Innovative Gadgets For Pets 2022: Pet Accessories You Never Knew About

by Steve
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Innovative Gadgets For Pets

Whenever toys are mentioned, our minds are conditioned to think about Children and their insatiable love for toys of different shapes and sizes. Asides from the fun and games, toys can help develop problem-solving skills. It also teaches children about sharing, helps nurture their fine and gross motor skills, and harness their creativity and imagination. But the questions are: Are children the only beneficiaries of Toys? What about our pets? Why do they need toys and which toys are best suited for them?

Why do our pets need toys?

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It’s no news that our pets adore toys. In fact, the bodies of pet owners are ready-made substitutes for toys given that pets never seize the opportunity to climb their owner’s bodies and play their hearts out. Pet toys however have benefits on our pet’s overall wellbeing — a fact a lot of us are unaware of. Some of these benefits have been chronicled below.

  • It tuckers them out: This particular feature is hilarious but brings much relief to pet owners. Our pets playing with toys is the equivalent of us playing crossword or Sudoku puzzles. The mental energy exerted on tackling the problems the toys pose will make the pet burn out quicker than a 30min walk, leaving them with less energy to create mischief!
  • They build independence: Being pack animals dogs, for instance, were not created to spend lengthy periods of time alone. But with everyday work and general life commitments, it is never possible to give them unparalleled attention. Toys make sure your dogs are well entertained while you are at work. By so doing, they unconsciously develop the habit of creating and having fun while you are away. They will also be more likely to give you some space when you are trying to do certain things at home.
  • It’s fun: To put it mildly, pets just LOVE toys! They are fascinating and a new toy can make their lives extra interesting.
  • It helps their learning: Enrichment toys can foster your dog’s learning abilities and can help them nurture new skills. It also enhances their natural behavior such as exploring and playing.
  • Relaxation: Toys can calm the nerves of their pets, making them relaxed and happy. Playing is a pleasant experience for them because it counters the effects of stress. Toys also give pets more control of their environment and this helps in keeping their stress levels and the more toys they have to choose from, the more relaxed they will feel. Toys are fantastic at preventing problem behaviors such as excessive barking and inappropriate chewing. Quality chew toys will help stop puppies looking for alternative things to chew (like your fave pair of shoes – eek!)
  • Helps you develop a better relationship with your pet:Since you’re the one who gives them the toys, your pooch will associate you with the fun and excitement of play. This helps to build a positive relationship between you and your dog. What’s not to love about that!

Our Top Picks

#1 Zippy Pet Ball

Every dog gets a little bored when their human friend has to be away for work and other commitments. A little independent time isn’t difficult; they’ll gladly lounge on their owner’s couch or play around outside. However, different breeds become deeply attached to their family, making moments away into a challenging and lonely experience. Rather than risking damage to their furniture or toys, the Zippy Pet Ball provides an exciting solution.

The Zippy Pet Ball responds to the dog’s touch, helping to engage them without having their owner around. Made for dogs and cats alike, the main appeal of this ball is the hands-free play. Once the device is charged, the customer can leave it out for their pets to enjoy as the randomized motions keep them engaged and entertained. The ball can roll on its own, though it also shakes and bounces, allowing the pet to chase it around or play. The battery is preserved with sleep mode when the ball is not in motion.

Though customers should still take their dogs out for walks and other exercises, the use of the Zippy Pet Ball allows them to get a little exercise when their owner is away. With this entertainment, they’ll be much less likely to be afraid of their owner’s absence, keeping them calm and occupied. Loneliness can be difficult on a dog’s health, so any solution is better than leaving them completely alone.

Though this toy could easily make a lot of money in pet stores, the creators currently only offer the opportunity on the official website. Still, to ensure that consumers get the best price possible, there’s currently a discount of 50% or more for each of the packages available.

Choose from:

  • One ball for $43, plus $7.95 shipping and handling
  • Three balls for $104.97, with free shipping
  • Four balls for $127.96, with free shipping

Customers can add another $9.99 to their order at checkout to get extended protection and replacement plan for two years. If they find that this ball doesn’t help their pet’s needs, they have up to 30 days to request a refund.

