Divinair Charcoal Deodorizer Review 2021: Does it work?

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Divinair charcoal deodorizer review

Are you tired of hearing statements like, “Oh you stink, This room stinks! Or Bob, when last did you have a shower cos men that smell is Killing or is it the jacket?”. Are you tired of being embarrassed by smells emanating from your room maybe because there is a pile of dirty clothes or from old shoes or damp shoes,?

Do you ask, how can I get rid of these smells and odours for good? Amazingly, you might say “dude go put those clothes under the sun and those shoes so they could get some heat”. Maybe that could eliminate the smells. But hey how about those clean, dry, and hanging clothes that still carries some unpleasant odour? How about the room as per the room itself? Can you Sundry a room? I bet you can’t. So it shows there is a lot further than sun-drying to eliminate smells.

Now back to the question, how can you eliminate smells and odour real good?. How can I make sure that my room, the clothes hung in the wardrobe smell nice, fresh, and with no unpleasant odours? You might say, dude why not try perfumes or deodorants at least it is a good option. Well, I have made a mistake that I will never allow to be repeated. That is wearing on an already oozing jacket or clothing. Imagine that. 

Imagine the kind of odor that will bring out. And when you pass the school hallway, the stench could be able to trigger an alarm bell, you might even dismiss a class when time is not due. That is something you should never try my friend. Also, most perfumes have a temporal effect, they can’t make your room smell good for days or even hours.

There is a joke my friend, Baxter always says whenever I try to use perfume to make my room smell nice, it could be that I am inviting a guest.  He would be like “Matthew, I don’t get it, this is a waste, just one fart, I mean one so not big, but a silent fart can mess this up, so you better, don’t let the big guy out”. However, it is true. Perfumes can’t make your room smell nice that long and could be affected by just one not so big but a silent fart, like Baxter will put it.

So what then should I do? You might have asked this question. You no longer want to be embarrassed on a date or when a guest visits. You want to wear fresh, and scented clothes. I understand. Actually, not only I but a product understands your query. This product says “relax my friend I got you”. This product is the Divinair Charcoal Deodorizer.

This product claims to eliminate odours and smells from your room or those resting on your clothes,  effectively, providing a long lasting effect. Leaving  you with a fresh and well scented clothes and room space. Amongst more.

I love this product and you should keen interest. We shall provide all information about this product giving you all you need, from honest grounds to make you make the right purchase decisions. So if you are ready to leave oozing town, hop in let’s find a way into Divinair charcoal deodorizer review

What is the Divinair Charcoal Deodorizer?

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Divinair Charcoal Deodorizer Review

This product is a very effective way of getting rid of smells. The DivinAir Charcoal Deodorizer, gives the same effect, as suspending a vacuum cleaner in the air to help whisk away odors. Charcoal has also proven to be effective at getting rid of that annoying new furniture smell some items can have or any raking smells. New carpeting and dresser drawers are great, but the formaldehyde fumes they give off can be overwhelming. Charcoal helps.

Technically, Charcoal has a  porous surface containing millions of micro pockets. These pockets lock in odors naturally.DivinAir contains activated charcoal to help refresh any room it is in. This charcoal has been heated to an extremely high temperature, making its surface even more spread out and porous than before. .The Divinair Charcoal Deodorizer, also serves as an efficient household air purifier, that is able to create clean, ionized air. 

DivinAir Charcoal Bags are incredibly good at absorbing and eliminating unpleasant smells and odors from the air. All you have to do is hang the bag in your room or put it in a drawer, and the air will soon smell fresh and clean!

The charcoal bag itself is enclosed inside a plastic shell that protects it from damage and tears. However, the shell doesn’t reduce its effect — the air passes through holes in it and reaches the charcoal, which functions as a filter. These bags don’t release any chemicals at all — everything is 100% natural and eco-friendly!

Features of the Divinair Charcoal Deodorizer:

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Divinair Charcoal deodorizer review

Efficiency Guaranteed:

Sprinkling baking soda on stale clothing or leaving open tins of coffee everywhere just isn’t a practical solution for household odors. The DivinAir Charcoal Bag absorbs and traps bad smells inside its rugged, stylish casing, all with no spills or mess!

