AquaPure Reviews 2022: All You Need To Know About This Pesticide Purifier!

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AquaPure Reviews 

Fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables, is susceptible to contamination in a number of ways. Pesticides, animals, birds, or something toxic in the soil could contaminate it throughout its growing phase. The produce can be contaminated by improper handling as well. Even after the product has been bought from the market, poor handling during preparation or storage might still have it contaminated, which, when consumed, can lead to a foodborne illness.

As a result, cleaning products before using or eating it has been a tradition since the dawn of time. But now that it has become evident that different microorganisms have spread throughout the entire planet, this particular deed has become much more important. Irrespective of the source, everyone is recommended to exercise additional caution when cleaning fruits and vegetables.

A Few Cleaning Tips for Fruits and Vegetables

The first thing to keep in mind is that your own hands must be clean before you begin washing and prepping your fruits or vegetables. So please wash them with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Afterward, bear the following advice in mind.

Please remove and throw away any produce that is bruised or damaged. Whether it’s an apple or a pear, it’s best to rinse the product first before peeling it to prevent any dirt or germs from getting onto the flesh.

The best way to ensure that any dirt settles to the bottom of the bowl is to soak and rinse leafy vegetables in a sizable, transparent bowl. Repeat this process a few times until there is no sediment and the water in the bowl is clean. Filtered, clean running water will do the job just fine and keep your fruits texture and color but not always.

While washing the produce, you can scrub it with your hands, but you can also use a soft, clean brush to remove dirt from the skin of fruits and vegetables like melon, apples, and pears, as well as carrot, cucumber, and aubergine.

Before washing vegetables like cabbage, leeks, lettuce, and bokchoy, it is required to remove and discard their outer leaves. After washing, it’s a good idea to dry the vegetables with a clean cloth or paper towel to get rid of any lingering bacteria. However, you must be cautious not to harm delicate fruit, such as strawberries or mushrooms, while drying. It is preferable to pat them dry or to let them air dry on a clean cloth.

As you now know, rinsing with tap water won’t be as efficient as you expected. This is because the bacteria and chemicals in your fruit cannot be efficiently dissolved by tap water. If you want your fruit to be fully pesticide-free, there aren’t many options. The first choice is to buy organic goods; however, there are a lot of problems with this. First off, pesticide-free organic food is not always the case. Organic farmers are nevertheless allowed to use pesticides manufactured from naturally occurring compounds, which can still be harmful, despite the fact that they must abide by some safety regulations.

Producers also use a number of deceitful tactics to make you think that something wasn’t grown using pesticides when it actually was. Organic is not implied by phrases like “free-range,” “hormone-free,” and “natural.” Additionally, organic food is substantially more expensive. Despite the greater cost, you are not even given an assurance that it is pesticide-free! Therefore, buying organic food does not protect you from pesticides. Additionally, it has no impact on mold or bacteria.

Now that consumer technology has advanced, you can utilize the method at home as well. It’s known as electrolysis. Water is simply given a boost through electrolysis, making it more powerful and capable of dissolving bacteria, mold, and pesticide residues without utilizing artificial substances, chemicals, or soaps. The AquaPure Pesticide Purifier is a machine that removes pollutants from fresh produce using electrolyzed water. The product is simple to maintain and shields users’ families from the risks of eating persistent chemicals. 

You only need salt, water, and a special device called an AquaPure to clean your fruit using electrolyzed water; claim various Aquapure Reviews and the manufacturer’s official website. Electrolysis has been used in the food industry for decades because of its safety, but the technology was too expensive for use at home. That is until AquaPure released a version for homes! If you use AquaPure every day, your fruits and vegetables will be free of dangerous pesticide residues, bacteria, and mold – All these were claims made by the manufacturers of the AquaPure. To understand everything there is to know right now about AquaPure, attentively read this article.

What is AquaPure? 

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Most individuals put a lot of effort into lowering the dangerous substances they put in their bodies, but not everyone is aware of what else they might be exposed to. Pesticides can persist on the surface of fruits and vegetables even after regular washing, eventually posing serious health risks. After learning that his father had cancer, Rutger Gommans became aware of the necessity to eliminate these pesticides, which inspired him to go on a new mission to limit the number of chemicals his parents may ingest. 

He first spent over $6,000 on a machine that could get rid of all bacteria and pesticides on the surface of fresh food. It was also challenging to store due to its hefty size. He developed the AquaPure Pesticide Purifier utilizing electrolysis technology for the general public because using activated water was so successful. 

