Cleanzonemasks Review 2020: Is it Safe or Scam?

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Cleanzonemasks Review

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As coronavirus continues its threat to humanity, people are seeking different approaches to protect themselves.
Countries like US and many other countries have been heavily struck and the citizens are trying to keep up with all the necessary precautionary measures to ensure they are safe from this pandemic.

Face masks are among the common things people use to protect themselves as lockdown is being eased off in some countries. People already started movements and use of preventive equipment can never be more important than now.

There are many forms of masks out there in the market, some even use fabrics to sew their own mask. All these are good but fabrics masks are not medicated and hence can only offer mechanical protection. So it’s better to go for a medicated mask if you can afford it.

Cleanzonemasks are among the trending masks now. A lot of people are already using it but I know you might be skeptical about what the mask is all about, where it is manufactured, the effectiveness, pros and cons and whether the site is legit or scam. If you are worried about that, remain here, this our cleazonemasks review will guide you!! Read on!!

What are Cleanzonemasks?

Cleanzonemasks are triple-layered, non-medical masks made for people to wear during everyday activities, such as grocery shopping or outdoor exercise. Aside from filtering out bacteria, these masks have been designed to filter out pollen, dust, and fluids, too, in order to minimize your risk of harm.

Cleanzonemasks are lightweight and made with a high efficiency, triple layered filtration fabric to filter out dust, bacteria, and pollen as well as protecting against fluids. They come with a moldable nose piece for a secure fit. The full face size covers the chin for ultimate protection. The flexible ear loops provide universal fit for easy breathing. Plus, you can wear your glasses fog free and comfortably. There’s nothing else like it! Cleanzonemasks make daily protection easy for you!

Features of Cleanzonemasks

 10 Masks Per Set

In each set of Clean Zone Masks, you’ll get 10 individual masks. If you wear a mask every day, it almost goes without saying that you’ll have enough masks for 10 days. Unused masks can also be shared with others in the same household, although you should never give anybody else a mask that you’ve already used.

 One Size Fits Most

Due to the adjustable nosepiece and the stretchy straps, one of these masks will fit the vast majority of adults and offer them ample room to breathe. The masks may also fit some children, but they may be too large for others and end up covering their eyes, which isn’t safe.

Clean zone masks.jpg
Cleanzonemask com

 Soft Fabric

While you’re wearing one of these masks, there should be a small gap between its fabric and your face, which is what will give you your breathing room. However, the fabric used to construct each mask is soft and lightweight, so it likely won’t irritate your skin if it rubs against it at any point.


You won’t have to worry about breathing in an unpleasant smell while you wear a Clean Zone mask, either, as each one is reported to be odorless. Some people might choose to wear non-medicinal masks that are scented, which may be pleasant for a while, but may also result in a user removing their mask prematurely because they’re tired of the scent.


All of these masks are disposable, so you won’t need to worry about cleaning each one after it’s too dirty or threadbare to use. However, you should adhere to safe disposal practices by putting each discarded mask in a trash receptacle instead of tossing it in a parking lot or park.

 Light Blue

The Clean Zone Masks are all light blue with white straps, the color combination that health-related masks typically come in. Consequently, most people will likely realize you’re wearing a mask for your health right away, instead of associating your mask with criminal activity or a costume.

Benefits of Cleanzonemasks

You can feel clean and healthy when you leave your home wearing a mask. Aside the fact that these masks gives a bit protection from air pollution and respiratory infections, they prevent you from touching your face which is a way to ensure you don’t touch your face with contaminated hands. Some of the benefits are:

Good for Essential Workers


It’s recommended that civilians save medical-grade masks for medical professionals, but if you’re an essential employee in a non-medical profession, you may want to wear a Clean Zone Mask. The same goes if you’re working in a pharmacy and will not be directly touching customers. Even if you’re not worried about germs yourself, seeing you in a mask may make your customers or clients feel more secure about interacting with you.

 Aid With Social Distancing

If you want to interact with your neighbors from a safe distance of about six feet, but you still feel squeamish about the Coronavirus, a mask may help assuage your fear. While wearing a Clean Zone Mask, you can be rest assured that infected droplets from others will be unlikely to reach your nose, mouth, or chin, even though the mask won’t protect your entire body. You may even get your neighbors to start wearing these masks, too, which will only increase your protection from one another.

Perfect for all Face Sizes

The mask is definitely stretchable and can fit all face shapes and sizes. When ordering, you don’t want to fret regarding whether or not it can work properly or not.

Clean zone mask review.jpg
Cleanzonemask fits all face sizes

Very Snug

The Clean Zone Mask face mask is extraordinarily breathable and is created using snug material to ensure you experience no irritation or discomfort when wearing it.

Ideal for Yard Work

Even if you’re going to be working in your own yard, away from other people in the community, wearing one of these masks may benefit you. Aside from germ protection, they can also protect you from getting dirt and debris up your nostrils or in your mouth while you’re completing yard or garden chores. In fact, you may find these masks useful for that purpose after the Coronavirus pandemic is long over.