It eliminates excess moisture and humidity:

Charcoal not only purifies the air, but it also helps to reduce the excess moisture which contributes to unpleasant odors. This is especially helpful in dark closets.

Long lasting and Flexible

It’s amazing just how much air-scrubbing power activated charcoal has! Just leave it out in the sun to recharge its natural deodorizing properties for 3-5 hours as needed. No mess and no airborne contaminants to worry about (unlike those air freshening sprays and aerosols). Charcoal is an environmentally friendly choice. Each unit will provide you with roughly 6-10 months of consistent use.

Odour and Stench Elimination. Total rid of smells:

Be it pet smells, bathroom stink, mold and musty scents, refrigerator odors, old sweat smell, the Diivin air is able to take care of it, totally

Get rid of smells in all areas:Using the properties of activated charcoal, DivinAir Charcoal Bags neutralize unwanted odors in all types of areas (including drawers, closets, wardrobes, refrigerators, vehicles, bathrooms, and more). Is that new furniture smell giving you a headache? Activated charcoal will get rid of it fast!

Amazing Quality you can Trust

DivinAir Charcoal Bags are constructed from durable and safe thermoplastic polymer. Ensuring that the product is not easily susceptible to wears and tears or get damaged easily.

Friendly Customer service and Return policy:

Your purchase of the DivinAir Charcoal Bags includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you change your mind, simply return your shipment for a full refund.

Convenient Shopping

Have all the DivinAir Charcoal Bags you’ll ever need delivered right to your front door. Enjoy quick delivery backed by excellent customer service.

How does it work?.

You wonder how this product works? Here you go

The DivinAir Charcoal Bags uses what is called ,activated charcoal to absorb and get rid of any unpleasant smells. Unlike chemical odor neutralizers, these bags are completely safe and non-toxic — yet just as effective. They can eliminate everything from pet smells to moldy and musty stenches.

Activated  type of charcoal or activated charcoal, is chemically treated with oxygen, making it more porous. As the unpleasant smells waft through the air, they will seep into the tiny holes on the charcoal and get neutralized. That way, activated charcoal treats the very root of the problem — it doesn’t just mask it like sprays and aerosols.

This is a very automated product and works when it is automatically plugged and set well . It possesses no  hassle in usage. One perfect attribute is its ability to make your air so fresh and scent good. An amazing product you must get for yourself. And it makes use of natural means in its mode of  elimination. Cool right?

Benefits of the Divinair Charcoal Deodorizer:

Possesses a plastic shell

The plastic shell has numerous tiny holes on the surface that allow the air to pass through and reach the bag. It’s easy to open when you need to take the bag out, and it has a small hook for hanging. Most importantly, it’s sturdy enough that pets and children won’t break it easily. The plastic helps it to preserve and not spill out its contents.

It is Very environmental friendly.

One big thumbs up I give to products that make use of charcoal bags ,is it’s  economic friendly nature. Unlike other aerosolslizers and deodorizers, which contains toxic chemicals, which are in turrn harmful to the environment, the Divinair deodirizer in its effect poses no threat to the environment. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, natural solution, there’s nothing better than charcoal bags. They remove odors without releasing any chemicals and instead just absorb and trap air pollutants.


Boosts Self Esteem:

Yesooo! you can’t tell me that if you are dressed so nice, putting on fresh and we’ll scented clothes which is not emanating any oozing smell, you won’t feel good. You can be bold to pass in the midst of people and say hello to those you want to say hello to. And can be able to make contributions  in conversations. You can able approach somebody, talk to the person for a long time, with that assurance that you don’t have any odour chasing those you  meet. It is a bright experience. Infact who is gonna be proud of himself, when his clothes stinks? Not me though.

Enhances and improves Relationship:

Perception matters in everything. Especially at first instance. For instance, you agree to meet with a boss of an investment company, to secure a deal that will help your startup. You fix a date for the meeting, a venue is already set. Then on the date of the meeting, you put on that stinky suit and go for that meeting. What do you think the perceptions will be? Men I don’t even want to imagine that. You can be stating some fact and feeling like you are nailing the pitch, but hell no! The stink has ditched the pitch!

