Vita watch Reviews 2020 [May Update]: Should I buy?

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Vita Watch Reviews

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They come in all shapes and sizes. They come with different features, made of different material, these days smartwatches come in so many varieties.

This is a good thing because no matter who you are there is always a smartwatch for you, a smartwatch that has the design you are looking for and has the features you care about.

You may be here today for two reasons;

First, you’ve read a handful reviews on the Vita Watch already but you are still unsure if you should buy. All other reviews you’ve read seems like they are trying to sell you the watch, not actually review it.


This is probably the first review you are reading on the vita watch In which case thank goodness you didn’t encounter those aggressive sales articles posing as review articles.

Either way, you are here now.

Here is what you’ll get from this article, apart from stone-cold facts about the watch

  • Features of the Vita watch smartwatch
  • Specifications of this device
  • Benefits of this device
  • My thoughts on the pros and cons of this device
  • How to use this smartwatch
  • What other buyers think about this device
  • Safest place to get your device if you finally make up your mind to get one

If you are interested in this information, then dive in and enjoy the Vita Watch review article

After going through this review, you’ll be able to say if this smartwatch is right for you or not.

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Alright, let’s get started.

What is Vita Watch Smartwatch?

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Vita Watch Reviews

Vita Watch is a new smartwatch that will help you improve your lifestyle by monitoring your daily vital signs in real time. It was developed by a team of healthy living enthusiasts who wanted to create a high-quality smartwatch with health data sensors that anyone can afford, but is also extremely durable and has enough battery power.

Vita Watch isn’t just a simple smartwatch… it’s a doctor on your wrist. You’ll enjoy its numerous features that protect your health—such as the heart-rate monitor, the blood pressure & oxygen monitor, the sleep quality monitor, the activity tracker & more.

But most of all, its high-accuracy thermometer will add an additional layer of protection against viruses. It will help you keep yourself and your family safer, with quick & accurate temperature measurement.

The Vita Watch is not only a stylish timepiece. According to the manufacturer, it is a health tracker with which temperatures can be measured at the touch of a button. Many people suffer from cough, fever, headache or other symptoms. To protect your health it is important to take your body temperature in between. A Vita Smartwatch is worn comfortably on the wrist. 

According to the manufacturer, it offers a pleasant wearing comfort and is therefore not perceived as disturbing. It can be adjusted perfectly on your own wrist. On the side of the Smartwatch there is a small wheel that you need for an adjustment.

Vita Watch Reviews: Technical Facts

The brand mentions that the smartwatch is very easy to figure out, and just about anybody could use it. These pointers below will tell you why this watch is worth buying. 

  • Reliability – its battery life can last for about three to five days. This will always vary upon your usage.
  • Fitness – the Vita Watch comes up with a more advanced application that can help you to ensure your fitness.
  • Free Time – It comes up with Stopwatch, Gestures, Notifications, SMS, Call Logs, Phonebook Sync, Calculator, BT Music, Alarm and Calendar
  • Safety – The Vita Watch comes up with an anti-lost feature
  • Health – You can keep an eye to your health statistics since the Vita watch comes up with a Sedentary alert, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer, ECG, Temperature sensor and Heart Rate Monitor
  • Activity Tracker – You can keep an eye to your activities since the Vita watch comes up with a distance display, calorie consumption, step display, and time display feature.
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What are the standout Features and Benefits of Vita Watch?

There are several benefits to having an ewatch due to all of the features that are on it. Some of the apps that are on the watch are a phonebook, call logs, information, Bluetooth calling, notifications, tracking of heart rate, ECG, and pedometer.

Other features of the watch are a calendar, monitoring of your sleep, a calculator, alarm, multiple language settings, and music available through Bluetooth. Any app that may be wanted can be downloaded on the watch so that a smartphone does not have to be used.

Measures your body temperature

The health tracker is equipped with a high-quality sensor. According to the manufacturer, these sensors ensure that precise measurement data is transmitted to the display. Light or high fever can be detected at any time with the help of the health tracker model. You can save some data so that you can see an improvement in your vital signs. This is especially important in the area of heart rates.

You can present your readings at your next visit to the doctor, which could also give him an indication of possible illness. By using your Smartwatch you save yourself the trouble of having your doctor constantly measure your bodily functions.

Smartphone Compatible

This watch can pair up with a smartphone. This will allow notifications to be sent to the watch and lets you answer your phone calls on the watch. This watch can be paired with phones that are iOS and Android.