Promote Good Public Health

Many public health units in North America believe that it’s beneficial to wear a mask because it’ll stop you from spreading viruses like the Coronavirus to others. A mask will also stop potentially infected droplets emitted by other people’s mouths and noses from landing on your mouth, nose, or chin. All in all, wearing a mask is a pretty pain-free way of contributing to the general health of your community, during the pandemic and any regular flu season.

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 Aid With Allergies

Since one of these masks will help block pollen from coming in contact with your nose and mouth, and pollen is a common allergen, it follows that wearing one may minimize your allergy symptoms. The same goes for dust, as many people are allergic to it, too. By simply putting on one of these masks, you may be able to keep your intermittent coughing and sneezing to a minimum, and other people may find it more pleasant to be around you.

 Won’t Interfere With Glasses

Clean Zone Mask Review
Cleanzonemasks do not interfere with glasses

Each Clean Zone mask will leave your eye area completely uncovered, which means you should be able to wear your usual pair of spectacles without problems. Plus, while some masks direct a user’s breath in an upward direction instead of straight ahead, which can cause glasses to fog up, these masks don’t. As alluded to above, they’ll give you ample room to breathe normally, so no fogging should occur

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Who is Clean Zone Mask for? (Cleanzonemask com Review)

Clean Zone Masks can be used by people who spend a lot of their time outside their homes and in the outdoors. People whose work mostly entails travelling from one point to another through public transport must give this mask a try. School and University students are the future of the country and must be protected with the Clean zone mask all day.

It is also a must for toddlers and older adults whose lungs are sensitive, and the immune system is still developing or weak. We all can understand that the rapid downfall of natural resources like pure air, pure water, pure natural food, etc, has drastic impact on our life. Likewise, the harmful Corona Virus is on the rise, and you must get this mask and other protective equipment to protect your dear ones from all possible germs and bacteria.

Why are people ordering cleanzonemasks?

The demand for cleanzonemaks now is exceedingly high in United States. Why is it so? Do you need to ask? Ok! I will answer you

This three-layered mask covers your mouth, nose, and chin, thus providing maximum protection. It is a great protective shield for health professionals and essential workers. It works best for someone getting outdoor exercise, or even doing grocery shopping.

The mask is breathable and lightweight. It is easy to carry; it fits well into your purse or pocket. The soft fabric of the mask makes it supremely comfortable. The mask has an adjustable elastic loop that snugly fits on to your ears. 

Moreover, it does not come in stark colours that stand out. The light tone of the mask blends well with almost all outfits. 

The light fabric and soft colour are suitable to wear even in the hot and humid weather. The mask can be worn for long hours without any discomfort.

There is also a rush shipping option if you want faster delivery.

No need of store-hopping or visiting any pharmacy for buying masks. This means you have ample stock that allows continuous wearing for several weeks. You can even help family and friends by dispensing some if required.

Their website is available 24/7 and tells you how to wear the mask for the best protection.

How to use Cleanzonemasks

According to WHO, Here is a general rule on how to use masks. Take a quick look at it before we talk about how to use Clean zone mask specifically.

  • Before putting on a mask, clean hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • Cover mouth and nose with mask and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask.
  • Avoid touching the mask while using it; if you do, clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • Replace the mask with a new one as soon as it is damp and do not re-use single-use masks.
  • To remove the mask: remove it from behind (do not touch the front of mask); discard immediately in a closed bin; clean hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

Guide on how to use Clean Zone Mask

  1. Put Mask on Face: When you pick up one of these masks, you’ll notice that while both sides are blue, one side is a little lighter than the other. While keeping this side closest to your face, place your mask gently against your mouth and nose and loop one of the straps around each of your ears. You must also make sure the edge of the mask with the nosepiece is the one that’s resting closest to your nose.
  2. Adjust Nosepiece: You may need to pull on the bottom of your mask a bit, in order to get it to cover your entire chin, but once you’re done that, it’ll be time to mold your nosepiece. You’ll find that it’s fairly flexible when you push on it with your fingers, so it shouldn’t take you too long to adjust it to suit the size and shape of your nose. The fit should be tight enough to stop the mask from slipping off your nose, but not so tight that you’ll have difficulty breathing.
  3. Wear Mask Out and About: Once you’ve got your mask on, you’ll be able to wear it virtually anywhere, indoors or out. While masks like these have been designed for public use, so you can protect yourself from germs in the outside world and protect others from your germs, there’s nothing wrong with wearing one at home. However, you should take your mask off while you’re bathing or sleeping.
  4. Dispose of Mask Safely: Each Clean Zone mask should only be worn once, so it follows that you’ll need to dispose of each one you wear at the end of each day. For safety’s sake, in case there is bacteria or viral matter present on the mask, you should hold each one by an ear loop or two as you toss it in the trash.

