Qb Kraftz Reviews 2020: Should I buy this 29£ Ice maker?

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Qb Kraftz

QB Kraftz Reviews

For a considerable period now, having an ice maker machine has been the exception, not the rule. Acquisition alongside with installation of these machines at home or commercial establishments should be considered as awesome  investment and abundant inconveniences. Now technology is on our side.

Over the years, numerous outstanding technologies have been invested towards achieving more efficient and convenient solutions in refrigeration. QB KRATZ is an offering of numerous innovations over the decades and it’s a jobwell-done for such enthusiastic antecedents.

With QB Kraftz, you can enjoy a long hour of decorated chilled drinks. Having an ice well designed at your best choice is a must considering factor when looking for a fresh drink. In quest for such enjoyment, QB Kraftz is at your best disposal. 

Consider the conformability which you are going to get from the portability of the machine,indeed, it’s a fine one. A lot Rum lovers brazenly express their dissatisfactions when a desired ice is unavailable. Having QB Kraftz is part of Customer maintaining strategy which is high recommended to all the Bar owners and it’s kinds .Have fun while keeping it together with your whiskey,dispel the gloom

Enjoy delicious drinks, feel like you’re going out to a luxury bar, even if you’re staying at home! keeping cheerful and having fun is important!

Well done for your consideration to Kraftz. In addition,

The QB Kraftz engine is amazingly versatile, even allowing you to freeze dairy or dairy substitutes to take your drinks to new levels. You can self-explore or follow some of these recipes for specialty ice.

The Era QB Kraftz is here,an Ice maker that appears in different enticing molds, so you that u  can comfortably and confidently have them as part of your beloved aids if there happens to be an occasion to celebrate with the beloved ones.This, so far, has been an amazing drink enhancing technology-for you and your love ones.

QB Kraftz is an ice cube maker that comes in different molds, so you can use them for any occasion to enhance your drink. I like to drink casually and I love hosting parties and get-togethers at my home. Trying out different molds, I can truly say that the QB Kraftz clear ice ball maker makes the purest, crystal clear ice cubes, even better than expensive ice molds.

Qb Kraftz.jpeg

Crispy view of this comfort innovation

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It enhances any drink, not just cocktails. If you’re a whiskey drinker, and you like your whiskey “on the rocks”, you might already be familiar with this type of ice mold. These ice cubes are usually meant for alcoholic beverages, but ever since getting a mold for myself, I have been using them for so much more.

The best complement for your cocktails and juices is always a good ice cube . The cubes are more than a complement to your drinks. The cubes are reunions with friends, family and those moments of sunny afternoons. If you want the best ice cubes and ice cubes, this is your website. We will show you all the secrets, models and what are their most important characteristics

As for materials that we can find when buying a tray or ice mold, many types of plastics appear. There are on the market ice trays made of hard plastic materials that are not recommended, as they will make it difficult for us to remove the ice stones from the mold and will make it easier to break since we will tend to hit it in order to extract the ice cubes.

As we cannot deny the presence of Covid 19 pandemic which brought about social distancing-a weird situation to everyone with a great change to our social lifestyle. But, despite the  ferring in of the ugly pandemic, that won’t just prevent us from enjoying our cocktails house-it won’t just be a reason,having chilled cocktails is an available trump card ready to be played.

It was as good as going out, and the attractive cubes made everything seem fun and festive! The ice did not melt quickly like regular ice would. We drank the delicious Hibiki 17! I was so glad I saved it. And then we had another!! I knew that look in my wife’s eye. She was ready for some intimate time together! It’s a good thing the two kids were sleeping, because I think that after that night, we might be expecting kid 3, if you know what I mean!!3

When it comes to ice, clarity, size, and shape are key. Bartenders and mixologists know, as well as professional beverage writers, that dilution is never an issue with clear ice made from good water. It’s a false dichotomy, diluted or not diluted. You don’t want to control dilution; you want to get the correct dilution and you want some control over the dilution. Using higher-quality ice gives you more control and can result in a better drink.

But even more, you need to judge your ice by its clarity and purity. Does anyone want their cocktail to taste like frozen leftovers? QB Kraftz is a professional ice making kit that guarantees clear, pure ice without absorbing every smell in your freezer. It’s fully-insulated from the rest of your food.

At the process of making our own ice or what I called ice creation,a lot of things should be taken into consideration. For instance,the best of choice regarding the size of the molds, as well as the material of the ice molds that we are going to use. That the cubes are easy to remove from the mold, and that the mold does not transfer flavors to the ice are issues to consider. QB Kraftz is best professional ice-making kit

Why you need to develop a trust with QB Kraftz.

There has been wide testimonies from Bartenders and people who love mixed drinks and its kinds. The statement follows is a shared experiences by a user:

“Here’s my experience with QB Kraftz”

….”I placed my order online and got a big discount!

The product came fast, about a week from order to delivery

It was well packaged and it came in perfect condition

I followed the easy instructions and soon I was enjoying crystal clear ice!:…”

You may be pondering “how I managed to get high-end lounge quality ice cubes?”.on my account, haven visited some of fancy Bars and cocktails specialised lounge, I have noticed the Verities in the cubes. Some places, the Barman has to go to a surprising extent of carving out their molds for customers’ drinks. 

