Woobles Reviews 2022: Is This Beginner’s Kit for Learning to Crochet Legit?

by Steve
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Woobles Reviews

Life can get boring sometimes, especially if we don’t try to engage our minds with the right activities. There are so many hobbies or crafts you can learn to help you manage your time better, and in this Woobles Reviews, we will be focusing on the art of Crotching.

There are other activities you can try at home to fill your time with creativity in addition to eating, sleeping, working, cooking, and watching TV. We chose to write on the art of crochet since there is a lot of fascinating thing to it, and there’s currently a kit which so many users are singing its praises and has gained massive popularity online. This article contains vital information about the Woobles. Let’s dive into it.

What are the Woobles?

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The Wooble is a Beginner amigurumi kit produced by The Woobles, a Japanese firm that specializes in little knitted or crocheted stuffed creatures. They offer a packed kit with everything you need to get started crocheting, including the materials and instructions.

They have a wide variety of designs to pick from, ranging from simple to complex, including Pierre the Penguin, which is a wonderful project for beginners, and many people prefer to start their crocheting journey with it.

Each kit includes everything you need to complete the entire process of making your own Wooble animal. The manufacturers also chided some already pre-started and to your package. The “Easy Peasy” yarn made specifically for beginners is one of such pre-started yarns. This gives you a head start and prevents you from having to start from scratch, which is where so many people get discouraged and fail. The manufacturers also included Videos that both left- and right-handed persons can easily follow, making it the ideal kit for lefties.

The Wobbles is ideal for both experts and beginners. Additionally, it is quite simple to use and allows you to make a variety of adorable animals, like bunnies, hippos, and penguins. Customers can use The Woobles, a crocheting kit that comes with everything they could need to make the available character. These kits, which are exclusive to the official website, are accessible to those 12 and older. The manufacturers are also selling this kit for an affordable price, so you wouldn’t have a problem with finances. You can keep reading to get other information on the Wooble.

Woobles Reviews: Features 

The Woobles have a good number of features which makes it stand out when compared with your other alternatives. Being made for absolute beginners is one of those features that made it popular online.

  • Zero Confusion Tutorials: The manufacturers of the Wooble incorporated a 5-minute explanatory video in your purchase. These videos are well-narrated, simple to follow, and simple to understand. As you watch more of the videos, you will quickly learn basic and advanced crochet skills, and you can watch these tutorials on your laptop or tablet while you work.
  • Beginner-Friendly Yarn: The makers of the Woobles also include Specially designed yarn as part of your package; this specially designed yarn will help to make your work easier, which is why the manufacturers have tagged it the name “Easy Peasy” yarn. Its unique design makes it simple to see where to place your hook. Additionally, it keeps your hook from becoming caught in the fibers of the yarn.
  • Limitless Virtual Support: It is one thing to learn and other to hear others discuss their own learning process as well as contribute to your quota. Through the Woobles Facebook group, you can obtain unlimited virtual support if you ever need extra assistance or run into a problem. You have immediate access to this Facebook group and unrestricted email and SMS help. You can simply get the assistance you require if you need assistance at any step at all. 
  • A lot of verified users: From all indications, Woobles is widely accepted by so many users. So many verified customers have bought The Woobles and learned to crochet so far. Thousands of 5-star evaluations of the product can be seen online, and many customers actually were able to pick up new skills as a result of using The Woobles.
  • Simple Videos: The manufacturers have also made available detailed learning videos. Use the simple, clear instructions in the online videos to master each stage. Without the unpleasantness of other online learn-to-crochet videos, The Woobles guides you through the entire procedure. Other crochet videos are excruciatingly drawn out and boring. The Woobles specifically created their videos to be entertaining and simple to follow.
  • Versatile: With the Woobles, you have access to a variety of animals. Three different animals are available for you to select Pierre the Penguin, Felix the fox, and Jojo, the rabbit. You can purchase all three, combine them, or choose your preferred animal.
  • Zero Waste Kit: The Woobles kit contains only the materials you actually need to learn how to crochet. Other beginner crochet kits include extras that are unnecessary.
  • Money-back Guaranteed: A 30-day money-back promise is offered with The Woobles. You are entitled to a full refund if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.


What’s Included in the Crochet Woobles Kit?