Features of Zippy pet ball

  • Effortless Layout: The design of the ball allows for easy sizing adjustments due to the fact that it can be inflated and deflated. Playtime with your pet will be more fun with this toy because it’s durable, bouncy, and soft.
  • Multi-Movement Capability: The toy’s movement feature responds to your pet’s actions. A bite or scratch will cause the toy to bounce or roll back and continue moving. As your pet tries to figure out how to make the toy move, he’ll be kept busy and entertained.
  • Vibration-free Bounce: Your pet won’t be scared or startled by the bounce system, as it is completely silent. You can use it with pets that are easily scared.
  • Prominent Positioning: The glow-in-the-dark feature of the toy makes it ideal for use at night. Aside from being easy to see in the daylight, the bright color makes it ideal for use both outside and inside the home.
  • Design for Portability and Lightweightness: The Zippy Pet ball is light and portable, making it perfect for road trips, strolls, and hikes. As a result, it can be easily transported in a standard-sized backpack.
  • Reaction-Intelligent Technology: You can tell when your pet has had enough fun with this toy thanks to its Intelligent Reaction Technology. Because of this, the toy will deflate and stop moving when your pet gets tired. As a result, your pet will not become overexcited or overworked.
  • The Auto-Sleep Setting: So that your pet can rest peacefully at night, the ball will automatically turn off when your pet has finished playing. In this way, you can rest assured that your pet is getting the rest they need.
  • Intuitive Operation: It only takes a few simple steps to activate the toy. When not in use, you can deflate it and put it away.
  • Warranty: It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out and see if your pet likes it before deciding to buy it. It’s also possible that he won’t, in which case you can return it.
  • Automatic Laughter-Inducing Function: If your pet becomes bored with the toy’s automatic fun feature, you don’t have to worry about him losing interest.
  • A battery that lasts a long time: When fully charged, the battery can last for up to eight hours, making it convenient.
  • Pet-Friendly Substances: You don’t have to worry about your pet hurting himself if he tries to bite too hard on the toy. The ridges on the top and bottom make it easy for your pet’s teeth to grab onto them when you’re playing.


The Peppy Pet Ball is a highly interactive ball that brings the animal instincts of pets into play. It’s self-propelled and can be used to get a cat to return home when it left the premises. Besides, it is simple and doesn’t require an app to run. Your pet will be able to play by themselves even when you are not around, unlike with most traditional lifeless pet toys.

Peppy pet ball has inbuilt motion sensors, is tear-resistant, and is programmed with intelligent movement. You no longer have to be worried about your pet, and since the material is tear-resistant, you do not have to worry about replacing toys constantly because they chewed them while playing

The Peppy Pet Ball looks great and has an uncomplicated design. However, it’s not suitable for tiny animals because it’s rather small in size. There are 3 color options: Green, Blue, and Pink. While all versions light up and use the same working mechanisms, they still vary in appearance. The ball appears to be constructed of Polycarbonate and Thermoplastic Polyurethane. Considering its outer shells come locked together, it doesn’t allow liquid or dust to get inside it. This is advantageous for both playing with it at the pool and for cleaning it as well.

The Peppy Pet Ball can be ordered from its official website, where it currently comes at the following prices that have discounts applied:

  • 1 Peppy Pet Ball for $43
  • 2 Peppy Pet Balls at $36.99 each
  • 3 Peppy Pet Balls at $34.99 each
  • 4 Peppy Pet Balls for $31.99 per ball

The prices are the same, no matter what color you might opt for. Extended coverage will be added for $9.99 with the purchase of your order today. This means a warranty will protect you for 2 years.

Unique Features of the Peppy Pet Ball

  • Safety: The Peppy Pet Ball is created in a standard size to ensure your pet cannot swallow it regardless of the size. Peppy Pet Ball has no chewable parts that the pet can accidentally ingest; thus, you are confident of the pet’s safety.
  • Made from durable material: Most veterinarians approve of Peppy Pet Ball. It is made from durable materials that are safe and lasts longer. The material is free from toxins and does not get scratched easily.
  • Rolling motion: Pets love toys that are in motion. Peppy Pet Ball avoids obstacles like the wall. It helps keep the pet running as you get busy with your tasks.
  • Built-In LED Flashlight: Pets get curious when they see the light. The Peppy Pet Ball flashlight arouses the pet’s curiosity inviting it to start playing.
  • Musical Sounds: Most four-legged pets love chasing after the birds. Peppy Pet Ball plays catchy chirpy sounds, further arousing the pet’s curiosity.
  • Made for both Dogs and cats: Imagine a toy that is loved by both the felines and the canines! Peppy Pet Ball is a handy toy for picky cats. Unlike dogs who can play with any toy available, cats are difficult to keep engaged. Peppy Pet Ball is specially made with catmint flavors to get the feline into active mode.

