Languages of Love Necklace Review: Why is Everyone Going For This?

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Languages of Love Necklace Review

Honey, I Love you!, I love you, Grandpa! I love you bestie!  I love you, mum! And I love you, my dear readers and customers. It is our season of love and we want to express it with big smiles and joy in our hearts. Valentine’s day is coming you know. Truth be told, We all love someone, appreciate people, awe people, adore people, and have butterflies for those our heart accepts.

Well, my deep condolences to those who have broken up with their lovers, ouch! another will come, don’t sweat it. Lol. The fact is that despite how we try, we can’t stop having affection or stop loving people. It might not be intimate, but you agree that some are special to us and we would not even dare think of losing them. They are our loved ones, they could be family, friends, relations, or Grandma and Grandpa, it could be those we have a thing for.

Everyone can be loved and is loved by someone. So hurray! someone loves you. Why not grab yourself a lemonade and a Chapman and sip majestically, because you are special and loved.

That is settled, right? But the issue is we all love people but how do we show that we love them. Like how can I tell my daughter or my Grandma or my brother that I love him? A lot of ladies say this a lot may be on date nights and the guy is like “ Sylvia, you are the love of my life, my heart beats for you, you make me happy and I want you to be part of my life. Give me a chance. I won’t screw it.  I Love you” and Sylvia will be like “Then show me. if you burn for me and you feel that I make you happy, show me”. That is some Bridgerton tale, right? But really we all want love to be translated into actions and no one wants love in the air. So how do we show those we love that we love them?

Naaa, kisses don’t suffice all the time my dear if you think that, your lips and saliva should rest you know lol. You should not wait till you maybe jump the bridge or get burnt alive for them before you can sufficiently express your love for them, you can do other things, like buying gifts for those you love, like jewelry and other articles.

Who says material things do not matter? It does oooo. Buying gifts for those you love is amazing, affectionate, and romantic. Buying precious things for precious people is never a bad idea. And yeah! I am coming to preach that with a product that will blow your mind.

This product is called the Languages of Love  Necklace. Yeah, baby. it is a love thing, and this is a perfect Valentine’s present so you should check it out. This product can work with your smartphone and it can project love words in different ways, it can suit up the romance. And it comes with so many amazing features.

In this languages of love necklace review, we shall take you on a tour in the Love automobile, to Language of Love town to see whether this product could be a nice way to express love  for your spouse, fiancee, girlfriend, or loved ones? We Shall examine what the product is , features of the product, how it works, whether it is a scam or not? customer reviews about the product, and lots more. I smell love in the air, catch your sub!

What are the  Languages of love  Necklace?

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Languages of lpove necklace review

This is a very well designed and crafted as well automated necklace that is multifaceted in utility as well as amazing jewelry for anyone.  Languages Of Love necklace is the first of its kind, meticulously crafted using pure hypoallergenic metals that meet the Swiss SGS Inspection Standard. The languages of love necklace has a circular inscribed metal band and a smooth onyx bead.

One striking feature of this product is its automated nature. It works with any smartphone. Once you raise your phone camera up to the bead, and the phrase ‘I love you’ written in 100 different languages will appear on your phone’s screen. You can also hold a light up to the bead to project the message on a wall or another blank background. I Love You. Doesn’t this sound beautiful?

It is a very flexible and adaptive product. The languages of love necklace can be adjusted in suitable and peculiar ways to suit your choice and that of your lover.

This product makes the perfect anniversary gift idea for your lover. You can get this product as an anniversary present, or as a birthday present for your wife or mom. It is so beautiful and everyone should love this and appreciate it. And hello, it is affordable! 

Expressing love is one thing we all want to do perfectly. .Love is a language all its own. Say it in 100 different ways with the exclusive “Hidden Love Languages Necklace”! This incredibly beautiful and sophisticated but easy to use the necklace, has “I Love You” nano engraved into its center crystal in 100 different languages. Shine a light through it to project the message onto a wall or surface, or use a mobile camera lens to peek inside and display it on your phone.

The Languages Of Love Necklace was designed to be more than just a pretty piece of jewelry. It shares your compassion in a simple, brilliant way with a message she can wear on her heart for a lifetime. 

Pick up the swagger and show your romantic side the creative way, with a unique, timeless piece of jewelry that does more than just look luxurious.

The Languages Of Love Necklace is winning hearts all over the world with its one-of-a-kind design, versatility, and affordability.

Here’s your chance to present your loved one with a gift that will become a cherished symbol of the devoted passion you share. Light up your partner’s life with 100 different ways to say ‘I Love You’. Awwnnn right?

