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Technology has affected how we humans think and the range of possibilities we can attain. Almost every aspect of our life has been influenced by one technological advancement or the other. Gadgets that used to be very cumbersome are now portable and easier to use to meet their users’ needs and lifestyles. This article will be outlining the Best Smartwatch available online.

Different innovations are also in place to help us, humans, to live better and healthier lives. The advent of smartphones has also necessitated the creation of additional accessories which would allow us to maximize the features of our smartphones. This includes the design of earpieces, earbuds, intelligent wristwatches, and other accessories that give additional features or benefits when connected to a smartphone.

In this review, I will be talking about smartwatches. The truth is that there are so many brands and types of smart wristwatches in the market. This makes intending buyers confused as they do not know what to expect from any wristwatch you’re going to get. This article will help us determine what we should expect from an excellent smart wristwatch. I also went ahead to list some of our favorite wristwatches online.

The smartwatches we would be talking about meet the requirements of an excellent smartwatch. Any smart wristwatch you are getting should have additional benefits or features that would help you be accountable for your health. Any smart wristwatch you are opting for should be able to help you keep fit or make your fitness journey more profitable.

This article will go a long way to keep you informed and bring these fantastic wristwatches to your knowledge. Take your time to go through this piece as you would get to learn a thing or two.

What is a smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a wearable device made in form of a watch and is designed to be worn on a wrist. Besides having the feature of a simple look, smartwatches also have additional features. Smart wristwatches are designed to do more than just help you check the time. It is designed to make life easier and to help you get more value from your smartphone.

Just like smartphones, smartwatches have components that support the installation of applications, use touchscreens, streaming of videos/songs, taking and making calls, etc. Some smartphones can record heart rates and other vital signs, which can help you figure out what’s going on inside your body. Smartwatches can even sync/backup their readings to your smartphone.

Smart wristwatches are designed to be used with your smartphone but cannot replace your smartphone. People are beginning to buy into owning an intelligent wristwatch instead of just a simple wristwatch as the added benefits have proven beneficial to the users’ health and overall wellbeing.

Smartwatches have also made the use of our smartphones in specific locations less risky. You might be in a new place or unsafe area, so you wouldn’t want to bring your phone out. Some smart wristwatches are designed to help you take calls right from your wrist. This reduces the risk of having your smartphone stolen as you do not need to bring it out.

Smart wristwatches are designed to be sleek, simple, and valuable. It makes attending outdoor events more memorable as you can check the time, access your smartphone’s media features, and do other things just from your wrist.

Top Features of excellent smartwatches

There are a lot of intelligent wristwatch brands and types currently available both online and offline. In this section, I will try to give/outline some essential features which you should expect an excellent smart wristwatch to have. These features will help you decide which available smart wristwatches are worth your money. These extra features enhance the consumer experience. Here are some of the top features of smartwatches:

Alerts and notifications: Alerts and notifications are easily the most popular smartwatches feature. This one of the most important is the most sought after features of the smartest wristwatch. Most smart wristwatches are designed to connect to your phone using an application, or your Bluetooth. The user would receive alerts and notifications right from your wrist when combined. Some smart wristwatches use Sim cards or cellular chips. These cellular chips allow you to also get notifications without necessarily being connected to your smartphone.

Time-related features: Being a smartwatch does not mean that this innovative device should not tell time. You go for a smartwatch that can tell time accurately as well as other important features. In addition to telling time, it should also offer additional time-related features like an alarm clock, timer, World-clock, stopwatches, and all other time-related applications. A good smartwatch should be able to do more than what is expected from just a simple wristwatch when it comes to helping you manage your time.

Health and wellness feature: A good smart wristwatch should have features that would help you check important health parameters, including weight, blood pressure, heart rates, pulse, and other health indicators. A perfect smart wristwatch should have at least one of the following components;

  • Heart rate monitors
  • Pedometers
  • Physical activity trackers (for running, swimming, cycling, etc.)
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Sleep monitors

Call/messaging Features: As I said in the section above, most smartwatches produced in recent times have features that support calls and messaging. Sometimes they require your smartphone to work, but that is just enough, as they make calling and messaging less stressful. You might be in an outdoor event or visit a new location that you are not very conversant with. Being able to send a message and receive calls right from your wrist reduces the risk of being robbed in such a location. A good wristwatch should have components and features that make calling and messaging easy.

Our top picks

#1 Kore 2.0

Kore 2.0 smartwatch is a portable wearable device with both the features of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. There’s a former version of this wristwatch from the same company, but the performance under review in this article is an upgrade to the former.