Thanks to Rutger’s collaboration with other experts in the industry, the AquaPure Pesticide Purifier is considerably smaller than the first device he bought. No flavor or odor remains even after this alternate therapy. There are no harsh chemicals to break down the insecticides; everything is entirely natural. The filter will never need to be changed, and the required batteries are already included in the purchase. 

Even organic fruits and vegetables may contain up to 20 chemicals, which may surprise some individuals who choose to avoid conventional fruits. Although organic crops are generally not exposed to compounds found on other farms, there are numerous chemicals that are permitted by law to be employed without jeopardizing the organic status of crops. The AquaPure Pesticide Purifier makes it simple to purify fresh produce of any germs, mold, pesticides, or other impurities. 

In addition to enhancing the user’s health, washing off pesticides from fruits and vegetables also extends the shelf life of the user’s food. Additionally, it shields users from substances that can affect how their bodies and developing brains function, making it especially beneficial for kids. 

You receive assistance from AquaPure by having your fruits cleaned using electrolysis. You can clean the fruits and vegetables you will shortly be eating with AquaPure, salt, and water. You will be shocked at how unclean your fruits and vegetables are after applying AquaPure to them. Your produce is cleaned by AquaPure of dirt, harmful pesticide residues, mold, bacteria, and other impurities. Because the undesirable components are eliminated, you can consume veggies that taste better and are healthier.

 AquaPure is reasonably priced, coming in at roughly $79.99 per unit. Each gadget is designed to endure eight to ten years. AquaPure only needs to be recharged every two to three weeks; it doesn’t need new batteries or filters (assuming daily use). The machine will be able to clean thousands of fruits and vegetables as a result. Keep reading to learn more about this device!

AquaPure Reviews: Directions for use

AquaPure makes cleaning fruits and vegetable simple. The AquaPure device uses electrolysis to remove 99.9% of various toxins from the food you eat when sodium (salt) and water are combined. Using only tap water and a small amount of table salt, AquaPure produces an active solution that efficiently eliminates pesticides and kills microorganisms.

With AquaPure, pollutants are quickly and naturally removed from your food, leaving you with only delicious, chemical-free fruits and veggies. In addition to the fact that eating fruits and vegetables that are healthier will make you feel great, doing so will help you stay healthy and urge you to eat better.

 Fruits and vegetables are put through an AquaPure cycle, which dissolves the molecular bonds of the contaminants and makes them harmless and non-toxic. Information about washing fruits and vegetables with AquaPure can be found in the section below. 

Here is how to wash fruits and vegetables using AquaPure:

  • Step 1: In a bowl, mix equal parts salt and water.
  •  Step 2: Pour the AquaPure over the fruit in the bowl.
  •  3. Rinse, then consume. Some people put AquaPure in their sinks after putting salt and water in them. This strategy is acceptable, but be sure to completely clean the sink after usage to get rid of any contaminants.

AquaPure Reviews:  Features

 With the AquaPure Pesticide Purifier, consumers have an easy option to lessen the possibility of pesticides, germs, and other harmful elements on their food. Fruits and vegetables can be cleaned of pollutants using this method, even those that are permitted in organic cuisine. 

Users won’t need to use any more chemicals to clean the surface, lowering their exposure to new contaminants. The AquaPure has the following features, which have been verified by many users and are listed on the manufacturer’s website.

