Unlock your glutes Review: Does it work?

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Unlock your glutes review

Ever wondered what you can do to effectively increase your butt size, or create a firmer, rounder and even more toned butt? You probably have. Who doesn’t want the good shape and the confidence that goes with having one? Unlock your glutes review

In the world of today where men and women have become more body-conscious with the men mostly trying to get a six-packs abs and the women wanting to get a more perfect butt, you sure don’t want to be left out.

It’s definitely not just about the aesthetic backside though, it’s also about health and fitness. Some of the jobs people do in this computer and TV age is the kind that causes them to have their butts glued on the seat for hours which doesn’t in anyway benefit these gluteal muscles. Some end up having a stiff and slacking glutes and others with pains due to the weakened gluteal muscles that’s constantly left dormant.

This particular experience is the one I have had during one of the days I got stuck so much to my table and seat. I became very frustrated and afraid when I started feeling some sharp pains on my butt whenever I sat down. As alarmed as I was, I started suspecting I had a gluteal ulcer or something and thought of seeing a physician but in the end what exactly did I need? ‘A firmer and stronger butt’.

Did you know that there are exercises that focus on building these gluteal muscles- gluteus Maximus, minimus and medius? The squats, deadlifts and lunges, I guess? Have you tried out any of those claimed workout routines for glutes as these? Are you satisfied with the results? Find out more from Unlock your glutes review to see what the professional behind this program has to say about gluteal exercises.

unlock your glutes” is  program developed by Brian Klepacki(a professional fitness trainer) focused on specific gluteal exercises.

Read the complete review to find out more about this program.

What’s the unlock your glutes program about?

Table of Contents

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This is a program developed by Brian Klepacki-a masters’ degree holder in exercise science. I’ll likely talk more about him later. Let’s focus on what he has to offer for now. The unlock your glutes program contains about thirty-six different exercise packages together with many videos on glutes exercise. As a professional, he gave many scientifically proven and well researched information on gluteal muscles and their building.

#The exercises which Brian unlocks in his unlock your glutes program is based in the Gm3-approach which focuses on strengthening and building the gluteal muscles especially the gluteus Maximus which is one of the largest and most powerful muscles of the body. However, it’s important to note that, gluteus Maximus which though is the biggest and most often talked about, is not the only gluteal muscle. 

The squats, lunges and deadlifts exercises which most people think is just what is needed for glutes training are in the real sense of it, thigh and trunk exercises. The glutes (mostly the gluteus max.) actually get activated but as a by- action. 

The question then is what happens to the other gluteal muscles- minimus and medius. What exercises focuses on building them? All these, is what Brian focused on teaching. The different exercises that focus on these different muscle groups to build and strengthen them as they all contribute to building a firm, round and strong butt you desire. Unlock your glutes reviews

What exactly is the content of this Unlock your glutes program?

As a digital download that you have instant access to upon purchasing, the program features the following:

  • Unlock Your Glutes Main Manual
  • Complete Coaching Videos
  • Printable Exercise Chart
  • Bonus Content (Strong Leg Workout and 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan)

The Main Manual covers everything you need to know about proper glutes training. It begins by exposing the misconceptions surrounding glutes training and talks about the benefits of a stronger butt. It then talks about the science behind developing stronger glutes before going through all the exercises you’ll be doing. The science of the different gluteal muscles and how various exercises work on them so that even as you are exercising, you understand the effect of every step you make.

The Coaching Videos are fully HD instructional videos recorded by Brian himself at his very own training facility. They are well explained and feature both ‘at-home’ bodyweight exercise variations as well as variations for those who have access to gym equipment. The videos that will take you through the different exercises he compiled.

Unlock your glutes review: Let’s take a look at the program chapter by chapter

Chapter 1: Meet Your Glutes — you just want to work out your butt and that’s all, yet you do not even know or understand the muscles you are targeting. That’s the error most people incur in exercise routines, because without a proper understanding of the muscles of target, there are chances you will do the wrong thing and will not get good results. So in this chapter, Brian is like;  Find out what your gluteus muscles are actually responsible for, and why they’re so important.

Chapter 2: Anatomy And Bio-Mechanics of The Glutes — Like I earlier stated, there are different gluteal muscle groups. Understanding their positions and functions will help you better target them. So here, Brian is like;  Get a short lesson in glutes anatomy to help you better understand them. 

Chapter 3: The Sleeping Giant —Some of these gluteal muscles are left very dormant most of the times especially by people who do a lot of sitting with little or no gluteal exercises. So here, Brian is like; Learn some exercises that get those all-important gluteus muscle fibers firing.

