Reading Head start Review 2020: A Must Know!!

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Reading Head Start Review

Reading is the interaction of a reader and a text in a bid to understand what the text says. It is a form of language processing. Learning to read is about listening and understanding as well as working out what is printed on the page. Through hearing stories, children are exposed to a wide range of words. This helps them build their own vocabulary and improve their understanding when they listen, which is vital as they start to read. Of all the skills you will ever learn growing up, arguably none are more important than the ability to read.

Each book that you read is an opportunity to learn something new. You can expand your vocabulary, train your brain, increase wellness, lower stress and discover something new about yourself. According to the One World Literacy Foundation, a person who can read can educated themselves in any area of life they would like to. As parents, we all understand the importance of teaching our children to read. Reading is the first academic activity that we teach our children and it can be the most rewarding.

A child’s reading skills are important to their success in school as they will allow them to access the breadth of the curriculum and improve their communication and language skills. In addition, reading can be a fun and imaginative time for children, which opens doors to all kinds of new worlds for them. Did you know kids prepare for their reading education years before even reading their first book? That is because 90% of a child’s brain is developed by age three. That means that by age three, a child’s vocabulary can predict third grade reading proficiency. That is why it is so important to get started early using a system that works for kids.

37% of children today enter Kindergarten without the skills necessary to begin their learning journey and that is troubling. By the end of first grade, kids are expected to ask questions and remember story details. And if a child is not reading at grade level at that point, there is a 88% likelihood that he will still be behind in reading by fourth grade and that could change their entire lives because poor reading leads to dropping out and poverty.

Children who are not reading at grade level by fourth grade are four times more likely to drop out of school and thirteen times more likely to drop out if they also live in poverty. Did you know that one out seven adults have such low literacy skills that they can’t read anything more complicated than a child’s picture book? Illiteracy does not just lead to low self – esteem. It also leads to poverty and crime.

What happens if child does not want to read? What if he/she flips through their book and just plays with the pages, makes excuses for their disinterest in reading books, starts helping you in some other work rather than reading or is interested in playing video games rather than listening to your stories? If you see the above signs in your child’s behavior, there is a strong possibility that your child may not be interested in books. Allow me to introduce a new program meant to help your children aged 2 to 14 years become interested in reading. 

Welcome to Reading Head Start: a learning program for kids which has been designed by educators. With this strategy, your children can learn how to read and hence, succeed in different subjects as they grow older. This program was invented by Sarah Shepherd. Reading Head Start is named again and again by teachers and parents as one of the top, most effective and most kid loved reading programs out there.

This Reading Head Start review seeks to share the most important information and details about Reading Head Start. Everything you need to know and why you should enroll your children with advantages and disadvantages. Read on!!

What is Reading Head Start?

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Reading Head Start Review

The Reading Head Start Program is a scientifically verified and simple to follow reading program. It is a step by step program that gives you videos, pdfs, visuals, interactive games and training worksheets to help you in teaching your child to read quickly and efficiently. It was created by Sarah Shepherd a mother of three and an English teacher for 14 years. She has done detailed research when teaching her children to pick up reading skill and now she wants to pass the information to other parents. Sarah got the shock of her life when she discovered that one of her children was performing poorly in English, resulting in bad grades.

After all, the child was going to a good school and they were spending a lot on his education. According to Sarah, that is when it struck her that the education system’s conventional and outdated teaching methods were not helping him learn. She spent sleepless nights studying and researching to find out a better way to teach her child to read, which has resulted in the origin of the Reading Head Start program. All you need is 15 minutes a day, three days a week. With those rewarding moments, your child will learn what they are truly capable of. 

To accomplish this feat of teaching children how to read, Sarah focuses on teaching children the foundations of the English language. Learning the foundations of the English Language has become more important as curriculums hare scrunched, teachers are crammed and such little time is spent actually teaching individual letter characteristics. Of course, they are still taught that A is for apple, B is for ball, but hardly ever are children still taught the sounds of the letters and how they change when paired with different letters, or a word is subtracted or added from.

Basically, that is what this program is. It teaches kids letters, so they can begin to read words, sentences, stories and passages based on the letters they have. Do not be mistaken however, the Reading Head Start program is more than some boring homework you will have trouble getting your child to complete. Rather, everything included in the program from the short passages to the worksheets, lesson plans, printables and activities have been meticulously designed to excite and captivate kids about reading and learning. Furthermore, the designs, stories and themes of the activities are created to cater to your child’s age group. As your child progresses through the different levels, this changes.

