature can not be overemphasized. This feature also makes it possible for kids and elderly to handle without needing help. What it means is that it can be used by anybody. No technical skills required.
  • Natural mechanism of function. Unlike most repellents found in market today, this product is completely chemical free. It is therefore safe for kids and pets.
  • No harmful effects on the user. This is a very important aspect. Any good product must be free of hazards( at least not worse than what it is being avoided). On like most repellents in the market, this product poses no threat of toxins. Lots of chemicals are carcinogenic in nature and you wouldn’t know because your naked eyes can’t help you. So, in situations such as this where chemicals are avoided, we can’t be less grateful. It is chemical free, works by natural means, so it’s safe to use by anybody without any hazards.
  • High success rate recorded. A lot of users have given their feedbacks and recommendations. I particularly, can not be less grateful for the effectiveness of this product.
  • Noise free and portable. Noise is one thing I’m sure the human ears like to avoid. With a product like this one that is noiseless, at least to humans, just how awesome!


It is worthy of note that any product, even the ones with the most attractive qualities still have their downsides. And this Buzz b gone review will not relent to give you the downsides of this product. Here are they:

  • Area of coverage: It is unlikely that it will cover a large space or area due to it’s portability. It’s action is limited to a close space, so it’s convenient for a relatively limited space such as bedroom or study but not fields or large commercial buildings.
  • It can only be gotten online and stock is quite limited 

Who is Buzz b gone for?

BuzzB- gone can be used by all and sundry. It’s safe for people of all ages. Basically, this product is for people who are tired of missing their summer camping for fear of mosquitoes, people who are tired of avoiding dinner parties in a bid to avoid mosquito bites, people who have abandoned their backyards to mosquitoes and other bugs, people who do not want to apply repellents to their bodies anymore, people who can not stand their body looking like they are suffering from chronic virulence due to mosquitoes’ stings and also people who mosquitoes disturb their peace in any way.

However, I think it’s proper to state again that the product is not effective to be used in large buildings like churches, restaurants or other areas beyond it’s coverage. This is due to its portable size. In such cases, the bulky conventional bug zapper is recommended if you’re not on a budget.

Buzzb gone review.jpg

How safe and Effective is Buzz b gone?

Buzz B Gone is 100% safe to use around your kids and pets. As it does not use any chemicals to kill the insects, it has no side-effect on humans. This is much safe for everyone, even for children who touch everything around the house.

The 360 degrees powerful fan sucks all the insects and mosquitoes into the cylinder and kills them. Therefore, this product is safer and more effective than others.

Buzz b gone Customer Reviews

A lot of people have given their feedbacks on ‘buzzB- gone’ which is very fantastic. Just like the bulky conventional bug zappers found in restaurants and other commercial buildings which are very effective in trapping and destroying mosquitoes and other bugs, people are happy to announce and recommend to others this portable device capable of keeping around them bug free. A lot of people just like myself who lamented on how they can’t stand mosquitoes biting and sucking life out of their kids or themselves on summer evenings are now happy to announce this product to all.

“ Apparently I’m like catnip to mosquitoes. Every time I go outdoors, the mosquitoes ignore everyone else and make a direct beeline to me. I had to stop attending summer parties because every time I did, the mosquitoes would use me as a pincushions. But not anymore! BuzzB- gone zaps the mosquitoes before they can start feasting on my blood and I can finally start enjoying outdoor parties again” Kelly H. – Kansas City, MO.

“ I hate mosquito bites as much as the next guy, but what really bugged me is how they are up my kids! I tried all kinds of solutions, but nothing worked. Finally someone invented a device that actually works! Now my kids can enjoy the outdoors without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes” Bong G- Memphis, TN

Buzz b gone Evaluation and Recommendations

Why I like it: I adore Buzz b gone mainly in light of the fact that it really traps and kills bugs, which is something that you don’t see. Dissimilar to utilizing bug splashes, citronella candles, and so forth the Buzz b gone utilizes positively no synthetic substances.

It is a more secure, more beneficial option in contrast to getting to be without bug. It is reduced and convenient and can go from home to campground (however it can go anyplace) with no known issues.

It makes no clamor (at any rate, no commotion that would be heard by people), and the little blue light that it discharges is sufficient to disregard. In the wake of having cleaned it out of the blue, I can rest anyplace certainly realizing that I won’t be eaten alive or even remotely exasperates by bugs.

Drawback: This device do not use any chemical additives which is quite beneficial for nature. Yet using fan for suction can create a little noise which can be avoided if placed at sufficient distance.

Tips: Let it run for two or three days undisturbed before you clean it for the first time. From there, you should consider cleaning it once a week. You may be surprised at what (and how much) you catch! Also, always make sure you have a USB connection handy. It could be a laptop, a power bank, etc. and any USB works.

Buzz-b gone Price

Buzz b gone can be gotten at a very budget friendly price and that is why people are rushing it. The price of one Buzzb gone is 39.9$. There are other price packages available as well. Two of this insect repellant device is sold at 79.98$, three at 89.99$ and four at 109.99$.

However note that these are the discounted prices and might go up anytime soon. Buzz b gone is trending now in Unites States,Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and World wide.

Where to buy Buzz b gone

This Buzz b gone Review will not be complete if we fail to guide you on the safest place to buy this product assuming you’ve made up your mind to buy. This mosquito repellant can only be gotten online and to avoid falling prey to some fake individuals it is advised you buy this product directly from the manufacturer’s official site. Buying from the official site also gives you the opportunity to gain access to any offer available for this product.

Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. and your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

*Update* Buzz-B gone is currently having an ongoing promo. 
50% off your order today. 
The promo is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you delay, you might end up missing out and paying full price

General information about mosquito repellent

With regard to mosquito repellent, there are numerous possibilities on the current market. These include not only an anti-mosquito spray, but also other lamps and the like. However, these promise a lot of success, but do not necessarily provide the necessary performance. In addition, the use of chemicals in various sprays may cause allergic reactions or other side effects. Those who no longer want to rely on this form of mosquito repellent can benefit from Buzz B-Gone. Here the mosquitoes are also attracted by the UV light, but are also sucked in when they are in its vicinity.

Buzz B-Gone is simply recharged upon receipt. The integrated rechargeable battery ensures good performance and efficiency all night long. Once you’ve set up the device for mosquito repellent, you simply switch it on and can go to bed. Buzz B-Gone protects the sleeping person during the whole night reliably and as good as possible against a mosquito bite. By the way, it doesn’t matter whether you set up the device at home, use it during holidays or even during the day at work. Buzz B-Gone is a good companion that one does not want to do without anymore.


I really do hope that this well detailed review was able to answer some of your questions about Buzz b gone and also gave you insight on whether Buzz b gone is fir you or not. Alright.So in summary,

  • if you have problems with mosquitoes in your house or environment,
  • if you are going to a mosquito-rich area,
  • if you want to be sure your environment is bug free,
  • If you want to be sure you or your family are protected from the horrible diseases these insects transmit…

…..then Buzz-b gone is the best choice for you. It is light, portable, easy to use and highly effective. It has no dangerous chemicals and is highly durable because of the high-grade plastic used to make it.

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