  • Safe: It is improper to be careless with your fruits and other things that are intended for consumption. Your lifestyle choices—which include, among other things, what you eat and drink for water—are essentially what determines how healthy you are. There are currently other fruit and vegetable cleaning methods accessible, both online and in conventional retailers. However, no harmful substances are used in the operation of AquaPure. It is a safe, efficient, and green cleaning technique. 
  • No Aftertaste or Odor: Other methods of food washing give your meal an undesirable flavor or odor. On the other hand, AquaPure uses natural electrolysis that has no taste or odor. As an illustration, tour fruits will have a vinegar aftertaste if you use vinegar to wash your fruits and veggies. AquaPure provides equivalent cleaning power or even better without the taste. 
  • One-time Investment: Probably one of this product’s best qualities is that you can use it for years without experiencing any issues. It is preferable to know that a thing you intend to purchase may be used for a good number of years because money is hard to come by. The AquaPure is rechargeable and does not require filters. Everything you need to get value for your money is in this device.
  • Rechargeable: AquaPure is rechargeable and comes with a charging cable. According to the manufacturer, AquaPure only has to be recharged once every two to three weeks if used every day.
  • Affordable: The product is quite affordable and still helps you save money. You can save money because AquaPure increases the fruits’ and vegetables’ shelf lives. You might be able to save money and increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by using this device on them.
  • For your family’s safety: According to AquaPure’s creators, this is the greatest way to guarantee that the fruits and vegetables you and your family eat are as nutrient-dense as possible. Herbicide use and issues with child development have been linked, according to the official website. Because, for instance, their developing livers and kidneys can’t filter out substances as efficiently as adults can, children are more susceptible to poisons in food.
  •  Scientific: The rationale for the AquaPure gadget is purely scientific. According to studies, it was able to kill up to 94.8% of the insecticide cypermethrin and up to 99.9% of E. coli bacteria. Use AquaPure to swiftly rid your fruits of pollutants. In only a few minutes, it begins to function. After adding salt and water to a container, use AquaPure to enjoy fruits and vegetables that are free of chemicals. There are 20 approved chemicals that can be used to develop organic crops. You also need AquaPure if you want your organic fruits to be up to 99% free of diseases, pesticides, and mold.
  •  Effective and efficient: Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, parasites, mold, bacteria, and fungicides may all be eliminated up to 99.9% of the time, claims AquaPure manufacturers.
  •  Consumer preference: AquaPure has already generated a significant amount of sales. After using AquaPure, many consumers are shocked by how different their fruits and vegetables taste. With AquaPure, the flavor of fruits and vegetables will be enhanced, which is often disguised by dirt and other impurities.

AquaPure Reviews: Pricing

 The AquaPure Pesticide Purifier retails for $149.99, but the official website is currently offering it for a considerable discount. The discount is offered on even the smallest offer, but those who purchase in large quantities will save the most money. Options include:

  • $79.99 gets you one AquaPure Pesticide Purifier (plus shipping and handling)
  •  $119.99 for two AquaPure Pesticide Purifiers with Free US Shipping
  •  $159.98 for three AquaPure Pesticide Purifiers with Free US Shipping

 The money-back-guarantee allows the user to seek a refund if they decide this product is not the best option for their needs. By email, clients can get in touch with the business at: send email to AquaPure Keizersgracht 520H, 1017EK, Amsterdam, Netherlands is the business address.

AquaPure Reviews: Pros

  • 90-day money-back guarantee: You may easily return AquaPure if it isn’t ideal for you for any reason. 
  • Warranty: AquaPure comes with a one-year warranty, allowing you to rest easy knowing it was built to last. 
  • Express shipping! : The makers provide free US shipping and speedy delivery to more than 30 locations with qualifying discounts. 
  • Purchase guarantee: The makers have complete control over the entire process, ensuring a safe and better outcome. 
  • Fantastic customer service: The customer care personnel are friendly, efficient, and genuinely like talking to you.
  •  Goal-driven: The company wants to give millions of customers the greatest products possible in terms of taste and cleanliness. 
  • Innovative, organic, and effective: Zero Harmful Chemicals. Enjoy better-tasting fruits and vegetables since there is no smell or flavor.
  •  Increase the fruit and vegetable shelf life to save money.
  •  Filters are never replaced, and batteries are included with the one-time purchase.

AquaPure Reviews: Cons

  • It is only available for purchase online on the manufacturer’s website. 
  • limited supply

AquaPure Reviews: Customer Reviews

Customer testimonials praising AquaPure and its functionality can be found in abundance on the official AquaPure website. According to the official website, AquaPure enhances the flavor of fruits and vegetables, as claimed. The following are some of the opinions posted by clients on the official website:

Lynn Fleming – Hello!! We used our AquaPure to clean fresh strawberries yesterday for the first time. The strawberries looked so clean and beautiful!! I just couldn’t quit commenting about what they looked like after using the aqua purifier! I am delighted with having clean and free of pesticides fruits and vegetables!! Thank You!!

Shima Wilson – Love how compact and convenient the AquaPure is to store and grab whenever I want to wash my produce. It does an excellent job, and I’m always amazed with how much it purifies and thoroughly cleanses. Very impressed!

Jessica Aguilar – I bought two and LOVE THEM!!!! I use it almost every day!!!! As a mother of 5, it makes me feel great to know I’m doing all I can to feed them 99% pesticide-free fruits and vegetables.

AquaPure Reviews: FAQs

 Is the AquaPure Durable?

 A. The manufacturers of this product use long-lasting components to make a treatment that lasts up to 10 years. It should last 8–10 years if the client utilizes it as instructed.

 Does AquaPure make use of filters?

 A. No. This device makes no use of filters. Instead, it adds electrolytes to the water, allowing for cleaning without the addition of chemicals. Filters won’t need to be replaced on a regular basis, saving users money.