Reading Head Start is designed for kids aged 2 to 14 years. It is an award winning program which also has the support of parents who have used it for their children. The Reading Head Start program is a 40- week program that is divided up into 4 different levels. Each level comes with 10 weeks of learning. The lessons are interactive and are easily accessible via your computer, smartphone or laptop. You are able to track your child’s progress from day one. The results start coming in from day one.

Teaching your child to read early on will give them a boost of confidence. It has been proven that helping your child to read early will lead to success in other areas as well.  When they see that they are succeeding from day one, they want to continue. The reading program does require the parent’s involvement. It is only 15 minutes three times a week, but that time is well spent. It is a one on one time with your child and the benefits of that are numerous. It can be done by the child on his own too, but the parents and kids who are getting the best results are the kids who sit with their parents.

Each lesson comes with the tools and resources needed for the lesson. The lessons comprise of activities and exercises to complete. Once your child has completed his level, he will receive a Reading Head Start certificate which encourages the child to continue to succeed. The program starts at your child’s level and moves on from there so each child will begin at a different starting point. They will learn to complete letter combinations, learn about irregular and compound words, begin advance phonics and so much more. The Reading Head Start program will teach your child to effectively decode and read phonetically. It will help your kid to develop reading skills years ahead of similarly aged children.

Noteworthy Features

There are several amazing qualities of this program which is why you should definitely consider investing in it. Here’s a look at some of the features of Reading Head Start:

  1. A well-researched plan: First of all, this plan has been researched in depth before it has been put forward for students. This means that all the strategies that it employs are those that have been created on the grounds of scientific knowledge rather than on the basis of amateur ways
  2. Designed by Educators: Expert educators have designed this program which ensures that your children are able to learn from the best. In the case of other scam programs, there is always the fear that the content would not be excellent which keeps people from trusting. This is not the case with this particular plan.
  3. A certified and award winning program: Another reason you can rely on this program completely is that it has been certified by top authorities. It is also an award winner which also shows it as a reliable program. For instance, it has won 2014’s National Parenting Publications award and iParenting Media award.
  4. Customers love it as well: If you have any friends who have tried this plan for their children, you can ask them what they think about it and you are surely going to hear only good things. In fact, you can also read customer reviews here on this article to know how people have been very satisfied with it.
Reading Headstart Review.jpeg
Reading Head Start Review.jpeg

Techniques used by the Reading Head Start

The techniques used are scientifically proven to improve a child’s ability to read and these are created by Sarah and expert educators who have years of experience in teaching. Here is a brief overview of these techniques:

  1. Psychological Fortitude: This technique will help in developing your child’s self -confidence and self – esteem.
  2. Positive Social Interaction: This technique will develop social skill in your child so that he or she will be able to communicate with people of all ages without any problem.
  3. Linguistic Development and Communication Skill: This technique will enhance the communication skills and language skills of your child
  4. Optimal Neurological Growth: This technique will help in the brain development of your child.
  5. You will also learn how to ensure your child excels in his or her reading even if they do not have an interest in reading.
  6. You will learn about the bad learning practices of teachers and why they are so obsolete these days.
  7. You will also learn the importance of making sure your child is able to read at an early age and why reading to them on a regular basis is so important.
  8. You will learn how to improve your child’s pronunciation of words.
  9. You will also learn how to treat and manage a child with dyslexia and ADD.

Reading Head Start Material

It is difficult to summarize this comprehensive program into one review that is why I decided to give you a quick overview of the materials that you will be getting in this program:

  1. Lesson Plans: These step by step lesson plans are provided to you to teach your child to read words. These lesson plans can be performed at home or at the classroom. You will get an accurate and step by step plan that will improve your child reading capability in a fun and interesting way.
  2. Worksheets: Sarah’s Reading Head Start contains lots of interesting and entertaining worksheets that will keep your child learning in an interesting way. These worksheets are colorful, high quality, themed and strategic that will keep your child engaged and improve his memory.
  3. Short Passage: Another important material you will be getting from this plan is the short passages that your child will read and they are based on words mentioned in the program
  4. Printable Flashcards: These printable flashcards were very popular in the past because thy offer a great way to adopt reading skills. These flashcards will help children to memorize new information for years to come. The 58 free Alphabet Flash cards compiled by Sarah show upper and lower case letters. This set of large flash cards is an excellent way to reinforce learning the letters and their sound or symbol relationship.