The manufacturers of the Wooble deliver as soon as possible to almost all countries across the globe. Everything You need to get started was included in the package, which was sent in a sealed bag. If you already own one, you can purchase the kit without the crochet hook, which is optional. The kit contains:

  • The kit included black, white, blue, and yellow yarn in case you decided to sew on eyes rather than use the fasteners (more on that later!). The “magic loop” was a component that was included with the blue yarn that would be used to create the body and helped with the beginning process. Additionally, it contained three stitch markers.
  • A step-by-step manual with video tutorials that show you how to crochet. The Pre started Wooble Yarn will enable you to quickly learn the fundamental stitches. 
  • needle for stuffing tapestries 
  • Sticky notes 
  • safety eyes of 10mm 
  • Crochet hook, 4 mm 
  • Pattern available as a PDF download 
  • Unlimited email and SMS assistance. 

Wobbles Reviews USA: How to use?

 Before now, people unwed very difficult kits and programs to learn the art of crocheting. Complicated hand-drawn patterns, weird YouTube videos, and annoying yarn that won’t stay in place might all be used to teach you how to crochet. Alternatively, you might use The Woobles to learn to crochet.

The Woobles provides you with the resources and direction you need to master crochet. Each thread is already started and hard to unravel; all you have to do is finish it. Many people have made unsuccessful attempts in the past to learn how to crochet. The Woobles want that to alter. Your purchase includes Simple-to-follow video instructions, a section that is already started so you never have to restart from scratch, custom-made yarn suitable for beginners, Active neighborhood with more than 5,000 Wooblers that can assist, and welcome you.

The Woobles’ overall goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to become an expert crocheter. The Woobles eliminates the majority of the challenging aspects of learning to crochet. Choosing which animal to crochet is the most challenging aspect of using The Woobles.Each Wooble animal is already started for you with special knots that you cannot undo. Additionally, the animal contains stitch markers that serve as instructions for where to place your hook for the initial few stitches. You can get a head start on your project by pre-starting each animal. More importantly, by getting a head start, you avoid having to restart from scratch, which discourages many beginning crocheters.

How will the Woobles help my child?

Every parent just wants the best for their kids. It is challenging to raise happy, confidence, and self-assured children. Many parents are happy to have come across the Woobles because it has to keep their child busy and mentally engaged. 

A company called The Woobles sells kits for those who wish to learn how to make amigurumi, which are little stuffed animals made out of yarn or crochet. You are given a kit that includes all the materials and instructions you require to begin crocheting. You can pick from a wide variety of designs, ranging from straightforward to sophisticated.  Giving your kid a meaningful activity to engage in provides a variety of advantages which includes:

Reduced screen time: The Woobles is fully offline, with the exception of following the directions and keeping your child’s eyes and thoughts off of screens.

Unwind: This program is a wonderful way to help your child relax his/her mind. It’s tough to be a tween or a teenager! Kids can enjoy crocheting for the rest of their lives because it has no negative environmental effects and is a low stress.

Gain new knowledge: Your children are probably already so glued to their phones that it prevents them from gaining new knowledge. The Wooble will help your kid gain uncommon knowledge, which will be beneficial to her even as an adult. 

Gain a sense of accomplishment: being able to starry a thing and conclude it has a way of giving one a sense of accomplishment. Once your kid is able to complete any of the projects with a crocheted animal, she could show it off to her peers, giving her the morale to take on other new tasks that will make him/her a better person.

Increased self-assurance: Research has shown that developing new abilities can boost one’s confidence. Your kid’s mood and demeanor will certainly improve for better when they start acing their projects with the Wooble starter kit. 

Develop a sense of community: You kid can contact the Wooble community whenever He/she needs help; they are accessible via email or a closed Facebook group.

The Woobles are the world’s simplest crochet learning method, guaranteed! The Woobles offers everything you need to master crochet, including beginner-friendly yarn, a pre-started piece that makes it impossible to fail, and much more.

Woobles Reviews: Benefits

The following are the Benefits of using the Woobles Kit.

Simplified Videos: The professor that helped compile the video is really good at what he does and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. Most people don’t feel like they have to be flawless, and it will look as if you are studying with a friend.