Absolutely! Getting crystal clear and perfectly shaped ice is an underrated luxury that is accessible to everyone. The use of this device is not strictly limited to the purpose of making cocktails. You can freeze coffee and have a perfect iced beverage later on! It’s all up to your imagination how you will use this mold. We know one thing for sure – this device is worth every penny! Find out what’s in store for you!

QB Kraftz uses a time-tested method of slow freeze and that’s why ice made with QB Kraftz is so exceptionally clear. When ice freezes at a faster pace, the air bubbles can’t disappear completely, thus leaving a cloudy appearance. In contrast, when a slow freeze method is used, the aforementioned air bubbles have more time to “escape”, hence the crystal-clear result.

QB Kraftz features outer housing insulation for slow cooling and a special valve at the bottom that allows water to push from there as it freezes. The mold you inserted creates the desired shape. All you have to do is pour boiled and cooled water into a selected mold, place it into the freezer, and pop out ice whenever you want to mix a drink. It’s all really simple! Freeze water, coffee, cream, lemon, juice, fruit… all up to you!

QB Kraftz Specifications

Top Tray/Stacking Tray

Middle Tray

Bottom Tray/Reservoir Tray

2 basic sphere molds made from silicone.

qb kraftz ice maker,jpeg

Why I chose QB Kraftz; My personal attestation

Akin to other users testimonies, my observations from my not too long experience, is what I consider a must sharing experience . Having been a lover of fancy Tech, QB Kraftz is not an exception, I have been able to juxtapose  between QB Kraftz and other ice making machine. This quality includes; 

  • It’s portability
  • Low power usage
  • Durability
  • Quite Simple 

Thanks to the miracle of QB Kraftz,the supper ice making machine that represent a quantum leap in technology.similar to the development of hand tools or invention of steam engine. The revolution on it has launched promise to ease and enhance drinking life in a ways undreamed of the even by the utopia

What can I expect from QB Kraftz? 

In order to brighten your knowledge QB Kraftz, the above question is just necessary. These are the things to expect from this beautiful innovation:

  1. Different molds to please your choice.
  2. Awesome and unique design with its patency for your best quality ice.
  3. Slow freeze to ensure clarity
  4. Insulated for purity
  5. Ice making kit with a professional standard.

QB Kraftz is a solution to the popular inherent shortfalls of refrigerator which are:

  •   Small ice size of the refrigerator is not                     exciting.
  •               Cloudy looking of the ice(afterformation)
  •   Obvious wide confirmed refrigerator’s odour which spoils part of the relaxation.Fridge ice smells

A path to excellent cocktails is clear ,pure,large ice.there are only but few systems rated for bars and for households that create this .no doubt, Kraftz is superman in the market-a leading product. The importance of larger-sized ice is critical because it does not melt as fast as small ice. This is because the surface area is larger and keeps the ice strong and cold like an iceberg in your cocktail.

An expertly-crafted cocktail just isn’t the same without the best ice. QB Kraftz is built to address two important things about ice and your cocktail. 

Why does the Size, Size and other physical property matters?

Ice Size Matters

In the process of Ice utilisation for our cool drink, many things have been considered. The purity as well the quality of the water for the manufacturing is one of the customer’s uttermost concerns. This is because the quality of water (ill and good) has a great contribution to the taste of the drink upon the ice’s dissolution.

Preventing ice from dissolving in your drink is precisely what makes ice size matter. When we are going to use ice to cool our drinks, there are several aspects that we must take into account. The quality of the water used for its manufacture is usually what people pay the most attention to. It is important, because the dissolution of ice in our drink is something that we do not want in general, since it can alter the taste of our drink.

Being careful about the ice’s melting is one of the major concerns of the ice’s Size. A large sized ice has a lower and slower tendency of dissolving in the drink anda greater ability to  cool the drink due to greater contact surface between the ice and the liquid that surrounds it.

Why does the shape matter?

There have been different available shapes for cubes . Different kinds of molds are at disposal inside QB Kraftz. Normally, Ice stones are cubic in shape-Traditionally .

Here Are Some of the Most Popular Shapes for Your Crystal-Clear Ice :

Sports Shape:

 Football shape, Basket ice shape, Golf Ice shape,Soccer Ball shape,Golf Ice shape,Rugby Ice shape,Cricket shape,Base ball shape.

Classics :

Rose,Diamond Heart,Cube and Sphere.


Baby Alien, Skull,38 Special,Space Station.


Light Bulb, Lightning, Tetrapod.

Round and spherical Ice Stones have been making their ways into the ice stone shape design.why? This is because, spherical Ice stones enable a cocktail lover to obtain large ice stones with an optimal cooling capacity with a slow melting rate.

QB Kraftz achieves various shapes by working ice by hand. They start with a large block of ice, from which a piece is cut and the desired shape is given with the help of knives and ice picks. From a sphere to a diamond. The limit is in the imagination.