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Pros of Cleanzonemasks

  • Affordable
  • Light weight and hence comfortable
  • Free shipping
  • Doesnt interfere with your glasses
  • Fits any face size
  • Not irritable

Cons of Cleanzonemasks

  • Not reusable

Does Cleanzonemasks give protection against Coronavirus?

This is a very big question! But then I will answer that. Masks alone does not give full protection to corona virus. You have to apply other safety measures to be protected. However, clean zone masks have their own role to play as they ensure you don’t just take in any droplets or germs that comes with the air you breathe. The cleanzonemasks also protect you from the effects of allergies.

It is safe to get this mask and always have it handby when making any movement. Also take a look at some of other preventive measures for coronavirus below:

Some Important Points For Escaping Corona Virus

  • Gargle with lukewarm water
  • Keep mouth moist, dry mouth prone to virus
  • Wash hand with water and soap, sanitizer don’t work too much
  • Wear Oxybreath Pro mask
  • Daily clean your mobile phone and covers with sanitizer
  • Two tablets of vitamin C for immune system
  • Avoid handshakes
  • Avoid crowded places
  • Avoid touching hands on mouth or nose
  • Reception, Counter, Stair handle, door handles are highly affected areas. Avoid touching them.

Who is the manufacturer of Clean Zone mask?

A lot of questions has come up on where Cleanzonemasks are manufactured. For the sake of this review; this is what I can tell you, there is no clear cut information as to where exactly this mask is produced. The only available information with regards to this is that this mask can be officially gotten from And it ships to United States and other countries.

In fact, highest users of this mask are from United States. You can give it a try as there is option for refund in case you are not comfortable with what you get.

What is cleanzonemask com?

Cleanzonemask com is an online website that provides you with disposable masks to protect yourself in this period of pandemic. They also produce CPAP as well. However, the focus of this cleanzonemask com review will be on who they are, the quality of the masks they produce and the safety of buying from them.

With the current pandemic, one need not be told of the importance of facemasks. That is why cleanzonemask com has taken it upon themselves to provide us with disposable face masks that will keep you safe.

Full details of Cleanzonemask com

  • Website –
  • Address – Top dog direct 2607 Interplex Drive, Trevose, PA 19052
  • Phone no. – 1-800-340-3418
  • Email –
  • Shipping time – within 1 week
  • Delivery time – 9- 10 days
  • Return – 30 days kept in the margin for return 
  • Payment – online mode of payment is accepted.

What does Cleanzonemask com offer?

Cleanzonemask com offers a lightweight face mask that has a high filtration efficiency that provides a shield of soft, odorless, and non- irritation comfortable and smooth breathing. They are disposable and has a perfect fit for all.

Cleanzonemask com masks makes your daily protection easy against the outside world and shields you from unwanted germs and dust particles of the outside world.

Is Cleanzonemask com scam or safe?

Most people from United States have been asking this question to know if they will order from this site or not.

The online mask purchasing gives us a thought that during the time of short production, it can be a scam. But according to cleanzonemasks reviews, the website is legit having very few amounts of negative feedback that too due to slow delivery process and extra tax charges.

No extra money rather than the tax is charged from the customers. The details that we collect during the registration is safe.

The mask on sale can also once make you think about the fraud, but we assure you of the safety of the user. Our main motive is to make our people safe from infections and other allergies.

I would suggest you read the online reviews before you choose the best for you and dont share any personal information which can be misused anytime for fraud.

The cleanzonemasks reviews have shared the contact details with the user to solve the issue of trust. No fraud site will share the contact details with the readers.

Pros of

  • The quality of the disposable mask is comfortable.
  • The product here available at sale saving money
  • Easy to order
  • Easy to return and refund
  • 100% money-back policy available

Cons of

  • Only online payment acceptable
  • No used mask can return
  • Tax charges charged from the customer

Where can you buy Cleanzonemasks?

Cleanzonemasks are available online and can be gotten from their official site at an affordable price. The site has Limited Stocks with Free Shipping. You will undoubtedly get Satisfaction Guarantee, and if not, then a 30-Day Money Back guarantee

What Benefits do you get by buying from

Cleanzonemasks are majorly trending in United States as many persons tend to resort to it for protection. It is advised you buy the cleanzonemasks directly from their official site; There are lots of benefits from buying from the official site. Below are some of them:

  • Free shipping 
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Combo offers 
  • Attractive prices
  • Trustworthy
  • Easy ordering
  • Accepts Online/Telephonic order 
  • Secure Payment option 
  • Easy Checkout

Final Verdict (Cleanzonemask com Review)

I hope this Cleanzonemasks Review managed to answer some if not all your questions about this mask and their website. And also made u know that Clean zone mask is among the product you need as preventive measure at this point in time. Considering the price of Cleanzonemasks and some benefits the company offers, I will say that this is quite a small price to pay for our own health .You can quickly order from the link below:

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