Technical specifications:

Item Type: Projection Pendant Necklace

Necklace Sizing: 15.74 inches (40cm) with 1.9 inch (5cm) extension

Pendant Dimensions: 0.7 inches x 0.5 inches (1.8×1.3cm)

Material Type: Silver or Rose Gold Plated Zinc Alloy with Crystals

Design: Projection Crystal Pendant Necklace with Words Nano Engraved into Center

Features of Languages of Love Necklace

It works with a smartphone: The Sterling necklace can show different languages of I love you by using the phone lighting or your camera, such amazing silver necklace for women, give who you love a big surprise.

High standards made with Quality material:  One is made of 925 sterling Silver, another one is made of brass, that is why the prices are different, And you better to choose the sterling silver necklace if you are sensitive skin. Lead-Free & Nickle-Free, passed the Swiss SGS Inspection Standard.

Perfect size: 16 inches + 2 inches extension. Pendant Height: 1.50 inch, Width: 1.00 inch and some items can be one with two styles necklace pendant, give the one who you love a good gift of love necklace

Multipurpose product: It comes with an elegant jewelry gift box ,as a great gifts for women or girlfriend, gifts for mom or wife, gifts for daughter , gifts for best friend, etc. Ideal Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Mother’s Day Gifts, Valentine’s Day Gifts, Halloween gifts, Christmas gifts, etc, or just as a surprise to remind that special one how much you care!

Skin friendly:Quality materials will not tarnish or stain skin

Different designs: The product comes in rose gold or silver

Amazingly styled: Minimally elegant; suitable for everyday wear.

Display in multiple languages:The phrase ‘I love you’ is shown in 100 different languages

Very affordable : it is very affordable . It costs a whole less that a regular diamond necklace.

Hypoallergenic: Swiss SGS Inspection Standard vetted, this necklace is lead-free and nickel-free, making it a safe and gentle option for those with sensitive skin.

Easy To Use: All you have to do is hold your camera or flashlight up to the onyx bead and the secret message within will promptly be projected onto any clear background, such as a wall or on your phone’s screen.

Versatile: The Languages Of Love necklace is the perfect gift for any occasion, including dates, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or even ‘just because’ to celebrate love any day of the week!

languages of love necklace review.jpeg
Languages of love review

How do the Languages of Love work?

What’s interesting about this product,  is the central feature containing a molded plastic lens. By using a light source such as your smartphone flashlight to illuminate the lens, it projects a message on nearby objects. In this case, a carefully crafted display appears that reads “I love you” in 100 languages.

This is achieved through the use of microphotography. A 3mm piece of artwork is inset on the plane (or flat side) of the lens. It works like a mask blocking some of the light and allowing the words to illuminate on a wall or other surface. The lens also enlarges the artwork so it is clearly visible at a legible size. With a little maneuvering, the words project just right delivering a message of love.

Benefits of the languages of love necklace

Quality Materials: If high end, quality jewelry is what you seek, then look no further than the Languages Of Love Necklace. It’s manufactured with nickel-free and lead-free metals that won’t fade, irritate or stain the skin.

Exquisite Design: The craftsmanship of the Languages Of Love Necklace is seriously beautiful. It comes in sterling silver or rose gold, featuring an intricately inscribed metal pendant with a smooth onyx stone set within.

Regulates Body Temperature: Many people struggle with chills, hot flashes, and other body problems caused by variations in body temperature. Gold is a popular solution to deal with such problems as it naturally regulates body temperature. For instance, women going through menopause suffer from hot flushes. Wearing gold jewelry can help them a lot.

Wounds and Soreness Treatment: This product also comes in gold form. As it has been proven, when the healing properties of gold became apparent, the metal in its natural form was used to treat soreness and wounds. The early user of gold discovered that when applied to a sore area or a wound, this natural material prevented infection and helped heal the area.

Mood booster: If you always feel down and worn out, gold jewelry can cheer you up as it has a positive energy that can overcome problems within your body or mind. This positive energy brings warm, soothing vibrations that relax your blood vessels and boost oxygen distribution to the cells. This, in turn, boosts your energy levels and your body reacts better to your wishes. By boosting oxygen flow through the body, gold helps everybody part perform optimally and you will find it easier to complete tasks. Good blood circulation is an important aspect in keeping away disease and this is one reason why many people today wear gold jewelry directly on their skin. 

Very innovative: When you hold your phone’s camera or light up to the onyx bead, the phrase ‘I love you’ is projected in 100 different languages. Can diamonds do that?