However, for our round ice balls, the easiest thing to do with QB Kraftz

We are conscious of the fact that Ice is the core point of cocktails refreshments. But putting it inside a mixer or applying a few cubes in the Rum,it is important to be aware of the type of Ice, which is the right one for each drink and which one is the amount so that it does not spoil the drink.

Sphere Ice

The ice field is very rare to see and get, their invention is new and was created with the purpose of cooling with higher quality drinks on the rocks, this fact is to affirm once again the importance of the ice in the cocktail bar.

It is necessary that if you have a bar and want to provide a better service, you get a mold to make this type of ice or a factory that makes ice in this way.

Features of QB Kraftz(Main features)

  • Hundreds of shapes available. Forget about boring regular cubic ice – with QB Kraftz you can create hundreds of interesting unseen shapes. Step up your cocktail game!
  • Slow freeze method. Thanks to this method you can get crystal clear ice that adds that extra sparkle to your drink and does not dilute as fast as regular ice cubes. You get pure ice from QB Kraftz and that’s something every bartender and cocktail lover should strive for.
  • Stackable and reusable. QB Kraftz allows you to create as much ice as you want for as long as you desire! QB Kraftz can be reused many times.
  • Insulated. Thanks to a layer of outer foam your ice will not be contaminated by other smells in the fridge. This insulation layer also contributes to the slow freezing process.
  • Portable. QB Kraftz can be taken anywhere! It is not a bulky ice making machine that takes up a lot of space.
  • Easy to use. Your perfectly pure ice is only two steps away! All you have to do is pour water into a selected mold and put it in a freezer. The ice will be ready after some time!
  • Affordable. QB Kraftz does not cost an arm and a leg and it sure is a lovely and useful item to add to your home bar. Every respectable bartender knows that a cocktail just isn’t the same without some high-quality ice.
qb kraftz reviews.jpeg

How does it work?

QB Kraftz is patented and allows you to stack them as high as your freezer allows. Make as much ice as you want.

 The outer housing is insulation that allows the inner molds to cool slowly. QB Kraftz has a special valve at the bottom that allows water to push from the bottom as it freezes, creating a crystal-clear slow freeze on the ice in the mold and at the same time, keeping its shape. The water at the bottom settles in a special small ice tray for regular cocktails or blended drinks

Who is it for?

Is there even a question? QB Kraftz is for everyone! Whether you want to mix the perfect cocktail with exceptional ice cubes or simply are a fan of iced coffee – QB Kraftz can serve many purposes to all of us. It’s also great for families with children. They simply can’t resist these cute baby alien shaped ice cubes! QB Kraftz has something to offer for everyone.

QB Kraftz Customer Reviews

Life is really different now. It’s great to spend time at home with my closest friends and have a few amazing cocktails. Going into the city and spending $40 on a kind of half-ok cocktail is now replaced with the fun of making the best cocktails at home for one tenth of the price. I love surprising my guests with a new ice shape and new cocktail theme. It makes for great times with great friends.

 Jordan P. – Albany, NY

, ON I really thought a great drink was fridge ice and a little shake. Ice makes the drink, and QB Kraft lets you make big clear ice that is like freshly cut ice out of a glacier. 100% pure. Best cocktails.

Jesse K. – Toronto

Lets face it, when you make a drink you end up drinking the ice. Fridge ice from the regular dispenser is small, cloudy and often smelling of what’s in the freezer. This company is on a mission to make the best ice for cocktails and they have delivered so far.

Josh K. – Des Moines

Qb Kraftz Price

Qb Kraftz ice maker is very affordable and that is why it has gained wide popularity in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and host of other countries. The price of one Qb Kraftz ice maker is 29.99£. There are other price packages available. Two Qb Kraftz can be gotten at 59.98£. You can buy three QbKraftz ice maker at 67.48£ while four Qb Kraftz is sold at 82.47£.

However, it is important to note that these are discounted prices and might go up anytime soon. So, if you ve really made up your mind to buy this ice maker, I advise you grab this opportunity and get one now. You can click the green button below to check discount availability.

Where can I buy QB Kraftz?

QB Kraftz is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (QB Kraftz Reviews)

Doesn’t ice dilute drinks?

If used improperly, yes, but with QB Kraftz, you get larger chunks of pure ice, meaning

it melts at a far slower rate, allowing you to enjoy your drink at a consistently cool

temperature without having to rush.

How many different shapes are there?

QB Kraftz comes with a variety of shapes which lets you have fun with your drinks.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, QB Kraftz is just as easy to use as the boring plastic “depression-era” technology

that we’ve been stuck with for years. Just pick your preferred mold, put it into the

freezing bar, add fresh water through the filter holes, and put it in the freezer.

What else can I do with QB Kraftz?

If you want, you can freeze other liquids to make juice cubes in the summer or coffee

cubes for that perfect iced coffee. You may also include frozen berries and other fruit

to add flavor to your drinks.

Is QB Kraftz easy to clean?

Yes, QB Kraftz doesn’t require any specialized cleaning equipment. You can even pop it

in the dishwasher.

Dairy and Substitutes

It’s easy to freeze almond milk or cream using QB Kraftz. They’re perfect for making amazing summer treats like big-ice coffee cocktails.

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