Code 118 Wallet Reviews 2023: All You Need To Know

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Code 118 Wallet Reviews

A wallet designed to stop unauthorized electronic access to your identity cards, debit cards, credit cards, and other sensitive data is called an RFID-blocking wallet. RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification, and many contemporary cards, like debit and credit cards and passports, have RFID chips. These chips use radio waves to transmit data wirelessly, making contactless transactions easier.

Although RFID technology is practical, it has a security risk. Without directly touching you, thieves can remotely access and steal your personal information by utilizing RFID skimming devices. RFID-blocking wallets create a shield that blocks radio signals sent by RFID chips using particular materials, most often metal or other conductive elements. This protective barrier helps safeguard your confidential information by preventing unauthorized scanning.

Your private information is important and must always be kept secure. Wallets that block RFID signals shield your passports, driver’s licenses, and contactless cards from prying eyes. This technology gives you back control over your online presence and keeps private information from the wrong hands. Investing in an RFID-blocking wallet is highly recommended, as it offers a strong incentive to protect your privacy when traveling or doing your daily activities.

Identity theft is a common and expanding issue, and sophisticated methods are improving. Wallets that block RFID signals effectively discourage identity thieves from using radio frequency identification technology to obtain personal data. These wallets work as a prophylactic measure, significantly reducing your likelihood of falling victim to identity theft by creating a layer of protection over your cards.

Consider your credit card being used for unauthorized purchases due to a momentary security lapse. Wallets that block RFID signals act as a financial safety net, guarding against losses from unauthorized access to your card details. Purchasing this state-of-the-art equipment will improve your financial situation and protect your data.

Wallets that block RFID signals are made with protection, use, and style in mind. These wallets combine modern, elegant styles with state-of-the-art technology. With so many designs, hues, and materials, you may select an RFID-blocking wallet that enhances security while still going well with your style. It’s a practical piece that doesn’t compromise on style—it combines form and function.

Investing in an RFID-blocking wallet is a small price to pay to protect your data. The price of an RFID-blocking wallet is negligible compared to the potential monetary and psychological damages of identity theft. It’s an inexpensive security investment that offers long-term advantages and defense against several online threats. How do you choose which RFID-blocking gadget to buy when so many are on the market? The answer to the query can be found by reading through Code 118 Reviews to the end.

What Is Code 118 Wallet? 

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Designed to hide RFID signals and make carrying cash and cards easier, the Code 118 is a fashionable wallet. This wallet is made of aerospace-grade aluminum and has a trigger mechanism that allows you to withdraw your cards instantly. Moreover, the carbon fiber cash strap safely secures any spare change or extra credit cards.

The manufacturer can provide a lifetime guarantee because this product is constructed using premium materials. If it fails in the improbable event, they are so confident in its quality that they will fix it at no cost to you!

When CODE 118 was founded in 2020, its creators aimed to transform the old-fashioned and expensive EDC industry. The idea was to create functional, long-lasting, modern, minimalist essentials. The meaning of CODE 118 comes from their collection’s 118 incredible and unique pieces. They put much effort into selecting the best materials for our goods, including carbon, aluminum, titanium, and more.

The producers eliminate the unnecessary and use only the best materials to create contemporary wonders that support your greatest life, taking the outmoded items you carry with you daily. You can view the manufacturers’ other comparable products, including Code 118, by visiting their website and clicking on any of the links provided in our Code 118 evaluations.

Code 118 Wallet Reviews: Specifications

  • Measurements: 2.3 x 0.29 x 3.9 inches
  • Strap: Retains cash, invoices, or extra credit cards.
  • Mechanism: Simple access with Quick-DeployTM technology
  • Keep up to three cards in the strap and one to seven in the chamber.
  • Material: 3K carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum 6061-T6
  • Safety: Prevents card theft by blocking RFID signals.

Features of Code 118 Wallet

  • Simple access: You shouldn’t need to constantly fish around for your money. Your cards are ejected by the revolutionary automatic process with just a switch flip.
  • Modular & Customizable: Additional attachments are available for purchase with the Code 118. Make the wallet of your dreams with these innovative add-ons. Additional storage, a leather carrying bag, an AirTag tracker, and more.
  • Long-lasting: The forged 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum structure provides greater durability and weight savings than a traditional wallet. You don’t need to freak out whenever it falls because you can pick it up undamaged in one piece.
  • Portable: It gives you a very low profile because the pockets are no longer protruding. Measuring just 0.29 inches thick, its versatile design may hold up to 10 cards in total.
  • RFID protection: An integrated RFID-blocking layer protects your identity and credit card information.
  • Lifetime guarantee: Do you need an alternative? You don’t need to worry because the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty because they are confident in their goods. They are sure you will love your buy because they used the greatest, strongest inner mechanism and premium materials in production.