This Kore 2.0 wristband is designed to help you track your vital signs easily and faster. The Kore 2.0 will be able to track your heart rate, sleeping pattern, footsteps, body temperature, among other vitals, fast and conveniently. This smartwatch employs dual-sensor technology that can record and display the readings of your body’s vitals in real-time.

The Kore 2.0 will be able to track your fitness journey; it can track and record your steps, making it easy to assess how active you are during the day and also check the rate at which you burn calories. It is the perfect smartwatch for people starting a fitness journey or interested in losing unwanted fat. For persons predisposed to having obesity, the Kore 2.0 will help you maintain the right attitude and schedule. The Kore 2.0 will also back up your reading to your smartphone, making it easily accessible.

The alert and notification feature of the Kore 2.0 is vital, especially when using your phone outdoor. With the Kore 2.0, you get to monitor what’s happening in your phone right from your wrist. This specification will also help keep your phone safe. With Kore 2.0, you can now see text messages, your calls, and important notifications without bringing out your phone.

The Kore 2.0 is relatively cheap and affordable. The manufacturer is offering this smartwatch at a giveaway price, and this is to make it affordable for interested persons. The Kore 2.0 wristband feature has a lot of positive reviews. Different verified customers of the Kore 2.0 confirmed that they have been able to monitor their health status with the help of this smart wristwatch.

Many verified users also confirmed that the Kore 2.0 helped them achieve a better sleep pattern. The Kore 2.0 tracks your sleep, it calculates how long you slept so will help you know when you’re not getting enough sleep.

You can buy this product for the following prices.

You can buy 1 Kore 2.0 wristband for $59.99 (instead of $92.29)
You can buy 2 Kore 2.0 wrist bands for $119.99 (instead of $184.58)
You can buy 3 Kore 2.0 wrist band for $134.99 (instead of $278)

Features of Kore 2.0 Watch

  • Keep You Healthy
  • Help you detect health risks
  • A great fitness friend
  • Crush Your Goals
  • Get Better Sleep
  • Stay Connected
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Money-back guarantee offer.

#2 Loyal Watch Smartwatch

The Loyal Watch Smartwatch is another astounding smartwatch that is among our top picks. This Smartwatch is very good and does not more than just tell time.

It has additional features which include a calorie counter, schedule, heart screen, and pedometer. It is a good fitness partner and can be connected to your smartphone. It can be used to take calls, can be used to see your most recent messages, and can even be used to take photographs.

Loyal Watch is one of the most recent and most exceptional fitness smartwatches with such a sleek design. It has an extravagant look while still delivering on being both a great health tracker and a fitness tool.
It is able to show and inform you of approaching calls or messages. It can screen your pulse, blood oxygen, and circulatory strain. It will calculate your walking distance, the number of steps or runs you made in a day.

It also has the ability to calculate the number of calories you have consumed. It’s not just helpful while doing demanding exercises like working out or sports. It even screens your vital signs while you’re sleeping.

Plus, if you hurry, it’s 50% off for a limited time. Hurry up and get your Loyal Watch now for just $49.95!

Technical Specifications of the Loyal Watch

  • Here are the technical details of this Smartwatch:
  • Smartwatch and wellbeing/wellness tracker
  • Supports miniature USB
  • Similarity Android 4.4 or above; iOS 8.0 or above
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery-powered Lithium-Ion battery with long 96-hour charge and 15-hour backup power
  • Aluminum packaging
  • HD shading show with treated glass
  • IP67 dustproof and water-safe
  • Supports global norm Indeed (dark or blue cowhide)
  • 33.3mm x 33.3mm x 12.5mm.

#3 Oshenwatch Luxe

The Oshenwatch Luxe is waterproof, making it a perfect company for swimmers. This means you can always check your messages and get notifications at a glance.

It is wearable, it makes replying to messages and receiving calls much more accessible. You will also be able to receive notifications and alerts on important info just from your wrist. The Oshenwatch luxe will help you to be updated at all times and never miss out on the happenings of different social media platforms.

You don’t have to fumble for your smartphone whenever it rings or a message alerts you. It can be a blessing for those engaged in exercise or any scenario that makes for awkwardly holding a mobile phone.
You can also activate the Find My Phone feature so that whenever you are experiencing memory gaps, you can locate your missing mobile phone by ringing it using your Smartwatch.

While they do not have the most extended battery life, smartwatches use lithium-ion batteries, which offer longer battery hours nonetheless compared to mobile phones such that you can stay connected up to ten days with just a single charge. You will never have to cut short your video watching and music playing again.

