Best UV Sanitizers 2022: Benefits Of Using UV Light For Disinfection

by Steve
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Best UV Sanitizers

The word ‘sanitizers’ has gained widespread publicity owing to the events of the coronavirus pandemic; and other respiratory illnesses and infections which have threatened the existence of humanity in the past few years. Before now, different traditional methods of disinfection included boiling, heating on fire, cleaning with different disinfectants, and the use of hand sanitizers, alcohol, and other agents which are used for cleaning. 

Some of these methods are actually quite helpful but have so many limitations. Some microorganisms have developed ways and mechanisms to be able to withstand different disinfection methods. Some of these methods of disinfection require you to do a couple of things which leads to wasting your time. You can quickly cook anything you wish to disinfect with a pot of water, but this takes time as you need to boil the water to a very high degree. Another limitation of boiling is that it is not every appliance that you can boil. 

The process of heating as a form of disinfection is mainly used in hospitals and different health care firms. This process actually works in this department but definitely not be of any help to the technological industry. You cannot cook your phone in an attempt to kill off the germs lurking around it. This is a very big problem as some of your appliances are not meant to be cleaned with any form of liquid Substance at all, and this leaves a vacuum that your traditional methods of disinfection can help you with. 

Your smartphone, as an example, is known to be one of the dirtiest appliances. This is because you have your smartphone with you at all times, touching with your hand, whether clean or contaminated. Some of your old appliances, which include your tablets, laptop, and all the electrical appliances which are used almost every time, are home to microorganisms that go on to infect your hand. Having your hand infected with microorganisms as a result of your smartphone is almost a certainty. You spend time trying to wash your hands, only for you to get contaminated because of your smartphone. 

Some of the infections you get as a result of this can go ahead to have more evasive effects on your system. Microorganisms are not something to joke with as they are beginning to get resistant to the drugs currently available for their treatment. In this Best UV Sanitizers article, I will be introducing a new and effective way of disinfection that does not involve your traditional way of sterilizing things. This method of disinfection takes care of the flaws posed by your other methods of disinfection. I will also be recommending some really nice gadgets which can help you disinfect your appliances no matter what they are. 

The Products being recommended in this article have been found effective by so many users and would definitely work for you. The use of UV lights for disinfection recently gained prominence because people started asking questions on how to effectively sanitize both themselves and their appliances without causing any damage at all. There are different types of UV lights, and each and every one of them can be used to disinfect different appliances depending on your preference and the product in question. 

The products I will be recommended have been used by so many people who also left positive reviews on them, and I am very optimistic that this product will be of help to you. I put up this article to help educate you on UV sanitizers and to help you decide if that is something you can invest your money on.

Benefits of Using UV Light for Disinfection

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Before now, people used traditional methods of disinfection which include boiling, heating, washing with cleaning agents, and other methods which are not captured in this review. These methods of disinfection are effective but definitely not enough.

There are so many limitations associated with the use of the aforementioned disinfection methods, which include that they cannot be used in electrical appliances, which will definitely develop fault when they come in contact with water. This method of disinfection has covered up the lapses created by your traditional method of disinfection.

Different microorganisms have also developed mechanisms to help them survive other forms of disinfection, but this modern method will get the job done without stress. I have been able to introduce this article, and in this section, I will be highlighting some of the benefits of using a UV light for disinfection.

Benefit #1: UV Light Disinfection is Non-Toxic

One of the benefits of using a UV light for your disinfection is that they are non-toxic. Your traditional form of disinfection features a cleaning agent, which is made of different chemicals and can harm you or your skin. Some of your traditional cleaners are made with substances that are known allergens and will trigger a form of allergic reactions on your skin when used for a long time.

Some of your traditional cleaning agents also have some really serious health concerns like being a risk factor for some skin cancers, especially when used for a very long time. The benefits of UV light as a form of disinfection are that it is non-toxic, and you’re not exposing your skin or other parts of your body directly to the effect of the rays.