#3 PawSafe SeatBelt

The PawSafe Seatbelt is basically not a pet toys but an important pet accessory that you definitely need. The PawSafe Dog SeatBelt is a clever, one-of-it’s-kind breakthrough creation that ensures maximum protection of your dog while in a car. Similar to what a car seat belt looks like, it has two ends. One end of the PawSafe Dog SeatBelt simply clips into any conventional seat belt slot. While the other end clips into the dog’s harness.

At the end of the day, the PawSafe Dog SeatBelt ensures that the dog is safe, comfortable, and under control while the driver can drive undisturbed and undistracted, without having to look back at the dog. If you can fasten your toddler in a seatbelt, why not your dog?

There’s a saying that a dog is man’s greatest friend so losing a dog to an accident or even yourself can have a huge emotional toll on both the owner and the whole family in which the dog serves as a form of protection or a pet.

Anyone that owns a dog should be willing to make just a little sacrifice to keep his/her self and the Dog safe because even though dogs are one of the wisest animals, they can be overly excited sometimes or even too impulsive resulting in a very serious and life-threatening situation without the dog even understanding the consequences of their actions.

This Pawsafe Dog Seat Belt is very strong and was made from high-quality materials so once hooked to a dog; the driver can fully focus on driving as the chances of the dog breaking free is almost equal to zero, the seat belt also does not cause discomfort to one’s dog and can easily be adjusted to perfectly fit one’s Dog.

Special Unique Features of the PawSafe Dog SeatBelt

These are special characteristics, unique only to the PawSafe Dog SeatBelt, different people have had their own experiences and all of them have a lot of good things to say. For the want of space and time here are a few features: 

High-Quality Materials: Each seatbelt is made from elastic, strong, and non-tearable fabric which confers strength and durability to the Pawsafe Dog Seat Belt. This product is made from the finest brand of fabric and of the best quality in the clothing industry.

Highly Durable Materials: When it comes to durability, the Pawsafe seatbelt is by far more durable than most dog seat belts in the global market and this can be confirmed by the reviews gotten from different individuals in different parts of the world. Most users confirm that they are still using their Pawsafe seatbelt till when this article was written; there are some cons of this product but durability is not one of them.

Adjustable: The Pawsafe Dog seat belt can be adjusted from 53 cm to 74 cm and incorporates a bungee cord design which helps to reduce shock during any sudden stoppage or when the car jumps a bump. It has been built for small and large dogs and can be adjusted to just give one’s dog the desired comfort from the beginning to the end of the journey.

Swivel Head Clasp: The 360° clasp was designed to avoid your dog getting tangled in the leash if they move around the seat. Having entangled clothing or even rope can be really frustrating now imagine having the same in a lovey-dovey dog. This made the manufacturers ensure that this seatbelt is tangle-proof by fitting it with a swivel head clasp . The swivel head clasp is also durable and does not suffer breakage or rust easily.

Fit For Any Vehicle: The Pawsafe seatbelts were produced to use the same mechanism as the normal car seatbelts irrespective of the particular type of vehicle. The Pawsafe Dog Seatbelt is a multi-purpose and “multi-vehicle” seatbelt and at such can be used in all vehicles irrespective of the brand or model so long as there’s a port for a seatbelt.

Tested and Proven: PawSafe seatbelts have been tried and tested by more than 100,000 dogs and counting around the world. Both in big and small dogs, both in very violent and very calm dogs irrespective of their sizes and bread; the Pawsafe seatbelt has proven to serve in all scenarios, giving the user the value and satisfaction for their money.

Perfect size for any dog: The length and width of this seat belt can be adjusted to fit your dog perfectly irrespective of the breed and can also be adjusted to fit your dog as it grows. Dogs are living things so do not remain the same in size so the manufacturers made sure to produce an adjustable seatbelt.

Dimensions: It has a width of about 2.4cm/0.95in, and adjusts from 53 cm to 74 cm.All these can easily be adjusted depending on the size and breed of the dog in question.

Conclusion on Innovative Gadgets For Pets

From the beginning of this article on Innovative Gadgets For Pets, we have carefully revealed the essence of pet toys in the general development of our beloved animals. We have also proposed the finest pet toys around, their immense benefits and prices of purchase. Let’s get our pets more toys and watch them blossom!

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