Reduces Stress and Anxiety: Life is hard, and at times, you might feel like nothing works for you. When suffering from such moods, it is easy to make the wrong choices, which only make your life worse. However, you can overcome such bad moods by wearing gold jewelry. Gold is not only good to look at but it also boosts your confidence. When wearing elegant gold jewelry, you find it easier to interact with people and express yourself. Gold jewelry thus boosts your emotional wellbeing and is a de-stressor, something everyone can do with today.

Skin Treatment: Cleopatra used gold as an anti-aging solution and it worked magic. The queen became the epitome of beauty. Today, many women have resorted to their magic skin treatment using gold. Gold was also a common skin treatment solution during the Roman era where gold salve was used to treat skin infections. Today, many dermatologists believe that gold has incredible skin-healing powers.

Many skin treatment products you find on the market have gold as an ingredient. If you are after skin care products that borrow from ages of proven knowledge, you should look for gold-based skin treatments. These will keep your skin looking great and you will enjoy that youthful vitality that Cleopatra enjoyed for a long time.

 Boosts Immunity: Everyone would love to stay healthy always, but it is not easy. Disease pathogens are always present around you. With gold jewelry, you have extra protection against infections. Gold jewelry boosts immunity. This is one reason why people who can afford gold wear it throughout their lives. They take no chances and they suffer from fewer diseases.

Healing the Nervous as Well as the Endocrine System: Some properties of gold assist in healing the nervous as well as the endocrine system. Studies in this area have shown great rates of success when studying patients wearing gold jewelry. As research continues to identify the specific ingredients that provide such healing powers in gold, many people continue using gold jewelry to treat problems with their nervous and endocrine systems. 

Very effective and Fashionable: The Languages Of Love Necklace is suitable for everyday wear. It’s durable and simplistic without sacrificing elegance, so your love is always close to her heart.

languages of love necklace reviews.jpeg
Languages of love necklace review

How to use the Languages of love necklace

This product is very easy to use and  navigate. Just follow this simple steps:

  • On or launch the Camera  app On Your phone
  • Place the 100 Languages Love Pendant’s flat Side in front of the phone’s camera lenses
  • Adjust and rotate slightly to get the best viewing angle
  • You can also use your phone flashlight for projection but the text will be inverted:
  • For a better effect, go to a dark area with little to no light
  • Launch the Flashlight App On Your Phone
  • Shine the Light Against the Flat Backside of the Pendant
  • Hold the Pendant Steady, then  Slightly Adjust and rotate to get the best viewing angle.

Simply, You take out your phone, turn on the flashlight, and gently hold it up to the onyx stone. Shine a light through the center crystal to project the message onto a wall or surface, or use a mobile camera lens to peek inside and display it on your phone. Instantly, your wall is illuminated with a secret message meant only for you two: ‘I love you’ is written in 100 different languages.

Does it work or is it a scam?

Yes, it works and hey it is not a scam. It is a perfect gift for your loved one. It is very beautiful and projects words in very beautiful and colorful fonts and designs. It is also very durable as it is made with durable materials. And it can work with any smartphone. It is never a scam my dear.

When it comes to expressing your passion for a loved one, creativity and thoughtfulness go a long way. You get that and more with the stunning Languages Of Love necklace, all without spending a ton of money. This product can help you put out that romantic swag. It is a product worth buying. Never a waste of funds as it works so well.

Pros of the Languages of Love Necklace.

  • Environmentally friendly material silver/rose gold, Lead-Free & Nickel-Free
  • Features “I Love You” in 100 Languages engraved through nano micro carving
  • Fast free  shipping
  • Use your smartphone’s camera or flashlight to reveal “I Love You” in over 100 languages!

Cons of the Language of Love Necklace.

  • It is not available in physical stores.
  • It can only be ordered online.
  • Can get easily misplaced as it is tiny.
  • No specifications as to whether it ah fit for children.
  • No specifications if it is a one size fit all products.
languages of love necklace review.jpeg

Customer reviews of the Love Language Necklace

Kimberly Asher

I’m telling you right now, I could be a professional jeweller at this point, after all of the jewellery I’ve bought for my beautiful wife. So, when I saw the price tag on this necklace, I was already expecting sub-par quality. 

Well, when I lifted the rose gold chain from the box, I was impressed. This looks like it was handcrafted by an artist. The chain is thin, yet strong giving it a simplistic look that isn’t too flashy 

I’ve never seen anything like this pendant before. There’s an onyx stone set in the middle of a metal band. I know my wife will like that! 