Benefit #2: UV Light Disinfection is an Extremely Effective Form of Disinfection

The second benefit of using UV light as a form of disinfection is that it is extremely powerful and effective.UV rays can take care of organisms that normally are resistant to your other forms of disinfection. Some microorganisms are made of components that make them resistant to other forms of disinfection, including boiling. You probably didn’t know both your UV light can be used to kill organisms that are stubborn and very virulent.

Using UV light as your form of disinfection will keep you more protected as it is more effective and can kill any microorganisms irrespective of the species. Your order forms of disinfection leave you living in denial as you believe you’re protected after using them, but in essence, you are not. Recent studies revealed that some microorganisms known as thermophiles could withstand heating at very high temperatures, making other forms of disinfection ineffective.

Benefit #3: UV Light Disinfection Kills Pathogens Without Immunity

The use of UV light for disinfection is even better than the use of some antibiotic chemicals. The reason for this is that recent studies revealed that some microorganisms had devised mechanisms that make them resistant to antibiotics that they used to be susceptible to. You may be using a particular chemical for the disinfection, which used to work but fails to after some time, and this is because the microbes have devised other mechanisms of survival and can now withstand antibiotic chemicals. The use of UV light is the physical form of disinfection, and such microorganisms cannot develop resistance to it no matter what. 

Benefit #4: UV Light Disinfection is portable 

This fourth benefit is probably one of the greatest advantages of using UV light as a form of disinfection. Your other form of disinfection, for example, boiling, requires that you boil water with a pot or kettle. Heating requires the use of bulky heating elements, which requires intensive effort and hard work. Different manufacturers of gadgets that emit useful UV rays have made it possible to carry them with you anywhere you are and at any time by making them portable. You carry this gadget with you while moving to a new location and then effectively disinfect your appliances and all the equipment without stress.

Benefit #5: UV Light Disinfection is Affordable

You might be surprised to hear this but buying UV disinfection equipment saves you more money than buying different chemicals from time to time. Buying a UV gadget means that you do not have to buy another one for a very long time. You will be able to use that same UV light even for years. This is unlike your other method of disinfection which includes boiling water. You need an additional source of energy to boil water which costs money; buying cleaning agents is also not easy as you have to replace them multiple times, leading to more expenses and making it not be very feasible or desirable.

Benefit #6: UV Light Disinfection is Safe

There are a lot of questions surrounding the safety of UV light. A lot of people are scared of getting sunburn or skin conditions from the UV rays. Well, the question is actually a valid one, but different companies make UV gadgets to be very safe and less likely to harm you. You are even more likely to get sunburn or other skin conditions from using your traditional methods of this infection. Once you observe the necessary precautions which are included in the leaflet of any product you buy, you should be able to use that gadget without having any problem at all.

Benefits Of Using UV Light For Disinfection

UV Cleanizer Zoom

The UV Cleanizer Zoom is the first product we are recommending in this article, and it is an effective UV cleaner designed by Infection Prevention Technologies (IPT). It is built to help ensure proper cleaning and hygiene. This robotic cleaner is designed for use in places in which high cleanliness is an important criterion as otherwise will result in life-threatening illnesses and diseases.

One of these places is a hospital, a hospital is a place for sick people, so it’s important that the environment will be as clean as possible to prevent the transmission of disease even while patients are bedridden. This product is very effective and has been found useful by so many users. It is safe for use and will kill most of the germs in your home, thanks to its powerful UV light.

UV Cleanizer Zoom Technical Specs

UV Cleanizer Zoom has innovative specifications that make it effective and different from other UV cleaners. Let’s what it contains:

  • The UV clean user is an automatic cleaner.
  • It works via the Robotic principle and has a manual working mode.
  • It has a durable battery with about 3hrs runtime
  • It cleans very fast and takes about 30 to 60 minutes to clean a room.
  • It has about 18 sensors and programmable modes.
  • 4 AI bright lights with an on/off option.
  • It has an additional 3700 mAh power bank for extended use.
  • It is Lightweight and pocket-sized, so it is easy to carry.
  • Very effective and can kill 99.99% of germs.

