GoPure Pod Reviews 2022: Portable Water Filter For Every Budget

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GoPure Pod Reviews

The importance of being careful about the food we eat or the water we drink can never be what is the size. When you tune in to your favorite radio station or favorite television channel, you will find so many adverts on how to eat healthily or how to keep the food you eat clean. Most health firms and social media platforms on social media and on billboards always talk about eating the right thing and how to avoid coming down with different illnesses as a result of eating the bad stuff. 

These movements and campaigns are actually very good, but the problem does not solely lie in the food you eat. So many people focus only on what they eat without even thinking of the type of water do you drink. A lot of people believe that once the water they are about to take looks clear to the eye, the water is clean enough for their consumption. This belief is where the problem starts, as water looking clean to your unaided eyes does not in any way mean that the water does not contain microorganisms. 

There are a lot of microorganisms and toxins which are not visible to the human eye as such, will not be seen no matter how careful you look. This water, when consumed, goes ahead to introduce microorganisms to your system and other toxins, which, when they accumulate, will lead to one illness or the other. Some people who are knowledgeable enough invest in buying large water filters in the home. 

These water filters work, but the problem is that you cannot take them to work or on your vacation. This singular limitation of your large water filters brings up the need for a portable device that will be able to purify your water for you anywhere you are. Another problem with buying large water filters for your home is the cost associated with maintaining those water filters. Some of them even require the services of a professional to have them installed in your home. 

What if this gets damaged? Then you spend extra money trying to fix up the problem. What if I told you that there’s a device which you do not have to pass through all these for which will still work to keep your water purifier. In this GoPure Pod Reviews article, we are going to introduce you to a portable device that the manufacturers believe will be a solution to your problem and will get your water purified within a few minutes.

What is a Gopure Pod, exactly?

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From the picture at the beginning of this review, one might be wondering what this toy-like-looking device is all about. The GOpure Pod is a water filtration device that attracts toxins, dirt, and harmful metals in your water and filters them out. The manufacturers of these essential devices employed Diatomaceous earth in the production of the GOpure water purifier; this material has a long history and has been used to purify water naturally for over 20 million years.

The GOpure Pods work by attracting various contaminants in your water, including naturally occurring elements such as lead, arsenic, and other metals, as well as soil microorganisms such as E. coli. The GoPure Pod is better than your large household water filters in that it’s not as bulky as they are and even removes microorganisms from your drinking water.

The GOPure Pod is simple to use and lasts a long time. You can use a single GOpure Pod for up to six months before needing to replace it. When thrown into your water, this amazing purifying device works in under 2 minutes to remove any dangerous elements.

The GOpure Pod is the tiniest and most portable water filter on the market. Every drop of water, whether from a faucet, sink, spigot, hose, or drinking fountain, is considered safe to drink at any time and in any location when you put the GoPure Pod inside it. The attractiveness of this unit stems from its simplicity. It’s as easy as submerging the Pod in water, which functions as a magnet to draw out pollutants while releasing helpful trace minerals. 

This tiny water purifier is cheap and will not wreck your finances at all. When compared with other water purifiers in the market, the GoPure Pod compares better in that it is more portable and does not require electricity or periodic maintenance to work. The GoPure Pod works right out of your bag and works to make your water clean, and even adds some very important minerals.

GoPure Pod Reviews: How Does it work?

Every GOpure Pod has an innovative ceramic core consisting of diatomaceous earth and trace silver. Diatomaceous earth is a powder formed from the bones of diatoms, which are fossilized aquatic animals with silica in their skeletons. Diatomaceous earth is safe for human consumption as a water or liquid filter system because it is odorless, tasteless, positively charged, and an embodiment of chemically inert properties. The positively charged nature of the Diatomaceous earth, according to the manufacturers of the GOpure, aids in attracting and neutralizing contaminants in water. The silver component was added to assist keep this ceramic device clean while it was being used.

Returning to advanced ceramics, GOpure has a double porous structure, which deserves credit because it allows for a filtering surface area big enough to filter out all the dirt in your drinking water. As a result, once the Pod is immersed, it can retain contact with the water thanks to convection currents, Brownian motion, and physical movement. As a result, the Pod can purify your water for up to six months without losing its efficacy and efficiency.