It doesn’t  only affect business relationships, but normal friendships. it can hamper the success of your networking. Take my word, whatever offence you should be guilty of. Let it not be that ‘You stink’. And this Divinair deodorizer comes to the rescue.

Compact and portable in size

Measuring just under four inches in height and weighing less than 9 ounces, each DivinAir Charcoal Deodorizer fits in the palm of your hand. Perfect for throwing in a gym bag, inside a drawer, or next to a litter box without taking up too much room.

Creates a perfect air for use and eliminates contaminants.

Even though odors and smells are unavoidable, no one likes to share their living space with them. DivinAir Charcoal Bags are a perfect solution for those with a more sensitive nose — they remove stench without a trace. Your home will smell pleasant and clean at all times, even if you live with pets and smokers!

On top of that, you might find that it’s much easier to breathe with DivinAir. That’s because the charcoal bags also trap pollutants, ensuring that the air quality in your home is always top-notch.

Have it all good, you have pure air to breathe,.Health wise, epic!

Activated charcoal (charcoal treated for increased absorption) helps purify the air, but it also works as an effective deterrent against moisture buildup in areas with poor airflow (like those overstuffed closets). It’s time to get rid of the musty odors that will gradually settle into your clothing. DivinAir Charcoal Bags will help you break the cycle of those nasty odors that can follow you outside your home.

From overpowering pet odors to the stench coming from your gym bag, no one is immune from smelling bad. DivinAir Charcoal Bags will help you win the battle by minimizing those familiar, yet unappealing scents. Add one to the front hall closet with everyone’s shoes. How about one near your sports equipment? Place a DivinAir Charcoal in the same vicinity as any offending smell for added peace of mind. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Easy to Use and Maintain

As you have seen earlier in my DivinAir Charcoal Bags review, the product requires no special knowledge or setup. Anyone can use it — after all, you just need to place it in the desired spot. You can leave the rest to the charcoal!

It’s just as easy to maintain it — DivinAir bag only requires recharging once in a while. Other than that, you can occasionally wipe down the plastic shell to remove any dust and grime. And that’s it!

Made with Durable materials.

The rugged polypropylene plastic casing makes each unit resistant to corrosion in all kinds of temperatures. The material is also suitable for being near foods. Do you have a smelly fridge? Just add a DivinAir Charcoal Deodorizer and let it work its magic.

It can be hung up:

Suspend your DivinAir Charcoal Deodorizer in the air for added convenience. Whether you drape it from your wardrobe’s clothes hanger or off the rear-view mirror in your car, you have the option of hiding it from view or positioning it front and center.

Affordable and Cost-Effective

If you’re using any odor neutralizers, you probably need to buy new ones every few weeks when you run out of them. Though these products usually aren’t too expensive, in the long run, you’ll end up spending a lot on them. But why would you, when you can buy DivinAir Charcoal Bags and use them for months?

What’s more, these charcoal bags aren’t particularly expensive to begin with. In fact, I’d say they’re quite good value for money, considering how incredibly effective they are.On top of that, you don’t need to buy new DivinAir Charcoal Bags every few weeks. Simply let them recharge once in a while, and you can use them up to ten months non-stop! Ultimately, this product protects the environment and saves you money!

Divinair charcoal deodorizer review.jpeg
Divinair Charcoal Deodorizer Review

How to use the Divinair Charcoal Deodirizer:

There is no much hassle using this product at all . All you have to do,  is to follow this simple steps

• Once your product is delivered, unbox it and be sure that it is the Divinair Deodorizer that is delivered to you.

• Ensure the charcoal is placed well, I mean tight.

• Plug the device and place it wherever you want to place it.

Remove the end cap and charcoal pouch for recharging its contents in the sun. It usually takes 3-5 hours to completely refresh the charcoal in this manner. The charcoal will not need to be replaced for 6-10 months

Does it work or is it a Scam?