GermCide X

GermCide X is an innovative UV sanitizing system. The manufacturers of this product designed it to be able to keep your home safe and bacteria-free, and virus free. The innovation employed by GermCide X guarantees is an effective one and will work against all microbes irrespective of the specie. Using an ultraviolet light flash destroys nearly all bacteria and viruses like fungi, viruses, and other pollutants. 

Features of GermCide X

  • UV ray-based 
  • General-purpose
  • Kills viruses, bacteria, and germs very
  • quickly 
  • No liquid refills are necessary 
  • Eliminates harmful microscopic dirt
  • particles
  • Chemical-free 
  • Small, foldable design
  • Very easy to operate

Mobile Klean UV sanitizers

Mobile Klean is a portable UV sanitizer that is designed to be used to sanitize materials and has the ability to kill most microbes. It can be used to sanitize surfaces, and it has the ability to kill about 99% of all infectious pathogens. It is effective against bacteria, viruses, and other infectious agents. The manufacturers of this product employed ultraviolet radiation as the means of disinfection in this product. It is cheap and can be gotten at a discount online.

What are the Features of Mobile Klean UV sanitizers?

  • Easy handling
  • Cheap cost 
  • Portability
  • Energy conservation
  • Broad-spectrum of action
  • Ultraviolet Radiation

Where can I buy them?

You can buy these products from the manufacturer’s website online at an affordable price. The manufacturers made it possible for you to buy this product without stepping out of your room for any reason. Technological advancements have made it possible for people to do different things without having to step out of their comfort zone, and the act of shopping is one of those fields which gained from the improvements in technology and deeper knowledge of the computer.

 Another beautiful thing about making purchases online is that you will be able to pay for your products using your credit card, debit card, or other forms of digital payment without having to go to a bank or stand in a queue as when making payments at your local supermarket. 

Meanwhile, there’s a little problem with making online purchases which is the problem of people not having complete trust that what they are paying for will exactly meet their expectations. Humans have somehow gotten used to shopping locally for a very long time, so it is very difficult to convince them otherwise or to embrace this new method of commerce.

It is very common to find people who are skeptical about buying products that they have never seen or used before. Because of this, the manufacturers of these products have made it possible for you to buy any of these products with a money-back guarantee offer. This means that you will be able to return either of these products to the manufacturers, then get refunded in full if you buy them then discover that they do not meet your expectations. 

You can easily make your return via the manufacturer’s website by reaching out to the manufacturer’s customer care representatives. The Customer care personnel of these companies are ready to assist you in making your return without stress. To make your return, navigate to the manufacturer’s website, then click on the ‘Readmore’ button, after which you will be redirected to a full article on these products. You find a link in the full article, which will redirect you to the manufacturer’s website, from where you can choose the units you want and then make payment accordingly.

Conclusion on Best UV Sanitizers

In conclusion, I have been able to introduce another form of disinfection that you may not be very familiar with, which is the use of UV light. I have also exposed us to the many advantages associated with using this form of disinfection and the products recommended in this article. Your traditional method of disinfection is effective but has so many limitations. The use of UV lights has come to solve the many limitations of your traditional methods of disinfection and has a lot of benefits when compared to your traditional way of disinfection. 

I have also recommended some really wonderful Gadgets which can be used to disinfect or sanitize your different gadgets and accessories without stress. The products recommended in the review work just as the manufacturers promised, as evidenced by the different positive reviews and ratings from verified users. That notwithstanding, I was able to include verified features of these products in order to allow you to decide for yourself if it’s something you would like to spend your money on. 

The manufacturers also have customer care agents who are willing to assist you in making your purchase without stress. You will also be able to make your return if you encounter any problem during the course of making your purchase or if these product fails to meet your expectations.

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