Features of the GOpure Pod

It’s possible that this isn’t the first time you’ve come across a device that claims to be able to purify your water. There are a variety of gadgets available in both online and offline stores, and the manufacturer promises to let you receive clean and affordable water no matter where you are.

The truth is that the vast majority of these products will fail to deliver on their promises. As a result, you must be familiar with the characteristics of any product you are considering purchasing. The GOpure Pod, like any other product on the market, should have features that set it apart from the competition. Below, I’ll go through some of the GOpure Pod’s features in further depth. These characteristics will help you decide whether this product is worth your money. Let’s get this bash going.

  • Transportability – The problem with most water purifiers and dispensers is that they come in huge packaging that is difficult to move. You’ll notice a water dispenser that filters the water in most people’s homes. Although this water dispenser and purifier may operate as advertised, the biggest disadvantage is that you are not constantly at home. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on water dispensers and purifiers for your entire house, only to become ill after drinking a cup of water at work. Water dispensers and purification devices have one major disadvantage: they are large and heavy. The GOpure Pod, on the other hand, is light and portable. Because the manufacturers understood that you are not always in the same spot at the same time, they designed this device to be used when traveling.
  • Puribloc Technology – Ceramic technology was used to manufacture this product. This ceramic technology has been shown to be very effective at purifying and removing pollutants from drinking water. Some of the water purifiers sold on the internet are made of poor quality materials and operate badly. You don’t want to take the danger of buying anything only to find out it doesn’t work as it should. You won’t be able to tell if a water filter is working if you buy the wrong one because some impurities aren’t visible to the human eye. As a result, it’s critical that you buy a water purifier that has been thoroughly tested, such as the GOpure Pod.
  • A total of 2000 plastic bottles have been saved — The majority of individuals believe that canned or bottled water is the safest and purest commercial drinking water available in their local store. The majority of this water originates from large firms, which ensure that all impurities are removed before packaging it for human consumption. This isn’t always the case, as depending on your country, some canned drinking water still contains some of these harmful chemicals. With this knowledge, you’ll agree with me that drinking only bottled water is not an option. Another disadvantage of purchasing canned products is their high cost; consider spending thousands of dollars a year on bottled water alone. However, even if you can only afford bottled water, you are creating significant environmental damage. Consider how many bottles of plastic you’ll waste if you just drink canned water. These plastic bottles end up in our water bodies, making them uninhabitable for aquatic life and introducing other contaminants to our large bodies of water. Our environment is currently experiencing numerous issues as a result of persistent and harmful Human actions, such as the deposition of non-biodegradable items into aquatic bodies. If you care about the environment, you should not rely only on canned drinking water, even if you can afford it. You can safely drink tap water from a federal or private corporation with the GOpure Pod.
  • Safe to Use – The product’s components are all obtained from natural sources, making it incredibly safe to use. Your first concern about this product was probably its level of safety when you first heard about it. People are wary of putting anything in their drinking water unless they are sure it is safe. The product’s developers affirmed that no hazardous chemicals or components were employed during or after production. The device’s legitimacy has also been validated by a number of GOpure pod users.
  • Filter Tap Water Anywhere – The GOpure pods can cleanse tap water as well as other sources of drinking water. The major drawback of your other possibilities is that they aren’t portable enough to carry around with you. You should drink as much water as possible, which means you may be drinking water from places that aren’t close to your home and aren’t always clean. You can drink clean water from any adequate source without worrying about pollutants if you have the GOpure pods on hand. By ensuring that you drink enough water at all times, this device will help you stay healthy. The GOpure Pods are designed to keep you healthy and free of the various chemicals and impurities prevalent in your water supply. Some toxins in your drinking water may not have damaged you or your health in recent years due to their quantity. When you consume high amounts of these toxic compounds over time, your body accumulates more of them, leading to a variety of health concerns. The GOpure Pods will help remove these hazardous substances and microbes from your water, making it as pure as possible. You must prioritize your health because any issues will render you incapacitated and likely bankrupt.
  • Saves money – When compared to other water sources, buying a single can of water is pricey. When purchased in little quantities, it may not appear to be expensive, but have you ever considered how much money you would spend on this bottle over the course of a year? Why pay so much when you may accept the GOpure Pods and drink your tap water safely? You might put the money you spend on bottled water each year toward other vital needs and expenses for you and your family. Purchase this product today to make a wise financial decision that will allow you to save money for other vital household needs.
  • Effective: This device is easy to use and will clear your water in a matter of minutes. The GOpure Pods will have eliminated all contaminants and chemical compounds from the water in under two minutes. You will be able to drink clean, pure water in a short period of time. Because they require energy or take a long time to start working, regular dispensers and purifiers leave you thirsty for long periods of time. The GOpure Pods don’t need any of that, and they’ll provide you with clean, drinkable pure water in minutes.
  • Maintenance-free– The GOpure pods have a number of advantages, including the ease with which they can be maintained and the fact that they don’t require frequent repairs or inspections. Unlike ordinary dispensers and purifiers, which are electrical or mechanical systems that must be maintained or fixed on a regular basis to be in excellent operating order, these devices do not require regular maintenance or repair. The GOpure Pod can be used for up to six months without doing anything. This device saves you a lot of money and reduces your utility bills. Unlike your electrical purifiers or dispensers, which consume a significant portion of your tariff and increase the amount of money you pay on utility, you spend less on acquiring and maintaining this gadget. You’ll need to engage or keep a professional to get your regular cleansers back in working order when they become defective; these professionals charge professional prices to hire or maintain their services. With the GOpure Pods, you won’t have to do any of this, and you’ll be able to filter your water without spending a dime after they’ve been delivered to you.