Chapter 4: A Healthy Front = A Healthier Back — Just like I stated in the introduction that glutes training is not just about the ‘shape’ thing, it’s mostly important for your health and fitness- for a proper posture and flexibility. So here, Brian is like;  Learn why healthier glutes can relieve back pain and make everyday movements a whole lot easier.

Chapter 5: Health Benefits Of Stronger Glutes —Here, Brian took time to explain why it’s a must to look after your butts because failure has consequences. The muscles will sure complain when you don’t engage them. So here, Brian is like;  Find out the health risks associated with lagging glutes, and the surprising health benefits of strong glutes.

Chapter 6: The Posterior Powerhouse —You probably think the only use for the muscles is to give shape to your butts, you may not have thought about how much power it wields. Do here, Brian is like; Find out just how much power the glutes are responsible for. Sprinters, Gymnasts, Football Players – All of them depend hugely on the power of their butts.

Chapter 7: Building A Stronger, Bigger Booty — Still teaching on how to build the butt of your choice;  The key exercises to making your booty stronger, bigger and more toned.

Chapter 8: Burn Fat And Sculpt A Rounder Booty — An aesthetically pleasing booty shouldn’t be loaded with sagging fat. Find out how cardio and resistance training can reduce the amount of fat in the area.

Chapter 9: The Scientific evidence Brian talked about the science behind the different glutes exercises he taught about and going further buttress it, he gave scientific citations.

Chapter 10: Program Overview And Parameters — Everything you need to know about what goes on around the workouts: nutrition, warming up, timing and more. Also included, a finisher workout sheet to make sure you stay on track.

Chapter 11: Final Thoughts About The System —Here Brian summarized all he had taught and shared some extra thoughts about the system.

Chapter 12: Workout Charts The chart simply aims to guide users on the 15minutes training twice a week. The time requirement is not too demanding, therefore you can simply combine it with your other work out routines.

Chapter 13: Exercise Definitions And Pictures — A full library of the exercises and pictures for quick reference.

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Who is this Brian Klepacki again?

He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with 16 years experience in training and coaching, a C.I.S.S.N. – Certified Sports Nutritionist and a Certified FMS Level 2 Functional Movement Systems .

He is the owner and Head Coach of Optimax Performance Training from St. Petersburg Florida, as well as Resident Strength Coach for Critical Bench.

Optimax was created in order to give a fully customized coaching to people who want to achieve their full potential. As a specialist and expert in his field, he works diligently with athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness models to achieve their best body.

He applies the principles derived from his research to make these people successful.

Brian Klepacki holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Barry University plus a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from Florida Atlantic University.

You can find Brian Klepacki on YouTube, LinkedIn, FaceBook and Instagram. The bottom line is that Brian Klepacki is a certified professional in training people to work out for their best results through applying evidence-based methods.

How can this program help me? What are the benefits?

Professional author:  It is endorsed and written by a real-life exercise professional who knows how to train professional athletes. Coach Brian as he is popularly known, has a ton of certifications and specializes in making sure his trainees get what they need. You will be in good hands. You can as well reach out to him through his different social media handles if you wish to get in touch. He also has a functional website where he gives different kinds of health and fitness tips. Therefore, he can be trusted.

Evidence-based method:  The exercises he teaches are evidence-based and scientifically proven. Brian has 16 years of experience in training athletes and different people who got positive results. I doubt the chances that his butt training program will not work for you except if you fail to follow the correct procedures. Nonetheless, Brian and his team had issued a 60-day Money Back Guarantee, so if the program does not work for you, you can always get your money sent back.

Additional bonus:  The butt training won’t be the only benefits you be getting from this program as matter of fact. There are two bonuses included as well. The first is the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan. You will learn of a great technique that will help you shred the extra fat around your belly and even butts because excessive sagging fat I’d not what you need but a strong, well-toned muscle. You will learn about the foods to eat and the ones to avoid.

 The next bonus is Strong Legs Workout. He also gave exercise tips  for strong legs. Do, you can incorporate it into your usual workout routine. Your legs will also become strong and toned by doing this workout. 

High recommendations: There have been a lot of positive feedback on this program. People have used it and were glad that they did and as such have given positive reviews on this program. You can take a look at the customer reviews section to see what customers say.

Affordability:  Another good news: It’s very affordable. The price of this program is unbeatable. It’ s only $15. It’s pretty much affordable for anybody who wishes to give their butts a befitting training.

Clarity:  Very clear and concise instructions:  The truth of the matter is most of the exercises have existed for years and you could probably find out how to do them somewhere on the internet but how well and how organized?   However, Unlock Your Glutes keeps everything nicely organized. The instruction videos are short and to the point and consistent with each other. It really does feel like you have a personal trainer going through each exercise with you.