Yeah baby! it works so well. As you read my DivinAir Charcoal Bags review, you may think that this product sounds too good to be true. I mean, a charcoal bag that eliminates any and all odors with no toxic chemicals involved? It must be some kind of scam! But it’s not.

According to Philip a tester who made use of this product, he says

          “For the fact this product has way with charcoal its utility and the fact that no toxic chemicals emmitted, I decided to give it a try. So I brought a not so fresh and scented clothe, which I was sure, would mess up the smell of my room. I placed  the jacket on the rail in my wardrobe and opened the wardrobe, placing the product opposite it. This product amazed me. It actually did it. it eliminated the stench and the room was clean, fresh and better”

 The porosity of bamboo charcoal allows it to purify the air: particles get trapped in the tiny holes of the bamboo charcoal. Instead of floating around the air, these particles get trapped inside the bamboo in a process called adsorption. Over time, you can actually feel the air purifying bag become heavier as it fills with particles.

Ultraviolet rays also “recharge” the activated bamboo charcoal. Place your bag in direct sunlight any time it needs to feel refreshed. Whether it’s cold or warm outside, the UV light will recharge your bag.

I was quite impressed but decided that I needed to put it to the real test — the shoe closet. Surprisingly, the DivinAir bag didn’t fail me there either, and in no time, the closet smelled better than I could’ve imagined! Ever since that day, I attest to the quality of  this product and recommend it to absolutely everyone.

Pros of the Divinair charcoal Deodorizer

•It provides cleaner and fresher air.

•Promotes healthy air suitable for inhalation.

•It makes a space more fresh and odourless.

•Efficient and effective against odors and pollutants.

•Easy to maintain and use

• it is portable and compact

• it is  fashionable. Does not make ugly, your house furnishing.

•No mess and no hassle in use.

•A special hook for hanging.

•Rechargeable and long-lasting

Cons of the Divinair Charcoal Deodirizer:

• No specifications as to whether it comes with a replaceable battery.

• it might not cover a very wide range as it is small in size.

• it is only available online and can only be bought and ordered online.

Where can I buy the Divinair Charcoal Deodorizer?

You can purchase this product, at the official website of the manufacturers. And order your product. You know I always let the cat out of the bag. There is a discount! So rush and get the product now. So you won’t miss you. The earlier the better. 

Divinair Charcoal Deodorizer Customer Reviews

Clayton D. – Gretna, LA

After moving into my new rental apartment, I began noticing a musty smell. After a while, I started getting paranoid that the smell was transferring to my clothes. I ordered a few of these DivinAir Charcoal Bags. Before I knew it, the smell had vanished. I’ll definitely be ordering more.

Cramer Hickey

 Natural and Versatile

I can honestly say this is exactly what I was looking for in an air purifier. I use them everywhere (bedrooms, closets, dressers, cars), can hang them anywhere and have given them as gifts. We live in a moist environment on the coast and our house contains the smells to go along with it. I was curious if these would subside the smells and noticed the difference right away. I’d recommend them to anyone who uses eco-friendly products or those that want something simple and effective.


It works, takes time,

My husband put in sheepskin covers in front seat of Bmv which smelled bad. In the week of use, the order was markedly reduced, almost gone. It needed 2 for the car. I bought several (3 orders) for our 3 cars, bedrooms, living rooms since 26-year-old daughter has 3 kitties and keeps litter in the family room and her bedroom, for bathroom. I carry on when I travel for the room I stay in at retreats.

My daughter felt it helps in her car, very good. Easy to use, clear instructions, and like supporting USA products and small businesses.

I’m buying more to give to my parents-have kitten in the bedroom, litter in the living room and sister who has a dog. I like all colours.


 Awesome product!!!

I love this all-natural air freshener! It works great in my kid’s rooms and I use them all over the house, I have given them as gifts to family and friends. I would recommend this product!!!


 First of all, the utility I get from this product bis amazing The product looked modern and sleek. And all you have to do is place them where you need them and let them be. I started thinking about all the places where they could come in handy. I placed an order for 6 of them.

I’m glad to report I didn’t have to wait long for them to arrive. Mine took a couple of weeks to show up on my doorstep (of course, delivery times can vary)

Let me just say, the DivinAir Charcoal Deodorizer work great!