What makes the GOpure Pod special?

Obviously, there are other brands and types of water filters available in the market; for one to go for the GoPure Pod, it is important to know how this product compares with other water filtration devices. This section will holistically discuss what makes this portable filtration device stand out among others.

  • All Natural water filtration device: According to the manufacturers of this filtration device, the GOpure Pod is 100 percent natural because it is made with food-grade Diatomaceous earth, which is known for its natural ability to get rid of different specks of dirt and toxins.
  • Puribloc Technology employed: The GoPure Pod is considered to embody a novel cleansing process in terms of technology, thanks to Diatomaceous earth. The researchers, as well as the manufacturers of the GoPure Pod, took advantage of a revolutionary improved ceramic technology known as the Puribloc technology. This technology employs a unique quantitative technique to get rid of all toxins in your drinking water.
  • Long-lasting: Each Pod can cleanse, protect, and preserve up to 264 gallons of water, which is equivalent to 2000 refills of a standard reusable water bottle.
  • Efficient and Effective: Surprisingly, the core of the Pod has been demonstrated to catch germs as small as 0.22 microns. The percentage breakdown of pollutants eliminated is as follows: Chlorine, nitrate, nitrite, aluminum, and fluoride make up 97 percent of the water; Trans-1, 2-Dichloroethene, and Benzene account for 92.4 percent of the total, and 99% of the time, E. Coli is the bacteria implicated in water contamination as it is a natural soil bacteria. Copper, lead, manganese, mercury, zinc, cadmium, and iron are all 99.31 percent arsenic (+3), arsenic (+5), copper, lead, manganese, mercury, zinc, cadmium, and iron.
  • Size: The GOpure Pod is quite small when compared to your other alternatives. The GOpure manufacturers choose to make this device of this size to enhance portability, versatility, and the ability to fit the gadget into any water container or device. In addition to water bottles, the Pod can be used in a coffee machine, pitcher, or even a hydration pack. The GOpure Pod can be used with both cold and hot water. It also has the ability to elevate the pH level to 7.4, which is beneficial to joints, bones, the heart, and the skin.

GOpure Pod Water Purifier Reviews: Pros

From our research in the course of writing this GoPure review, we discovered that this product actually met the expectations of so many verified users. The manufacturers of this product made sure to fit it with a lot of goods, making it the most people’s choice. The following are the Pros of the GoPure Pod.

  • The GoPure Pod is made of natural ingredients
  • It has some self-cleaning properties 
  • The GOpure will ensure that you have clean, pure water at all times.
  • Puribloc technology was employed 
  • You can carry it with you because it’s portable.
  • The GOpure Pod is a budget-friendly solution.
  • Because the GOpure Pods do not require maintenance, you can save money by going for them.
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee is included.
  • It is made entirely of natural substances and will not harm you.