Yes, you get up to 35 to 55% off every Smartwatch you buy from their official website today.
With a 35% discount off, a pair of the OshenWatch Luxe which initially costs $169, is reduced to $109. Three teams of the OshenWatch Luxe which cost over $500, are reduced to $247 on a 51% discount.

Quality Features of the Oshenwatch Luxe

  • Designed with tough aluminum exterior and tempered glass
  • Leather (brown and black) and Metal Milanaise (black and grey) strap options
  • Large 1.3-inch HD retina display
  • 380mAH rechargeable Lithium-ion battery-powered
  • Sleek and versatile
  • Waterproof
  • Integrated Functionalities of the Oshenwatch Luxe
  • Time
  • Alarm clock
  • Stopwatch
  • Mobile device extension
  • Find my Phone
  • Sleep and oxygen saturation measurement
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Calorie counter
  • ECG
  • Pedometer
  • Camera

#4 Vita Watch

Vita Watch is one of our top smartwatches and this is because of its efficiency in monitoring your daily vital signs and helping you improve your lifestyle. The Vita watch is fitted with powerful sensors that can analyze different health data then bring them to you in real-time. This smartwatch was developed by a team of healthy living enthusiasts. They wanted to create a high-quality smartwatch with health data sensors that can help people keep track of their fitness progress. They also ensured to make it affordable and highly durable; in addition to a highly efficient battery.

Vita Watch isn’t just a simple smartwatch… it’s a doctor on your wrist. You’ll enjoy the numerous features of the vita watch that protect your health—such as the heart-rate monitor, its high-accuracy thermometer will add a layer of protection against viruses, the sleep quality monitor, the activity tracker, the blood pressure & oxygen monitor.

The Vita Watch is not only sleek and efficient but very beneficial to your health. According to the manufacturer, the Vita is a health tracker which can help you check your temperature at the touch of a button. It is essential to take your body temperature in between to protect your health. A Vita Smartwatch is comfortable when worn and will not cause itching easily. According to the manufacturer, it offers pleasant wearing comfort and it can be adjusted perfectly on your wrist. On the side of the Smartwatch, there is a small button that you can use to make adjustments as the case may be.

The most amazing thing about the Vita Watch is the price. You would expect a watch of this quality to be anywhere between $300-$1000+. The VitaWatch is currently on sale for $299, but there is a limited-time promotion so it can be bought for just $99! That also included FREE shipping.

The Vita smart wristband can be purchased online from the manufacturers’ websites. More details on the features of this smartwatch can be found in the link below.

Vita Watch Technical Facts

  • Reliability – The Vita smartwatch is reliable and was made from durable components. It has an amazing battery life and can last for about three to five days once properly charged. Though this can vary depending on usage.
  • Fitness tracker – the Vita Watch is a great fitness friend and is fitted with advanced applications that can help track your fitness progress.
  • Free Time – The Vita smartwatch has features that will help you manage time effectively. It has a Stopwatch, Gestures, Notifications, SMS, Call Logs, Phonebook Sync, Calculator, BT Music, Alarm, and Calendar.
  • Safety – The Vita Watch is safe to be worn on your wrist and will help you stay safe in new locations as you can do more without having to bring out your smartphone. It also has an anti-lost feature.
  • Health – You can easily monitor your health statistics with the help of the Vita watch. This smartwatch serves as a Sedentary alert, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer, ECG, Temperature sensor, and Heart Rate Monitor.
  • Activity Tracker – You can track your activities since the Vita watch comes up with a step display, distance display, calorie consumption, and time display feature.

Conclusion on Best Smartwatch online

In conclusion, A smartwatch is a wearable device made in a watch designed to be worn on a wrist. smartwatches have components that support the installation of applications, use touchscreens, streaming of videos/songs, taking and making calls, etc. Some smartphones can record heart rates and other vital signs, which can help you figure out what’s going on inside your body. Smartwatches can even sync/backup their readings to your smartphone.

A good smart wristwatch should have features that would help you check important health parameters, including weight, blood pressure, heart rates, pulse, and other health indicators. A perfect smart wristwatch should have one of the following components; Heart rate monitor, Pedometers, Physical activity trackers, Blood pressure monitors, and Sleep monitors.

Our top pick Best Smartwatch outlined above from our assessment met the requirements of an ideal smartwatch. You can go ahead and read more about them by clicking the link at the end of each section. All of them can be gotten online by visiting the manufacturers’ websites. See you in our next post!

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