Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews: How to Make Fire Without Flame!

by Alvisual
Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews

Reading Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews will make you wonder if magic exists…

Growing up, most of us must have probably heard that, “no smoke without fire”, “no fire without a flame” … What if I told you that now it’s possible to light a fire without a flame? Unbelievable as that would sound, it is true, and it’s not magic!

Let’s delve into the evolution of fire-starting: from using sticks and stones to light a fire, to matchsticks, all the way to plastic disposable lighters.

Most of us are aware of the cons of these means just mentioned… and boy, oh boy, how much more menacing does it get? Sticks and stones could break your bones, or probably pierce into your skin and hurt you.

Lighting matchsticks could prove monotonous and one could get tired thinking about the effort needed in striking a matchstick. 

Disposable lighters could be the worst! Besides the fact that they pollute the environment, they hurt our fingers, lock up in the cold, and they burn through fuel incredibly fast!

Let us get the Chris scenario into our heads for a second. What is the Chris scenario, you may ask? Chris is the average American citizen that loves going on an adventure, and doubles as a smoker in fact.

Imagine Chris gets home after a shitty day at work and decides to turn the heat up; which is definitely the new way to cool down, or more contemporarily, to take a chill pill. 

Chris gets himself a smoke, and also a lighter, but the plastic lighter locks up because it has been in a bowl of water. An infuriated Chris turns to his matchsticks, but it would seem as though the matchsticks are on a vendetta of their own. 

Chris decides to go camping with his buddies and they get caught up in a downpour. Other campers easily get the fire they need to get their body temperature in check after burning their materials with the Stealth Arc lighter, and poor Chris has to beg his way to comfort. 

This is a graphical representation of what other means could do to you. But now, you decide what character you get to be; poor Chris or his wiser buddies?

How about a flameless lighter? “Not feasible,” non believers will say, but as this review will show, it is, and it’s not magic!

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The stealth arc lighter uses the dual-arc technology. It has a powerful electric dual-arc beam that sets materials on fire instantaneously! This means you don’t need to cup your hands over a flickering flame, or pray you’ve got enough fuel left.

This review will tell you all you need to know about the Stealth arc lighter, so read on!

Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews
Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews

Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews: Revealed!

Table of Contents

The Stealth Arc Lighter is an Electric Dual-Arc Lighter that produces heat by a small arc of high-voltage electrical current. It is hotter than a regular lighter but in a more concentrated region.

This windproof Stealth Arc Lighter will light anything flammable even in the strongest of winds, and this is because of the top’s unique “Dual Arc” design.

It will be a pleasant surprise when you don’t have to repeatedly flick your lighter to get it to operate. The best arc lighter is definitely the Stealth Arc Lighter!

Dual-arc plasma technology has finally made its way into the civilian sector. This means you can stop relying on flimsy plastic lighters to create a fire. The zinc alloy case is covered with rubberized plastic and because of the wire safety clasp, the dampness is kept out.

The Stealth Arc Lighter, after being buried 30 meters below the surface and submerged in water for weeks, worked perfectly fine. This is incredible, isn’t it?

A more incredible fact is that the Stealth Angel Arc Lighter can be recharged in about 2 hours and used 300 times before needing to be recharged again! It is a useful instrument that uses an electric dual-arc to better ignite combustible materials than any other.

Toss your fragile gas station lighters in the garbage and replace them with the innovative flameless innovation!

You can rest assured that this lighter will not fail you, or make you suffer any of the banes associated with other fire-starting mediums. It is not devil’s magic, though; it’s science. Try Stealth Arc Lighter for yourself and witness the miracle.

When you’re shivering, bent over the fireplace, desperately trying to get the fire started, do you really want to rely on a thin piece of plastic and a few drops of gasoline?

Or when you are on an adventure in a place with intolerable weather conditions, hunkered behind a rock with the rain pouring profusely, or in your makeshift shelter, fervently trying to light a fire, do you really want to rely on a damp wood, or wet stone to save the day?

This Flame-free Arc Lighter instantaneously unleashes a fiercely powerful dual-arc beam that viciously ignites anything it comes into touch with, with a single click of a button.

Whether you’re a survivalist or just a smoker looking to kick the plastic lighter habit, Flame-free is the way to go. 

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Read on to learn about the Stealth Arc Lighter’s features, specifications, customer feedback, and frequently asked questions.

Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews: Amazing Features

Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews reveal that the first and only brand to integrate dual-arc plasma lighter technology with weatherproof, water-resistant casings is the Stealth Arc Lighter.

Everyone who appreciates outdoor activities and wants a lighter that will last a lifetime can benefit from its breakthrough lighter technology. 

Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews

There are a very plausible myriad reasons as to why you need to choose the Stealth Arc Lighter over other fire-starting mediums. Some of these include:

  • Plasma Beam with Dual Arcs (Electric)
  • Water-resistant
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • Auto-Off Safety Mechanism
  • It can be used for a variety of things
  • Long lasting
  • Military-grade exterior
  • Compact And Lightweight
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Designed to perform in all types of Weather
  • Smoke and Flame-free
  • Charge As Quickly As Possible

Plasma Beam With Dual Arcs (Electric)

The Stealth Angel Arc Lighter does not require a flame to function; instead, it generates two intense beams that instantly light any substance.