GOpure Pod Water Purifier Reviews: Cons

The GOpure Pod Water Purifier has some drawbacks though it is easily surmountable. Below are some of the Cons of the GoPure Pod 

  • The GOpure Pod is only available for purchase on the manufacturer’s official website.
  • The GOpure Pod Water Purifier is of limited stock, so hurry and make your purchase. 
  • Those with a slow or no internet connection may be unable to acquire the GOpure Pods because they are only available online.

GOpure Pod Reviews: Pricing?

The GOpure Pod is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s website. The GOpure Pod is available for purchase at a variety of discounted prices, including the following:

  • You can get 1 GOpure Pod + S&H for $24.99 (a $5 savings).
  • You can get two for the price of one for $59.98 (a $29.99 savings!) plus free shipping to the United States.
  • You can buy 3 for the price of 2 plus FREE USA SHIPPING for $89.97 (a $59.98 savings!).

GOpure Pod Review: What Are The Customers Saying?

The majority of customers have said their purchase exceeded their expectations, and the GoPure Pod works just like the manufacturers promised. I have tried to incorporate some of the verified user’s reviews in this section in the customer’s own words. Some of these positive reviews can be seen in the sections below.

Jason M – “Great for filling up on the go. I love having the ease of drinking clean water wherever I go now. Great for when you need to fill up at a drinking fountain or on the go. It consistently tastes cleaner with this filter. “

Verified customer -” love how clean my water tastes. I bought the charcoal sticks as a plastic-free alternative until I found this. I love how long it lasts, and I love how clean my water tastes. I will keep buying for sure!”

Mary T – “I’m thrilled that I bought it. I’m really happy that I bought it, especially since I carry my water bottle and fill it up from many different water sources. I can taste the difference in the water using the pure Pod and find the taste better than my Brita pitcher.”

GoPure Pod Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sorts of water can the GOpure Pod purify?

The GoPure Pod can purify any water you consider suitable for drinking. The GOpure Pod’s sole purpose is to purify potable water from a hose, faucet, or spigot.

What’s the most efficient way to use the GOpure Pod?

The Pod must first be cleaned in cold water for 10 seconds. After that, It’s advisable to clean your bottle or water container well before filling it with water. All that’s left to do now is drop the GoPure Pod inside. This portable water filter can last you for a long time and can purify large volumes of water.

When the GOpure Pod filters water, how long does it take?

Within the first two minutes of dropping the GOpure Pod, the water will taste fresh and be ready to drink. The Pod will continue to filter the water even after each refill. However, it is better to wait two minutes between refills before taking them. To speed up the filtration process, swirl the Pod in the water every now and then.

How long would a single GOpure Pod last you?

The lifespan of each GOpure Pod is six months. The GOpure Pod’s breakthrough ceramic technology lasts for 264 gallons of water purification, unlike typical carbon filters that need to be replaced every 40 gallons. With the GoPure Pod, you get better value for your money.

Is the GOpure Pod safe to use anywhere?

The GOpure Pod will be beneficial in any town, city, or even country where there is tap water or other unsafe sources of drinking water. The inbuilt technology has been shown to eliminate E. Coli and other dangerous microorganisms. It’s crucial to remember that in lakes and streams, the GOpure Pod should not be used as the sole source of purification. It should only be used with drinkable water, the reason being that this device works better with micro specks of dirt than large sand particles or dirt.

Is the GOpure Pod safe for children to use?

Yes, it is appropriate for both children and adults to use. It also doesn’t have any BPA in it.

GOpure Pod Refund Policy?

The GOpure Pod comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Please feel free to make contact with the manufacturers using any of the following means: 

  • Send an email to
  • The mailing address is Bloc Enterprises, LLC, 11 Grumman Hill Road, Suite 1A, Wilton, CT 06897.

Conclusion on GoPure Pod Reviews

In conclusion, I have been able to tell you everything you need to know about the GoPure Pod. I believe this article was just enough for you to make up your mind to buy this wonderful water purifier. The process of making your purchase is quite straightforward and not stressful at all. You can go right away to the manufacturer’s website to get amazing discounts on any number of units you want.

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