Benefits of Code 118 Wallet

Purchasing a Code 118 for yourself has a ton of incredible advantages, like cost, sleekness, and durability.

The most noteworthy aspect of the Code 118 Wallet is its aesthetics; a variety of people find its straightforward, basic design to be pleasing. Crafted from high-quality materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber (with titanium as an additional option), the wallet exudes an elegant, industrial style. Customers can select a style from a variety of color options that suits their taste, making it an adaptable accent to any outfit.

The primary selling point of the wallet is how cards are stored and accessed. The pop-up, cascade, or slide form’s increased appeal in the wallet industry can be attributed to its effectiveness. This mechanism is distinct from others in Code 118 because it is durable and operates smoothly. When it comes to reliability, the Code 118 Wallet has a more durable and well-made design than its competitors.

Code 118 is the traveling companion you’ve been missing. We are occasionally more vulnerable to theft or con artists when we travel to foreign nations where we are unfamiliar with local customs. In these kinds of situations, the code 118 will protect you because nobody will be able to access the data on your card. For what reason are you still waiting? Since the season has already begun, why not visit the manufacturer’s website to obtain your code 118 and go on vacation fearlessly?

Open channels of communication are provided by Code 118, which updates customers at every turn, from order confirmation to tracking and shipment details. Your confidential data will be secure going forward and arrive sooner than anticipated. 

Code 118 Wallet Reviews: How To Use

  • Choose the 1-6 cards that you utilize the most often. (Or, if your cards are thicker than standard flat cards due to embossment, 5–6)
  • Close the wallet and insert the credit cards. (If you’re wondering where to place your cards, don’t worry—just slide them into the opening at the top of the wallet, and you’re good to go.)
  • Depending on how many cards are embossed, you can fit five or seven cards inside the main chamber. After that, all you need to do to swiftly discharge your cards is pull the trigger. (Pro Tip: When using embossed cards, alternate the raised numerals to prevent them from being completely on one side.)
  • The next piece is the cash strap. Remove up to three cards or one to five banknotes, then tuck them under the stylish carbon fiber currency strap. (The strap’s hundreds of tiny silicon dots are supposed to grip your cash and cards securely and prevent them from slipping.) You’re ready to go! You can now travel anywhere without worry.

Is The Code 118 Wallet Legit?

Seeking authenticity becomes crucial in internet purchasing, where many products claim to transform our everyday lives. Wallet Code 118 is no different. It’s normal for us as customers to doubt a product’s credibility, particularly when it comes to goods that claim to be both stylish and secure. We peel back the layers in this investigation to address the crucial query: Is the Code 118 Wallet Legit?

When online transactions and purchases are commonplace in the digital age, legitimacy issues frequently surface. Being skeptical is a constructive attitude encouraging customers to learn more about a product’s characteristics, history, and user experiences, like the Code 118 Wallet. With its RFID-blocking technology, the Code 118 Wallet presents itself as more than simply a fashionable trinket; it promises to be a haven for sensitive data. In a time when contactless transactions are the norm, this feature—which aims to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data—aligns with the growing demand for digital security.

Examining the company that releases a product into the market is often necessary to determine its validity. Founded in 2020, the goal of Code 118 is to transform the Everyday Carry (EDC) industry. The brand is known for its sleek, contemporary designs of premium materials, including carbon, titanium, and aluminum. The product gains credibility from this dedication to quality and innovation.

A distinguishing feature of legitimacy is the commitment to superior materials and craftsmanship. Aerospace-grade aluminum and 3K carbon fiber, renowned for their strength and longevity, are used in the Code 118 Wallet. The selection of these materials points to a dedication to producing a product that can endure the demands of regular use.

One of the main selling points of the Code 118 Wallet is its RFID-blocking technology. This feature accomplishes two goals simultaneously: it shows off technology innovation while providing security against possible risks like RFID skimming. The addition of cutting-edge functionality is in line with what one would anticipate from a device designed to meet the needs of a modern, tech-savvy consumer.

Any product’s authenticity can only be determined by consulting its users. Experiences in the real world offer insightful information on the Code 118 Wallet’s overall satisfaction, durability, and functionality. Building a strong legitimacy case involves highlighting positive reviews that highlight the wallet’s general longevity, the efficiency of RFID blocking, and the trigger mechanism’s seamless operation.

A fair balance is struck between cost and quality in legitimate products. At a fair $29.95, the Code 118 Wallet combines high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology without breaking the bank. A lifetime warranty assures customers that the manufacturer stands behind its product’s robustness, strengthening the value proposition even more.