I turned on the camera on my phone and held the lens up to the onyx stone. Immediately, my screen was filled with different languages, all saying ‘I love you’. So cool!


Well, today was the big day! I took my wife out to dinner at our favourite Italian spot, then afterwards I drove to this secret overlook with a killer view where I took her aeons ago on our first date.

I don’t know why, but I felt nervous. What am I, 16 again? Anyways, I think I was just excited to see her reaction to the Languages Of Love Necklace. 

The big moment: she pulled the necklace out of the box and gasped. She said that she had been eyeing a similar necklace design online for months, but didn’t want to buy it because it cost over ₦79,193.

Then, I hit play on our favourite song and unveiled the secret message within the onyx stone using my phone. The romantic music, the stars in the sky, the city lights and the image of 100 ‘I love yous’ projected against the car window…she started to cry tears of happiness.

It was the perfect night, all thanks to the Languages Of Love!

 Tom Mane

 wife hasn’t taken her Languages Of Love Necklace off all day, which is something I can’t say about her diamond jewellery.

She’s too afraid of losing a stone, so she never wears anything with diamonds. Plus, it’s not like we’re going to a fancy ball anytime soon.

When I asked my wife what she thought about the quality, she said that it’s very comfortable and strong. Our toddler grabbed it and pulled hard on the chain at one point, but nothing broke. 

Most importantly, it truly is a beautiful piece, mainly because it’s so unique. I realized that what touched my wife the most wasn’t the price tag or status symbol. It was the fact that a thoughtful message showed what she means to me. She will look at me and touch the onyx stone, and we both smile because it’s our little secret.


“So simple, yet striking…I am blown away by the artistic quality”

Languages of Love Necklace Price and where to buy

The Languages of love necklace is very affordable and that is why mosty people are going for it. You must not spend a fortune to show love to your loved ones. The Price list is as follows:

One Languages of love necklace is sold at
Two of these necklaces can be gotten at
Three languages of love necklace can be gotten at

However, these are discounted prices of this product and it might go up anytiome soon. So if you really interested in getting this necklace, I advise you do so now before the price goes up.

You can safely buy the languages of love necklace directly from the official website of the manufacturer. That is tje safest place to buy this necklace. You can buy directly from the official website of the manufacturer through the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions (Languages of Love Necklace Review)

Does it come in different styles?

This necklace comes in sterling silver or rose gold. The chain is 20 cm in long + 5 cm extension. The pendant is 2 cm x 1.4 cm

Is this product Nickel free?

This necklace comes in sterling silver or rose gold. The chain is 20 cm in long + 5 cm extension. The pendant is 2 cm x 1.4 cm

Is the product waterproof?

Yes, it will not fade or tarnish from water exposure

What colours does this come in?

it comes in sterling silver or rose gold. I got the silver, and the quality rose gold.

How does it work?

It’s super easy. Just hold your phone’s camera or light up to the bead and it instantly projects ‘I love you’ in 100 different languages. If you use your camera, you’ll be able to see the messages on your screen or you can project them on a wall if you’re using the light. 

I’m allergic to nickel. Does anyone know if this is hypoallergenic?

Yes, it is. I ordered this for my girlfriend, who is also allergic to nickel and breaks out in hives from it. This necklace is nickel-free and lead-free, she has been fine so far.

What do those tiny inscriptions on the pendant band mean? Those are Roman numerals that stand for ‘I love you forever’. SO cute! 

Can I wear this in the shower or will it tarnish?

It’s waterproof, so you can get it wet, like if you get caught in the rain or jump in the pool, and it won’t tarnish

What the heck is onyx?

It’s one of the most common gemstones and has been used for centuries in jewellery making. It can be inscribed without risk of damage, making it a popular choice for carving. Very durable and timeless.

Where can I purchase the language of love necklace?

You can only buy it online from the original supplier here. Order now with the link below and get an exclusive 40% off while supplies last. Click that link to order to claim the offered incentives.

Final remark (languages of love necklace review)

Love is a beautiful thing and as such should be expressed in beautiful ways. The Languages of love necklace is a beautiful way of expressing love. Amazingly, it looks so fancy but very affordable. I couldn’t believe it myself. It projects effectively. It is not irritable on the skin. It is a perfect necklace to get your lover, wife, or loved one.

You know, the beautiful the better. Order the product now and give your loved one a special gift. Valentine’s day is that you calling me? Get yourself and your loved ones, the Languages of love necklace. Remember I love you! But order now, let’s share the love together, wearing the necklace. Gracias!

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