How to Fix Everything – The Woobles is a very versatile kit and gives you a wide range of options. You can learn to fix a lot of things. You will even be able. Receive helpful criticism from the different social media platforms, and this will help to make things easier for you. The yarn is incredibly silky and colorful; I adore it! It’s stunning! On the website, I read more details about the yarn and discovered that it makes the ideal starter yarn because it doesn’t fray or readily fall apart.

Packaging – Apart from a kit being useful, its packaging is equally important, and the packaging for this kit was adorable. It is packaged in a bag, which looks pretty cool.

Who needs the Woobles?

Everyone, including your kids, need the Woobles. The two primary items that users receive from The Woobles kits—are directions and supplies, which is also the reason why this kit is so beneficial. The directions are meant to be simple to follow, which helps customers develop their abilities by learning methods they can use on other goods in the future. Both textual and video versions of the tutorials are offered.

The benefits are actually endless, with many advantages for you as the user/intending buyer. It is simple to get started because the provided yarn is already tied in irreversible knots for the user. Stitch marks will be visible along the yarn, indicating where they should place their first few stitches. Customers may start working on their project safely without having to worry about it unraveling.

If you want to learn how to crochet or make your own lovely animals, the Woobles kits are a wonderful option. The end result, materials, and videos all speak for themselves. The best yarn in the world is the Woobles beginner-friendly yarn. Crocheting is simple by using Easy Peasy yarn since it doesn’t fray or snag. Easy Peasy yarn from Wooble is used in this kit.

A vibrant, simple-to-use crochet kit from The Woobles for beginners is an answer to your boring and uneventful life as it gives you a new adventure. The Woobles’ beginner crochet kits are suggested for children ages 12 and above, while young children as little as eight have successfully mastered the craft. Would you like to advance beyond the fundamentals? The Beginner+ or Intermediate kits are worth looking into. The Woobles is a great product in every dimension and is worth giving a try today!

Woobles Reviews: What distinguishes this crochet kit from others?

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: You may easily return the Woobles hassle-free if you’re not completely happy for any reason. The manufacturers are quite confident about you being satisfied with the Woobles, but in any case, you can have it returned for a full refund.
  • The Woobles were manufactured in the United States of America.
  • The manufacturers also offer quick shipping to more than 30 nations, and you have free shipping if you stay in the USA. 
  • High-quality beginners kit that contains everything you need to get started and master your skill
  • Great customer support: They’re quick, real people, and they actually enjoy talking to you, so they will assist you with any problem you have.
  • The Woobles can be used by anyone irrespective of age, sex, or experience.

Woobles Reviews: Where can I buy it?

The manufacturer’s official website is the place to make your purchase. You have access to a variety of payment methods, including but not limited to PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Card, etc., and their payment information is always secure. Delivery to the majority of nations throughout the world is possible, and your order will arrive faster than you could ever think. Just be sure to include the correct information when placing your order to prevent delivery delays and misplacement. For people who order this product right away, discounts are available, and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. The longer you wait to purchase this item, the greater your chance of missing out on the tantalizing discounts offered to buyers.

Woobles Reviews: Pricing

From the manufacturer’s official website, you can purchase your own Woobles Kit without hassle. The manufacturers of this amazing beginner’s crochet learning product have made it available for an affordable price with added discounts. At the checkout, you can select your animal from Felix, Pierre, or Jojo. You can select multiple of the same animal or mix & match. Every kit includes everything you need to begin learning to crochet. You can make your own purchase of the Wobbles from any country worldwide, including the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Australia. You can your desired number of units for the following discounted prices.

  • $29.99 plus shipping for 1 Woobles Kit
  • $79.98 for 3 Woobles Kits with free US shipping
  • $119.97 for 5 Woobles Kits with free US shipping

Woobles Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I will provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions of the Woobles Beginner’s Kit.

Can novices really accomplish this? 

Of course! The Woobles have taught crochet to over 100,000 individuals, and you may be the next! Just adhere to the detailed video instructions provided with each kit. In order to help you get past the initial hurdle, these beginner kits also include pre-started yarn. 

Suitable for children? 

The Woobles is appropriate for children ages 12 and above. They can have fun offline while crocheting without having to look at their screens. How your child learns to dabble in arts and crafts, their hand-eye coordination, and how well their physical abilities are learned from the video, photo, and written content are some aspects that will affect your child’s success. 