A brand’s transparency is typically a sign of its validity. On its official website, Code 118 offers comprehensive details regarding its product specifications, warranty policies, and terms of usage. Customers can make educated selections, and this transparency strengthens confidence.

A genuine product in the digital era typically has an active and prominent social media presence. Code 118 keeps up a social media presence because it understands how important it is to engage with its audience. Reputable brand image building involves community involvement, updates, and customer interaction.

The evidence reveals a product that blends style and substance in the quest to verify the validity of the Code 118 Wallet. The brand demonstrates a commitment to quality, the features meet modern needs, and positive user experiences add to a rising sense of confidence. The Code 118 Wallet is a striking example of a combination of style and security as it passes legitimacy muster. The brand’s dedication to innovation, high-quality materials, and favorable customer reviews all work together to provide a strong argument for this accessory’s authenticity. The Code 118 Wallet looks to be a competitive option for people looking for a contemporary, safe, and fashionable addition to their daily carry.

Who Needs The Code 118 Wallet? 

Though useful, the emergence of RFID technology has also raised security issues. This is where the Code 118 Wallet comes in, providing people who value the security of their sensitive data with an elegant and safe solution. Now, let’s examine the characteristics of those who stand to gain the most from the features offered by the Code 118 Wallet.

  • Regular Visitors: Travel people are exposed to various situations and hazards involved in exploring new places. The Code 118 Wallet becomes a necessary travel companion for those who travel frequently. With its RFID-blocking technology, you may travel confidently, knowing that your financial and personal information is protected, even when identity theft is more likely to occur.
  • Urban Experts: Due to their fast-paced lifestyle and continual mobility, urban professionals need accessories that fit in perfectly with their busy schedules. The Code 118 Wallet is the ideal solution for people who require efficiency without sacrificing flair, thanks to its elegant design and convenient quick-access feature. It’s the perfect option for people who appreciate style and utility because of its automated card ejection system and modular features.
  • People Afraid of Security: The Code 118 Wallet is a useful tool for people who value security in their daily lives, especially when identity theft and data breaches are commonplace. The RFID-blocking layer protects their credit cards and private information from potential threats. Those who carefully safeguard their digital footprint will find this extra degree of security very important.
  • Advocates of minimalism: In response to the demands of the minimalist lifestyle, the Code 118 Wallet is a thin and portable substitute for conventional, large wallets. This wallet offers a practical solution to carry important cards and cash without adding extra bulk for those who value simplicity and want to simplify their possessions. Because of its extremely low profile, it fits neatly in pockets without protruding too much.
  • Those who love technology: For those who appreciate modern design and cutting-edge technology, the Code 118 Wallet is a great fit. A dedication to practicality and quality is demonstrated by using Quick-DeployTM technology in conjunction with aerospace-grade aluminum and carbon fiber. The Code 118 Wallet will appeal to tech lovers who value everyday accessories that combine form and function.
  • Buyers on a tight budget: The Code 118 Wallet is a desirable choice for customers on a tight budget, even though it has high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies. With its lifetime warranty, affordable price, and availability of discounts, this wallet is an affordable option for individuals seeking high-quality materials without going over budget.
  • People Who Care About Fashion: The Code 118 Wallet understands the value of aesthetics and that style is a matter of personal expression. This wallet appeals to those who are fashion-conscious and see accessories as a continuation of their own unique style because it comes in a range of colors and has a modern, minimalistic design. For those who value adaptability in their accessories, the ability to customize it with extras only serves to increase its attractiveness.

A flexible accessory, the Code 118 Wallet suits a wide spectrum of people with different goals and lifestyles. The Code 118 Wallet offers a safe, practical, and fashionable way to improve your everyday experience, regardless of your lifestyle—whether you’re an avid traveler, urban professional, security-conscious person, minimalist, tech enthusiast, cost-conscious buyer, or someone who appreciates personal flair. For people who appreciate the security and ease of their daily carry things, owning a dependable and smart accessory like the Code 118 Wallet becomes not just an option but a requirement as the digital landscape changes.

Code 118 Wallet Reviews: Pros 

  • Crafted from high-quality, durable materials
  • This is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a slim or minimalist wallet.
  • fits in seamlessly with your outfit
  • In light of the materials and excellent craftsmanship, the wallet is exceptionally reasonably priced and surpasses many other metal wallet brands now on the market. 
  • Superb storage with easy access. Code 118 employs the popular pop-up technique to make cards readily readable.
  • Reasonably priced 
  • and able to hold seven cards at once

Code 118 Wallet Reviews: Cons

  • Deals are exclusive to the manufacturer’s website.
  • Stock is limited, so act quickly to avoid missing out.