Pros of Reading Head Start

  1. This program has quickly turned out to be known as the best reading method
  2. It emphasized the importance of reading. Reading is an important habit that builds your child’s future. Reading Head Start helps your children learn to read as early as two years old.
  3. Enhances communication skills: Reading is also the foundation stone for how your child communicates with the world. This course helps build his/her communication skill and the ability to express themselves. 
  4. Makes reading fun. With the imaginatively designed course material, your child will lose the fear of learning and discover how much fun it is.
  5. Reading Head Start is customized to suit your child’s learning pace and ability to grasp new skills so that he/she does not feel pressured by it.
  6. It was designed by a teacher. The reviews prove this course is designed by a teacher who has worked with children of various age groups and therefore comes from a place of understanding them.
  7. Rewards: The course keeps rewarding your child after completion of each level, with fun certificates. This helps build their confidence.
  8. Mobile friendly: The program works on any device including tablet, iPad, smartphones or computers.
  9. The program has been scientifically proven to work.
  10. There is a 3 Day free trial so you can try out the program before making an actual commitment. And after the free trial, you are billed monthly, which means you can leave the program at any time you wish.
  11. Users are provided with a 100% money back guarantee if unsatisfied with the results.


  1. The program is only available online. Without web association, you are unable to access the program. Especially the members only area is only accessible when you are online.
  2. Consistent effort must be taken. If you are not ready to consistently work with your child for 15 minutes a day, 3 days a week, do not expect to see effective results. The program comes with parental participations. 
  3. Unconventional: Since the course challenges the conventional methods of learning, as a parent, you have to be open – minded to accept new ways of teaching your kid to read.
Reading Head start review.jpeg
Reading Head Start Review

Why use Reading Head Start?

The Reading Head Start approach is one of the most well researched and highly successful reading strategies available for young kids. And it is so crucial to get a head start on kids’ reading success at an early age. Not only does early reading success predict reading success at older ages. It predicts success across the board, in any subject. And it is impossibly hard to catch up if reading is not mastered early.

A little investment today could mean a brighter future for tomorrow. It is not only about how your child performs at school and college, it goes way further than that. With a program such as this one you are able to sharpen the literacy skills of your child and build his self-esteem as well as he is able to participate better. A strategy such as this one prevents dropping out as well as unemployment.

Reading Head Start Price

One of the important factors for most people will be the pricing. This is a high quality reading program created by an English teacher who has years of experience in teaching. At the time of writing this Reading Head Start review, Sarah has reduced the price of lifetime access and now you can obtain lifetime access for the price of one- year membership at $197. 

Alternatively, you can pay just $1 to get a three-day access and then continue the $37 per month offer.

Reading Head Start Customer Reviews

Cathy McMillan: “I have been using Reading Head Start with my 3 year old daughter for two weeks now and we both love it. I think what I have liked most about the success we have with your system is not only that my daughter is starting to become an incredible reader. It is just how exciting reading has become for her and she lights up with every word she reads!”

Tyson Collins: “I personally struggled with reading when I was a child and didn’t want my children growing up the same. That is what led me to find Reading Head Start actually. I knew how hard first hand learning to read can be and there was no way I had attempt to teach my children on my own. Admitting this to you is a little embarrassing but I actually learned a bunch myself from your system”

Lauren Sanders: “This is without a doubt the best reading system out there. I know because I tried them all. What made your reading method different from everything else is how you helped me out just as you help out my child. My daughter Amy was starting to read three and four letter words faster than I expected and that is all thanks to you for showing me how to teach her properly”

Luke C: “Got this for my kindergartner who is entering 1st grade next fall. He already loves it and I am sure he will be will prepared for the added workload expectations of his new teacher”

Frequently Asked Questions (Reading Head Start Review)

Why is Reading Head Start different from other programs?

Reading Head Start is based on the premise of how babies learn by listening to the sounds of words. This way the process draws on the natural learning skills of human beings rather than force it on children. The course is also customized to allow children to learn wherever they are, at any point in time.

Why should I buy Reading Head Start?

Reading Head Start is meant for those children who are finding it difficult to learn to read at school, or do not enjoy it. It simplifies the process of reading by making it and fun and exciting through its imaginatively designed exercises and activities.

Does the course really work?

Our research of the Reading Head Start reviews shows positive results. Thousands of parents around the country have sent their appreciation of how the course has helped their children. However, it is always a great idea to try the course and see. In this case, you can even try it for a year and get your money back if you are not satisfied.

Conclusion (Readig Head Start Review)

This program is highly recommended. Teaching your child to read is a very important milestone in their development. By investing in Reading Head Start, you are helping your child become excited about learning. With this remarkable program, you can spend time together, support their future development and encourage their ability to read. There are countless positive benefits related to this ground breaking program.

So, if your child has begun forming words or has already started school and needs a little boost or has fallen behind their peers academically, this program is for you. It has been proven to work. Besides, there is a $1 free trial period just to test the waters.

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