Can lefties pull it off? 

Yes! Each starter kit includes step-by-step instructions for both the right and left hand. Additionally, both right-handed and left-handed viewers can access all of our general tutorial videos.

What is included in every Woobles kit?

Each kit contains sufficient supplies to create one lovely Wooble creature without any leftovers! 

Your complete set comes with: 

  • A step-by-step manual with video tutorials that show you how to crochet. The Pre started Wooble Yarn will enable you to quickly learn the fundamental stitches. 
  • needle for stuffing tapestries 
  • Sticky notes 
  • safety eyes of 10mm 
  • Crochet hook, 4 mm 
  • Pattern available as a PDF download 
  • Unlimited email and SMS assistance. 

I’m just getting started. Which kit would be the best to start with? 

Every The Wobbles kit is created for beginners! However, Pierre, the Penguin is one of our most well-liked Woobles and a fantastic first project. 

What kind of yarn is used in the Woobles kits? 

The Woobles starter kits contain yarn that is either acrylic or a cotton-nylon combination. Because it’s so simple to work with, we refer to this custom-blend yarn as “Easy Peasy,” making it ideal for novices. 

How much time does a starter kit require? 

Every crocheter works at a different pace. Complete beginners have reported that our beginner kits take anywhere from 3 to 8 hours.

I bought a kit. Where do I begin?

Congrats! You’ve already made the first step in acquiring a new, enduring talent. To begin using your kit: 

  • Please visit thewoobles.com/start. 
  • Click on the Wooble you have 
  • Put the password in. The card that was included in your kit has the password on the back. 

Are you a little anxious? 

Never be! When learning something new, making mistakes is totally normal. If you do, just remember that you can always undo your mistake by tugging on the yarn that is attached to the yarn ball. 

Do you need some inspiration? 

Visit the manufacturer’s Facebook community to see what your fellow Wobblers have been up to and post queries. 

I bought a kit. Where are the instructions and patterns for it? 

  • Follow these steps to obtain your step-by-step instructions: 
  • Please visit thewoobles.com/start. 
  • Click on the Wooble you have 
  • Put the password in. The card that was included in your kit has the password on the back. 

I’m planning to give the Wobble kit as a gift. Will my recipient have access to the instructions and pattern? 

Yep! On the back of the card that comes with their kit, there will be instructions on how to access their pattern and lessons. 

Why aren’t printed patterns included in the Woobles kits?

The majority of kits are designed for absolute novices, and according to other recently-arrived crocheters, watching internet video tutorials is the simplest method to learn the craft. This is why we specifically advise you to take your time to watch the tutorial videos online. 

When should I anticipate my order? 

FAST! All items are shipped out within 24 to 48 hours of being received! In the United States, the Wooble product is typically delivered in 3-5 business days. Please allow 7 to 21 business days for purchases placed from outside the United States to arrive. Depending on the nation, delivery timeframes can change. 

Is there a warranty and/or money-back guarantee? 

Yes. All Wobbles kits come with a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. The manufacturers are more than willing to assist you with a return if you’re not completely satisfied. A 30-day guarantee is offered by the makers to provide you with a sense of buyer security. This means that as long as the packaging hasn’t been tampered with, you can return the Wooble within 30 days of purchase and obtain a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

When I receive my order, will I be required to pay any additional customs, tariffs, or VAT charges? 

You might be hit with one or more of these charges when you get your order, depending on your country. Please be aware that international payments are made in dollars. International costs are calculated using your currency’s usual exchange rate against the US dollar at the time of purchase or refund.

Conclusion on Woobles Reviews

The Woobles give people the resources and assurance they need to take on crochet at their current level of proficiency. This product is designed to help you get better and to better your skills. Customers may immediately begin working on the next project after watching each video because they learn a new loop or knot that will keep their materials in place.

If you wish to advance in your crotchety career or to rely on this skill as a means of your livelihood, then this Woobles Review must have armed you with the information you need as a beginner.

The Wobble is actually the best crochet kit for beginners, as agreed by so many verified users of this product. Even people who have never crocheted a thing before will be able to learn enough skills with the Wooble to allow them to get better. The wooble will give you the motivation to try out crocheting your preferred animal. The manufacturers of this product have also made the process of making purchases quite easy, and you can buy yours by clicking the link below!

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