Speakers Built-In

Music can be played on the watch through the small built-in speakers. Just keep in mind that the music’s volume will not be very loud due to the size of the watch and the speaker’s small size.


The built-in camera on these watches can take pictures that are small and are not of the highest quality. Small photos or selfies can be taken with the watch and then sent to the paired smartphone.

Activity Tracker

If you need to track several different kinds of activities, such as walking and doing sports, then this ewatch is for you. It can measure your movement and how the body is doing, such as your blood pressure and heart rate.

Stationary Reminder

This alarm is built-in to alert the user when they have been stationary or sitting for too long. This helps them to stay active instead of just sitting around all day. For someone who is trying to stay healthy or get into a healthier state, this is a great thing because it reminds them to move around.

Sleep Monitoring

This mode helps to monitor the user’s sleep patterns and can detect the different stages of sleep that the user goes through. It also has the technology to know right off when the user has gone to sleep.

Resistant and Strong Frame

The frame of this watch is made to be very strong and resistant to being damaged. It is made out of an aluminum frame that has hardened glass located on each side. The frame of this smartwatch is completely waterproof up to a certain point, which means it works great for swimming.

Size and Weight

Vita watch.jpg

This watch weighs about 50 grams, which means it is light enough to wear for long periods. It measures 100.001 by 30.5 by 30.5 millimeters.

HD Touchscreen

This watch has a high-definition retina screen that is touchable and allows for the screen to light up with one simple look to it. The touchscreen is very small, but the symbols are made large enough to be easy to see and touch to activate.

Bluetooth Compatible

The ewatch has Bluetooth 4.0 technology that makes it compatible with iOS and Android phones. This is what allows for the notifications to be shown on the phone. It also means that the user can answer text messages and phone calls without having to get out of their smartphone.

Notification Updates

Where the ewatch can be paired with a smartphone, it allows for notifications to be shown on the small screen of the ewatch. Some of these updates that can be shown on the watch are status updates, work emails, activity logs, and many other notifications.

Long Battery Life

The ewatch has a lithium polymer battery that allows for a very long-lasting run time in between the charges as long as the battery is fully charged. This means it is great for the user to wear all day long as long as they are not using the features on the phone every minute of the day. The charge time though is very quick, so that makes it easy to get right back to using it.

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Travel Buddy

Vita watch review.jpg

This watch is great because it means the user has something with them all the time while they are traveling that can be easily accessed. It sometimes knows more about the user then the user seems to know.

Sturdy and Durable Structure

The part of the ewatch that houses the technology part is made from the best ultra-resistant aluminum, and it has excellent tempered glass that is placed on both sides

Why do I need Vita watch?

 Vita Watch Smartwatch is suitable for everyone who attaches great importance to their own health. It can be taken everywhere and offers a quick and easy way to measure vital functions or monitor your own sleep. In addition, the health tracker provides functions such as thermometer, electrocardiogram or blood oxygen measurement. Through these functions, a Smartwatch offers more possibilities than a classic sports watch bracelet. Of course, the health tracker can also be worn by young people if it is adjusted accordingly. Such health trackers are often used by athletes who want to check or improve their own performance.

If you are jogging or not at home, without Vita Watch Smartwatch it is difficult to measure your heart rate or pulse or to take a blood oxygen measurement on the way. According to the manufacturer the Smartwatch is more than just a watch. It is a small, powerful computer. It can be connected directly to the body by means of the wrist strap. Thus, the Vita Watch Smartwatch makes it possible to take a wide variety of measurements. Many measurement results are not long in coming. At the push of a button, the measurement data is shown on the large display of the Smartwatch within a very short time. 

Many experts recommend wearing such a Smartwatch in order to be able to measure the pulse or blood oxygen content in an emergency. An increased temperature is always a sign that something is wrong with your body. Even a slight fever warns us that a flu, cold or dangerous infection is imminent. With the Vita Watch Smartwatch you can monitor your health on the road and react quickly. It is not absolutely necessary for you to take your temperature at home with a thermometer. 

How to use Vita Watch

Vita Watch is an easy-to-use gadget. You are first supposed to charge the watch using its USB cable using any device with a USB cable outlet. A complete charge does not take more than one hour. Once your smartwatch’s charge is full, you turn it on by long-pressing the power button in the same way that you turn on your smartphone. Sync the watch with your smartphone through Bluetooth so that you can update its OS.