The CODE 118 WALLET is available in multiple colors and costs $29.95. Additionally, they provide a few add-ons, such as:

  • AIRTAG STRAP – $14.95
  • LEATHER CASE – $24.95
  • MULTI-TOOL CARD – $19.95

LIFETIME REPLACEMENT: The lifetime warranty policy aims to ensure that you will never need to buy a new wallet. The corporation would replace Your wallet immediately if something were to happen to it. Their goal is to acquire lifelong clients. No tricks or catches. They will send you a FREE wallet (you just have to pay the $9.72 shipping and handling fee; they have already paid for it in full). 

If a replacement is needed, contact with your order number, full name, address, and a brief video demonstrating the issue. You will receive a replacement right away! This program does not cover lost or stolen items; it is only meant for defective or malfunctioning products. You will receive replacements in the exact color and style you originally ordered.

Code 118 Wallet Reviews: Where to Buy?

To benefit from the current special offers, order directly with the manufacturer. The website also promises that users may get help and direction anytime they need it, providing prospective customers with a thorough and reliable service and 24/7 customer care. 


You may return any item(s) for a complete refund of the purchase price within 45 days of placing your order. If you would like to return an item (in its original packing), email with your full name, order number, original payment method, and a picture. As soon as they receive your request, they will let you know what has to be done to finish your return or exchange! Returns must be intact, in like-new condition with no dents, scratches, or other damage, and in their original packing. 

Code 118 Wallet Reviews: Consumer Reports

Let’s briefly mention a few of the reports that Code 118 users have submitted:

Clark B. –  Well Worth it. I bought mine about a month ago for $49.95. I see now it is on sale for 40% off, and since it is, I will grab another one! At this sale price, I can’t pass this up. As far as the wallet goes, it has held up very well, and the button to eject cards is still as smooth as day 1. Feels like butter! After owning a Ridge and a few other slim wallets over the years, I can say Code118 is my favorite wallet company, hands down.

Tony O. – Impressive Product. It is way smaller and more convenient than I thought. The way it works to eject your cards is exactly as I expected and works just like the advertisements. 5/5 very impressed.

Code 118 Wallet Reviews: FAQs 

Have questions? Fear not—answers to the most frequently asked questions are provided on this page. Please send an email to if you need any further help.

How many cards may be purchased with the CODE 118 Wallet?

Up to seven cards can fit inside the wallet (or up to fifteen cards with the optional Modular Backplate inserted). Ten to twenty currency dollars fit comfortably in the strong strap.

How is the wallet holding my cards securely?

The internal safety mechanism of the wallets consists of two silicon strips that grip both sides of your cards, preventing them from ejecting until you engage the trigger mechanism. 

This safety mechanism resulted from hundreds of hours of research and development, and it works perfectly even in the most difficult circumstances—like turning over a wallet.

How is the wallet holding my cash securely?

Don’t you think your money can be secured with a strap? No need to worry—no matter how many dollars are inside, our cash strap, constructed of military-grade nylon, will firmly hold down loose cash. Additionally, hundreds of silicone micro-dots are placed into the strap to hold cash, additional cards, or receipts in place like glue.

How Do I Submit a Return Request?

To initiate a return request, please email with your full name, order number, and a picture of the item or goods you wish to return. 

How long do I have to send something back?

If unsatisfied, you can return your CODE 118 order to the manufacturer’s warehouse for a refund or exchange within 45 days after purchase.

Which Condition Must My Returned Item(s) Be In?

Returns have to be made in the item’s original, undamaged packing.

Can I return my order for free?

Indeed, to give its customers the best possible experience, the organization goes above and beyond to remove any risk related to online buying. For this reason, they provide free 45-day returns on some products. Please visit their website’s return policy page for further information on which orders qualify.

Does my product have a lifetime warranty?

Every CODE 118 product purchased from the official website has a lifetime warranty. 

Conclusion on Code 118 Wallet Reviews

To sum up, the Code 118 Wallet is a stylish and practical companion for people searching for a straightforward and long-lasting wallet for everyday usage. The wallet’s look and design make it a versatile substitute for several styles, thanks to its assortment of premium materials and extensive color options. 

The practicality and functionality of the pop-up mechanism add to the wallet’s attractiveness, especially considering how well-made and well-functioning it is. The card capacity may be a hassle for some users, but the elastic band offers a clever way to increase storage.

By balancing design and function, the Code 118 Wallet provides a contemporary and reliable solution for anyone looking to streamline their wallet without losing style. Like any purchase, prospective buyers should consider the benefits and drawbacks while assessing their unique needs and preferences. 

The Code 118 Wallet stands out in the crowded field of modern wallets thanks to its unique design and practical features. Due to the increased demand, the business kindly provides all new customers with free shipping, a special discount, and a 45-day warranty. Purchase yours immediately!

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