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Unlock your glutes reviews: Can’t I Just Squat and Lunge?

From a lot of people who haven’t done their research, you’ll hear:

“Just squat more! And dead lift more!”

Squats, deadlifts, and lunges definitely hit the glutes, but they also target a lot of other muscles, like the quads, hamstrings, abs, and others.

Although some people may build a beautiful derriere from just squatting, deadlifting, and lunging, one size does not fit all and this approach may not work for everyone. For those who need a little extra help, or don’t want to spend all their time in the squat rack, hit those glutes directly

If you want to really build an awesome tush, you need to hit it directly, with exercises that cause the highest percentage of muscle activation from the three gluteus muscles.

The glutes are most activated when the hips are near full extension, so focus on exercises that target the glutes and achieve this full range of motion.

What’s unique about unlock your glutes?

Many of us are unaware that all of our lower and back movements depend upon our glutes. It is not just about having a rounder and stronger butt; rather, this program is about strengthening your entire lower and back body parts. It is not enough to train your legs and your trunk, you need to engage the gluteal muscles which is a big source of power to the back and lower body.

One of the best features of this program is that you need to invest just 15 minutes, twice a week. You can easily supplement these glutes exercises with your other exercises. The videos are another great feature wherein Brian himself shows how to perform each of the 36 exercises to ensure that you get the right form and results.

 And before you get into sweating out your glutes, the Unlock Your Glutes Book also gives you detailed information about what exactly the glutes are, why is it important to train them, how will it affect your overall health, and more.

Frequently asked questions (Unlock your glutes Review)

Why is Unlock Your Glutes PDF better than the other ones?

Unlike the other programs, Unlock Your Glutes PDF focuses on targeting all three gluteal muscles through various tried and tested strategies. This program has been developed after careful research and analysis on how well each of those Unlock Your Glutes exercises work. Don’t forget, a professional is behind this program.

Who can opt for this program?

Any individual, male or female, looking at developing a stronger and rounder butt and strengthening their glutes muscles can opt for this program. Unless you are a professional athlete or fitness person, there is a high chance that your glutes muscles are weak. This means that you are an ideal candidate for this program.

What is the duration of the program?

This program is a four-week program that consists of two days of Unlock Your Glutes exercises each week. You will observe the desired results by the end of these four weeks and based on your interest, you can continue using the program for as long as you want.

What if I do not see the desired results after four weeks?

If you are not satisfied with your results after four weeks, you can get your complete amount refunded within 60 days of purchasing the program.

Clinical significance of exercising the gluteal muscles

Sitting for long periods can lead to the gluteal muscles atrophying through constant pressure and disuse.(what is casually referred to as “dead butt syndrome”). This may be associated with (although not necessarily the cause of) lower back pain, difficulty with some movements that naturally require the gluteal muscles, such as rising from the seated position, and climbing stairs. 

The need to keep the different muscles if the body(the gluteal muscles not exception) can not be overemphasized. Any part of the body that is left dormant does nothing but cause problems. This is mostly important for people who live sedentary lifestyle. Get your body to active use so that you will have nothing to regret.

Also worthy of note is the fact that the muscles of the body work together. When a particular muscle is not functioning adequately, the other muscles that do similar job try to compensate thereby getting overworked in the end. So, it is important that before starting a fitness regimen, you consider the ones that has uniform effect on all the muscle groups involved to avoid doing any harm while trying to do good.

Recommendations and conclusion ( Unlock your glutes Review)

The takeaway lesson here is that squats and deadlifts are not a sure guarantee of a firm and curvy backside.  You cannot simply squat and deadlift your way to a firm and curvy backside.

It’s a pretty simple principle: If I want to grow big, strong biceps, I have to train my biceps, not my triceps.

So, if you want to build bigger, stronger glutes? Train the heck out of the glutes, not just the other surrounding muscles in the legs.

I’ve had someone say to me:

“I’m happy with my quad and hamstring development, but my glutes are not up to par. I want to build my glutes up more, but keep my quads and hamstrings the same size.”

A tough goal to achieve for sure, but totally possible. Most of the women who say this, will report that they squat, deadlift, and lunge just as much as the guys.

This is exactly why their glutes are lagging behind the development of their quads and hamstrings – because most of those exercises are compound movements. The other muscles of the leg take over during the movement instead of giving the glutes their highest percent of muscle activation.  Squats and lunges alone may not do the trick. You have to add specific, targeted glutes exercises and workouts at least once a week. That is why I recommend you do not allow this unlock your glutes program to pass you by.

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