There are different icons on the screen that allow you to access various functions of the watch. You can accept or reject phone calls, access your body monitors, access Bluetooth media control, as well as get message notifications from standard phone messaging service, as well as Whatsapp and Facebook. The Vita Watch can give you all these functions as long as it is connected to the phone via Bluetooth.

Vita watch Review.jpg

Why is Vita Watch Very Popular? (Vita watch reviews)

There are lots of people who are now wearing smartwatches – whether they are working or just simply perform some exercises in a gym. In connection with that, there is a wide array of reasons why Vita Watch is very popular. The following are some of the reasons we found out. Read on to know more about it.

  • With the current trend of Coronavirus pandemic and increasing air borne infections, there is every need to always check your body temperature as they can be a symptom of these infections. So because of this, a lot of persons are going for the Vita watch to ensure their temperature is always good to go.
  • Another reason why Vita Watch is very popular among teenagers and adults is that it comes up with a personal voice assistant function. It only means that you can arrange appointments, make or receive calls easily. All of these can be done without the use of your mobile phone.
  • The Vita Watch comes up with an activity ring. This is the one that will encourage you to sit less and perform some movements and exercises more. Aside from that, this is also the one that monitors your progress in your daily activities.
  • Another reason why Vita Watch is very popular is because it comes with a water-resistant feature. Aside from that, it also features a sleeping monitor. When it comes to the sleeping monitor, you can keep an eye to your sleep quality.
  • Many people love Vita Watch because of its capability to provide you with accurate tracking of both of your heart rhythm and heart rate.
  • You can also ensure that the said model and brand of Vita Watch is made up of high-quality materials. It only means that you can use it all day long without worrying about being damaged by a simple situation.
  • Aside from that, you can also read the details being flashed on the screen of the Vita Watch. This is mainly because it features bright lighting, which is suitable in both dimmed and bright situations.
  • With the use of the Vita Watch, you can feel that you are wearing a wearable item, which is a combination of a fitness tracker and a high-quality smartwatch

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Pros and Cons of Vita Watch

When investigating this flagship smartwatch, it’s easy to see how and why it’s become such a popular device with consumers. However, there are also a few downsides that this Vita watch review will also discuss. Do take a look at the table below:

Pros (Vita watch reviews)

  • Long lasting battery life up to five days when charged to a 100%
  • Heart beat tracker, oxygen & blood pressure sensors
  • Multiple language APP for iOS & android
  • HD Retina Full Touch Display Screen
  • Easy to use
  • Fever Detection
  • Innovative design
  • Fitness tracking
  • Sleep monitoring
  • HD Retina full touch display screen
  • Water, scratch and dust proof
  • Electrocardiogram result on your wrist

Cons (Vita watch Reviews)

  • Stock is limited
  • Discount applies for only a few days

Vita watch Customer Reviews

“It’s a beautiful smartwatch. It has so many features. The battery duration is much bigger than I expected. Its elegant design makes it ideal for everyone!”

“You can connect it with your smartphone, making everything from checking the time, weather, and calls just a simple/convenient turn of the wrist.”

“It’s a superb fitness companion and great for checking your health functions. I find it very useful at work because you can use it as a reminder to take a break in order to avoid sitting too long at the office.”

Vita Watch Price

We won’t leave you stranded in this vita watch review without answering this important question. What is the price of Vita watch? When we first researched, we were sure it would cost at least $200.

However, we were surprised to find that you can get it right now with a 50% discount for just $79.9.It’s an amazing deal as finding value in the smartwatch market isn’t easy. So, for those who want all the latest features from a reliable brand, this device is ideal.

How can you get it?

This Vita watch reviews will never be complete if it does not duly guide you to the best place to get your watch. Whenever you decide to purchase a product online, the safest and most secure option will always be the product’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Here, you can guarantee that you’ll receive a product that lives up to all your expectations, as well as learn about special offers and promotions that will make the product even more tempting. At the moment it’s available 50% cheaper at the introductory price:

  • Order Vita watch from the official site. You can use any of the links in this review to access that.
  • Enjoy all the features from the most expensive smartwatches for a fraction of the price.

Frequently Asked Questions (Vita Watch Reviews)

What is the delivery time for this Vita Watch smartwatch?

The normal delivery time is 10-15 days and the maximum time in case of delays is 30 days.

Can we change the delivery address after placing the order?

Yes, you can do that but conditions apply. Within 12 hours of placing the order you can edit the delivery address and change it.

Does this Vita Watch smartwatch come with a guarantee?