How frequently should AquaPure be washed?

 A. After each use, users should rinse off the AquaPure Purifier. Every piece of fruit will be fully cleansed if it is kept sterilized.

 Will a single purification cycle be sufficient?

A. The amount of fruit being cleaned at once determines this. Only one cleaning cycle is advised by the designers for up to 3 liters of water. Users should run two cleaning cycles for tanks holding 4-6 liters. Users must run their fresh product through three cleaning cycles for containers holding seven or more liters. The only thing the user needs to do to restart the cycle pushes the ON button one more. 

Is it safe to drink electrolyzed water?

 A. The producer of AquaPure advises against ever consuming electrolyzed water. Why would you want to consume water that has been used to wash away contaminants and pathogens from your fruit? Stay with your regular sources of clean drinking water, and if you have any questions, consult your doctor. 

How many times will users be able to use AquaPure before having to recharge it?

 A. Every two to three weeks, if you use AquaPure every day, it needs to be recharged. This device is made to last for a very long period before needing to be recharged, making it the perfect item if you live somewhere with a bad power supply.

Will customers who purchase AquaPure get a charger with it?

 A. Yes. Users get a magnetic charging cord with every order.

 What kind of cable does the charger have?

 A USB connector cable is included with AquaPure, making it possible to charge it with any device that supports this connection.

 Is there a warranty and money-back guarantee?

 A. Yes. The customer has up to 90 days to ask for a refund if they are unhappy with the merchandise.  

What is the purpose of electrolysis?

When sodium, which is the same sodium found in salt, is combined with water and electricity, electrolysis results. Your water bottle already contains salt and water, but AquaPure also includes electricity. Water is electrolyzed by electricity, becoming a non-toxic cleaning agent. Many different cleaning processes involve electrolysis. For instance, corrosion and rust can be eliminated using electrolysis. Cookware made of cast iron can also be decorroded using electrolysis.

 You may use AquaPure to clean your fruits and veggies to get rid of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other impurities using the same non-toxic method. Thanks to natural processes that are supported by science rather than the hazardous chemicals employed in typical food cleaning methods, the end result is a fruit that tastes better and has fewer toxic residues. 

What are AquaPure’s measurements and specifications?

 A.AquaPure is 100 x 50mm (3.94 x 1.97), in size. 

How can I contact the producers?

 There are several methods to contact the AquaPure customer care department: Send your message to

 The postal address is Keizersgracht 520H, 1017EK, Amsterdam, Netherlands. On its official website, AquaPure advertises itself as a “mission-driven” business. The company was established with the intention of enabling millions of people to eat secure, healthy, and pure vegetables.

 When I receive my order, will there be any additional customs, taxes, or VAT charges?

 You might be charged one or more of these fees when you get your order, depending on your country. Please be aware that US dollars must be used to pay for any international orders. International charges are calculated using the standard exchange rate between your currency and the US dollar at the time of purchase or refund.

  When can I anticipate receiving my order?

FAST! Every item is shipped out within 24 to 48 hours of receiving an order. Our products typically take 3-5 business days to reach the United States. Please give a delivery time of 7 to 21 business days for purchases coming from outside the US. Depending on your location and the country, delivery times may change.

AquaPure Reviews: Conclusion

With the AquaPure Pesticide Purifier, consumers have an easy option to lessen the possibility of pesticides, germs, and other harmful elements on their food. Fruits and vegetables can be cleaned of pollutants using this method. Users won’t need to use any more chemicals to clean their fruits, lowering their exposure to these chemicals. Fruits and vegetables will survive longer if they are kept clean, and this is exactly what the AquaPure will help you achieve. It’s okay to use the AquaPure Pesticide Purifier cleansing procedure on food that both adults and kids eat.

 Customers who have used AquaPure have reported discovering a number of flecks, pollutants, and other unpleasant components in the water, proving the equipment is effective at removing chemicals from the meal you’re ingesting. Customers say AquaPure is convenient and simple to use. Fruits and vegetables can be cleaned with the equipment in a few minutes without any technical skills.

Additionally, customers appear to have valued speaking with AquaPure customer service representatives. For example, the customer support agents immediately addressed complaints and concerns. The vast majority of users have given AquaPure a perfect rating on the official website.

 You may remove up to 99.9% of contaminants from your food with the use of the AquaPure vegetable and fruit washing apparatus, which creates electrolysis in a container of water using sodium, water, and electricity. AquaPure can be used to clean fruits and vegetables, and there is presently a limited-time online promotion providing it for $89.99 per unit. Visit the official website to learn more about AquaPure or to order yours right away.

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