Arlene W. – Oak Park, IL 

I have a very low tolerance for bad odours. I’ve known about the purifying effects of charcoal for years. I saw your ad online and was curious. I love DivinAir charcoal bags because they are clean and work efficiently. Plus, their modern design functions well in any room.

Kimberlee Erickson

 A Must Buy!

After searching for a way to eliminate odours in my car (besides using overpowering scented air fresheners) I was recommended to try the Purely Basic Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags and I now I’m hooked. I have one in my car and I placed the other two in the bedroom and laundry room and it works great in all three areas plus they look cute! I tend to be a conscious consumer when it comes to making purchasing decisions and look for sustainable products with a plan for the end of life. I’d recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a SUSTAINABLE, ECONOMICAL and overall GREAT product!!

Gayle K. – Gary, IN

I live in a home with 2 teenage boys, a husband who occasionally smokes, and my elderly grandmother. Needless to say, our home is full of all sorts of “interesting”. Thank goodness I heard about your DivinAir charcoal bag. Much better for my allergies when compared to those deodorizer sprays I’ve been Using.

Frequently Asked Questions about the (Divinair Charcoal Deodorizer Review)

What is activated charcoal?

The simple answer: it is the charcoal made from different sources such as wood, coconut shell, bamboo, or coal, that is then “activated”, with steam or acid. This process carves away the internal structure of the charcoal particles producing a much higher [internal] surface area. This “activated charcoal” is then used in thousands of applications primarily to adsorb unwanted chemicals so that they can be neutralized or removed completely from the product that is being “cleaned”.

What is the difference between hardwood, coconut, bamboo, or coal?

Disregarding costs, each raw material has its unique characteristics that make them more suitable for some applications than others. When activated, the various grades of charcoal produce unique internal pore structures that accommodate different sized molecules. For example, coconut activated charcoal works very well for air and vapour applications that target odour control, while coal-based activated charcoal works well for colour removal.

What is the difference between “activated charcoal” and “activated carbon”?

There is no difference. Activated charcoal tends to be the lay term. “Activated carbon” is more commonly used in the manufacturing/technical sectors. Other terms are activated coal. Sometimes “active” is substituted for “activated”.

How long will activated charcoal last?

If stored in airtight containers, activated charcoal has an almost indefinite shelf life.

What is the difference between Virgin or reactivated or regenerated charcoal?

Virgin activated charcoal is the original product that has never been used. All the activated charcoal sold by BuyActivatedCharcoal.com is virgin activated carbon.

Reactivated charcoal is activated charcoal that has finished its lifespan in a particular application and is then exposed again to the steam-activation process that removes the adsorbed pollutants and restores about 90% of the activity level so that it can be safely used again.

For example, at the municipal level (water treatment facilities) where large volumes of activated carbon are employed and the spent carbon in the majority, if not all, cases is considered non-hazardous, there is a great opportunity to reactivate the carbon and reuse it. The reactivation process burns up about 10% of the original product producing about 20% of the greenhouse gases compared to new carbon production. There is also the benefit of less landfill.

Regenerated carbon usually refers to a process where the spent carbon is washed with either water or a chemical agent to remove a portion of the contaminants adsorbed by the carbon. For regeneration, the GAC is treated in the adsorption vessel. Only about 5 – 50% of the original activity of the activated carbon is restored.

Final remark (Divinair charcoal deodorizer revview)

The Diviner Charcoal Deodorizer is one perfectly designed and effective product that can eliminate unpleasant odors. It works very perfectly to give you the best feeling you need.  Hey boy! You can confidently take that babe for a date, without you giving out odors and you can be able to receive hugs without the “Oh my goodness was that you” exclamation. This product helps to keep your clothes fresh and properly scented.

Also, it can eliminate stench and odors from your room, and thus improves the sort of air you breathe in promoting good health. It is an amazing product you should get for yourself. Do you want to regain that confidence when you put on clothes? then get yourself the Divinair Charcoal Deodorizer. You won’t regret it. Hint: The more you order, the more you can save. Order today, I mean order now! 

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