Yes, the eWatch smartwatch comes with a 1 year guarantee from the day it’s delivered to you.

How to set up the Vita Watch smartwatch?

The watch comes with an easy to use user manual. In case you are not able to set it up on your own. You can always call or write to the customer care and ask for assistance.

How is this Vita Watch better than others?

It is beneficial to people with a busy and rapid lifestyle as in such a lifestyle needs conduct over their health and fitness. There isn’t any better sports watch which monitors your heart rhythm and heart rate. It reminds you to get up if you are sitting for too long. It monitors your sleep. It is not only advantageous to the people who exercise but it gives an alert notification when something serious happens to you. Moreover, it is very affordable.

Where can I order Vita Watch?

You can purchase and order the Vita Watch from the manufacturer’s official website on the Internet where the company offers you a discount of up to 50 percent and also free delivery to your place. If you purchase more than one Vita Watch, the discounts would also increase. The company also offers a two-year guarantee on the Vita Watch or more than one Vita Watch at a minimal extra charge.

Is it tough to learn the operation?

No, it is not. Vita Watch is very simple to operate. You can just download the software on your smartphone, be it Android or iOS. It is not at all difficult to operate or use. It is very easy and simple to use.

Are the transactions on the company’s purchase website safe?

The transactions are secured by a 100 percent secure SSL encryption. The company also provides you with a guaranteed safe checkout.

What are the payment methods available?

The company allows you to pay by Visa card, MasterCard and American Express. The company also offers you to pay with the recognized payment application known worldwide called PayPal.

Does the company offer any warranty?

Yes, the company offers a one-year warranty on one eWatch or more than one eWatch. The company also offers a two year on the eWatch or more than one eWatch at a minimal extra charge.

Is the Vita Watch water-resistant?

Yes, Vita Watch is made up of hard metal and the casing is water-resistant which means now you can swim with the Vita Watch and track the duration for which you did your physical exercise. You can achieve your fitness goals with ease.

Is Vita Watch compatible with iPhone?

Vita Watch is completely compatible with iPhone. You just need to connect it with via Bluetooth and all set to go.

Conclusion (Vita watch Review)

Since we are now living in a technology-oriented generation, maintaining our connection with each other is very important. We cannot also deny the fact that our health stats, essential reminders, and calendars are all saved on our mobile phones. Thus, we will need a high-quality wearable that we can use every single day.

If you want to have an item that can make you look more attractive and provide you with full control using your hands, then we highly recommend you to use the Vita Watch Smartwatch.

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lawrence facher May 30, 2020 - 12:11 am

purchased the watch……great features……BUT

inorder to work properly you have to down load way to much personal information that I do not want the company to have access to…..because I do not want to download this info..I can’t get notifications, weather, can not the proper time because it has to cinque with my cell phone….
it is a great watch, love the other aspects of the watch……
if there is another way to download the watch to my phone please let me know….without the ability to down load the watch to the phone there are many aspects of the watch I can not use

if this can’t be rectified I will have to return the watch…

please work something out…

thanks….lawrence facher…

David hennen June 2, 2020 - 7:16 am

I agree how do you get the right time on watch can’t change the time any ideas

Lynne June 15, 2020 - 12:27 am

The watch, which was given to me as a gift, wIll not connect with my android smartphone. It does to my old iPad, which only has wifi capability, so the Bluetooth connection drops when I go into my backyard, or anywhere outside my home, and I am constantly seeing date/time reset to Jan 1 and however much time since the sync ceased. Which Lao means any measurements taken are erased.
I have been unable to get the temperature to read at all, and if the watch is not in sync with the iPad it does not accurately and consistently record steps.
BP, heart rate, and blood oxygen seem to be accurate, but because I don’t use the iPad for communications, there are no contacts to read for messaging.
Camera only works through iPad, so I can’t take any pictures I want when I want, and I’m guessing that’s the same problem with music and the alarm.
Stopwatch and timer look like they will work independently, but I haven’t tried them.
I get high/low temperature, but not current or anticipated conditions.
The sleep function recorded the time for the night I slept through, but the night I was awakened and went back to sleep it only recorded from the the point I went back to sleep.
Oh, and i set the units to inches and Fahrenheit, but it still only reports in centimeters and Celsius.
Nice idea, but the performance leaves a bit to be desired.

Stephen Dawkins June 20, 2020 - 9:16 am

Yes mine sets up ok but keeps going back to a different date and time and i loose al my steps data does this watch have to be beside your smart phine at all times ?

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