The Stealth Angel Arc Lighter succeeds where standard lighters and matches fail. It will not be stopped by rain, snow, wind, or cold.

Rechargeable via USB

Simply connect a power bank, outlet, car charger, laptop, or other compatible device to the Stealth Angel Arc Lighter.

Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews

It only takes 2 hours to charge. Isn’t the Stealth Arc Lighter something special?

Auto-Off Safety Mechanism

The Stealth Arc Lighter is incredibly safe thanks to the safety mechanism built into the device. 

It Can Be Used For a Variety of Things

Outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy camping, hiking, shooting, barbecue, and other similar activities will appreciate the Stealth Arc Lighter.

Long Lasting (Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews)

Because it doesn’t require any fuel and runs entirely on pre-charged energy, the Stealth Arc Lighter lasts a long time.

Military-Grade Exterior

The Stealth Arc lighter’s military-grade shell and rubberized plastic makes it nearly indestructible so that it will withstand lots of abuse or rough use.

Compact And Lightweight

The Stealth Arc Lighter is extremely compact, measuring only 2.8 x 1.9 x 0.75 inches. It’s also extremely light, at only 2.1 ounces. As a result, you may carry it around with you and scarcely notice it.

Very Easy To Use

When you’re in a survival situation, you don’t have time to play with complicated survival devices. Don’t be alarmed. At the touch of a button, the Stealth Arc Lighter will light a roaring fire. That’s all there is to it.

Designed To Perform In All Types of Weather

It is 100% windproof and has a 100% waterproof case, you may use your Stealth Arc Lighter in almost any condition. You can most certainly laugh at Mother Nature, knowing that your lighter will light no matter what she throws at you!

Smoke and Flame-Free

It’s sometimes good to be sly in a survival situation. There is no smoke or a bright flame from the Stealth Arc Lighter. It’s also safer and healthier for you because it doesn’t use dangerous fuels.

Charge As Quickly As Possible

Stealth Arc Lighter saves energy and does not need a long amount of time to refill. It has a handy recharging cord that can be used with any USB power source. It only takes 2 hours to charge and may be used 300 times before needing to be recharged.

The Stealth Arc Lighter is, without a shadow of doubt, the greatest. You’ll never be caught out in the cold again with hundreds of uses on a single charge.

Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews: Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: ‎4 x 3 x 1.5 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎3.2 ounces
  • Manufacturer: ‎Stealth Angel Survival
  • ASIN: ‎B08TKT7D25
  • Batteries: ‎1 Lithium ion batteries
  • Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars
  • Color : Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Fuel Type: Electric

Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews: Pros

  • A single charge can be used for up to 300 times (USB charging cable included)
    Plasma technology creates an electric dual-arc beam instead of a flame.
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with the Stealth Arc lighter- ideal for camping, hiking and tactical survival.
  • The casing is completely waterproof.
  • Safety features include auto-off and short circuit protection.

Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews: Cons

  • It is not accessible for purchase on the market.
  • There are only a few stocks left.
  • It is only available to order online, and there is a chance that it will sell out.

Return Back Guarantee (Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews)

If you’re not completely happy with your Stealth Arc Lighter purchase for any reason, you’re covered by their “Ultra American Guarantee.”

This only means that if you decide your Stealth Arc Lighter isn’t quite what you expected, simply write them an email or give them a call and they will promptly return your money.

There’s no need to give a reason because they have a 6-month “Any Reason” Refund Guarantee!

Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews

In fact, if you notify them within 18 days of receiving the merchandise, they will pay for the shipping return to their warehouse. The Stealth Arc Lighter is manufactured using only the highest quality materials by skilled professionals.

However, if the product has reached you in a defective state, the manufacturers are always ready to provide you with free of charge replacements under their Warranty conditions. they will also make sure to give you a quality product that is well trusted and very unique.

The Brains Behind The Stealth Arc Lighter (Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews)

The arc lighter is credited to the manufacturer, stealth Angel survival, situated in 10946 Ratner St #1759, Sun Valley CA 91352. Their contact number is (877) 210-7911. Their contact mail is

How Much Does The Stealth Arc Lighter Cost?

When you take into account all the incredible features of the Stealth Angel Arc Lighter, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if these cost you anywhere north of $60.

Mind you, $60 would still be a far cry from what its competitors want to charge you, but let’s be generous.

Therefore, you can imagine our complete shock when we discovered that they cost just $39.95…

  • Buy 1 Stealth Arc Lighter
    Save 50%
    1x Stealth Angel Arc Lighter
    Only $39.95
  • Buy 2 Stealth Arc Lighter
    Save 56%
    2x Stealth Angel Arc Lighter
    Same as
    $34.98/each Total: $69.95
  • Buy 3 Stealth Arc Lighter
    Save 63%
    3x Stealth Angel Arc Lighter
    Total: $89.85
  • Buy 4 Stealth Arc Lighter
    Save 66%
    4x Stealth Angel Arc Lighter
    $26.95/each Total: $107.80
  • Buy 5 Stealth Arc Lighter
    Save 70%
    5x Stealth Angel Arc Lighter
    $23.95/each Total: $119.75

Click the Link below to be directed to Stealth Arc Lighter Official Website.

Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews (Customers’ Insights)

Lisa S.
“Because my husband is the one that smokes, I bought this as a present for him. It’s perfect for when he’s attempting to light a cigarette on a windy day and has to turn his back to the wind. It also saves money because you don’t have to buy lighter fluid or buy another one.”

Al W
“Electric lighter… WOW! There was no liquid fuel, no flints, no odor, and no leaks. Any USB charger can be used to “fill” the device (including Power Solar Chargers) Windproof, even when wet, it “fires.” WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LIKE? Exceptional device!

Bob S
“I’ve owned several arc lighters in the past, but none of them compare to this one.”. It goes wherever it is needed and illuminates everything. “Way to go, Stealth.”

Randy W 

“It’s malleable, light, and rapidly starts a fire. It’s quite simple to use. Don’t allow this one get away if you’re seeking for a survival lighter.”

John W.

I’ll Never Use A Match Again!
“This is an excellent product. I have four of these, two of which are new and two of which are ancient. One is for my wood stove, one is for my fireplace, one is for my bug out bag, and one is for basic housekeeping. As long as the sun shines once in a while, I’ll be able to make a fire using the small solar panel in my bug out bag.”

Terry C

“I never have to worry about fuel or wind. It melts pp rope ends for whipping ends”.


“This is an impressive replacement for a gas lighter. I use it many times and it works great”.

Preas L. Street

“Bought this just to have a “lighting” capability handy. It works great!”

Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Stealth Lighter, And How Does It Work?

Instead of a flame, the Stealth Arc Lighter generates heat using a short arc of high-voltage electrical current, which is hotter than a regular lighter but concentrated in a smaller area.

How Do You Get The Stealth Arc Lighter To Work?

With the click of a button, the purple-hued arc is activated, and you simply set whatever you’d like to light directly in the arc’s path.

What Is The Best Way To Use A Stealth Arc Lighter?

The Stealth Lighter is simple to use because it does not require refilling and only requires USB charging. Each charge provides enough energy to light up roughly 300 times.

Is It Safe To Use Stealth Arc Lighters?

Traditional lighters are replaced with Stealth Lighters, which are a safe and harmless alternative. You should never put your finger into the arc, but if you do, it will burn your skin in a similar way to a flame lighter, but on a smaller area.

Although the arc’s electric current isn’t strong enough to electrocute a person, they should never be used with metal pipes because they provide a larger risk of electric shock.

Is The Stealth Arc Lighter Suitable For Long-distance Travel?

The Stealth Lighter is an incredible, high-tech addition to any smoker’s toolset, and it’s especially great for travel.

What Is Your Policy On Returns?

A 60-day money-back guarantee is available. If you are dissatisfied with your order for any reason within 60 days, please contact our customer service center for a complete refund.

What City Are You In?

Our team of experts is based in the heart of the city of Los Angeles, California.

How Long Will My Stealth Lighter Take To Arrive?

It will take 10-18 days for your Stealth Lighter to arrive.

Where Can I Get The Stealth Arc Lighter?

Stealth arc lighter can prove to be a worthwhile investment if purchased from the official website. If you are looking for a less expensive and best solution for Stealth Arc lighter, then that is the ideal way to go. Visit the official website by clicking the link below to place an order.

Final Verdict (Stealth Arc Lighter Reviews) 

Ignite your passion for superior gear by upgrading to a plasma lighter that can’t be beat by rain, snow, wind, or cold thanks to hardy waterproof casing. Simple to use, if you are in a survival situation you don’t have time to mess with complicated survival tools.

Don’t stress. With the press of a button, the Stealth “Dual Arc” lighter will give you a raging fire.

Like I rightly pointed out before, you can be rest assured that this lighter will not fail you, or have you suffer any of the banes associated with other fire-starting mediums. It is not devil’s magic, though; it’s science. Try Stealth Arc Lighter for yourself and witness the miracle.

Don’t be Chris in the Chris scenario. That is not the ideal character to emulate. You do not wait to be in a potential before you start making the necessary plans to help tackle its eventuality!

The Stealth Arc lighter is literally one of the best things you could put your money on, and it is one that will save you tons of money.

You need to get this product now, Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month and definitely not next year. The discount that’s on this product isn’t going to last forever, take it from me.

Take advantage of it now before the discount ends or, even worse, before stocks disappear, and believe me, you don’t want stocks to disappear when the chance to secure this amazing dual arc lighter is literally one click away.

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