Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Reviews 2022: All You Need To Know!

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Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Reviews

If you just bought a mattress, you may already be considering how to safeguard your newly purchased item. How can you maintain its comfort and breathability while keeping bed bugs, allergies, and liquids out of it? What transpires if anything gets spilled on your mattress? Can you just clean your mattress and get rid of the stain? Do you actually need a mattress protector in the end?

You can clean your mattress after a single spill or even every few months, but purchasing a mattress protector is the best method to safeguard both your investment and your health. The majority of high-quality mattress covers are fitted like fitted sheets and are simple to wash with your sheets and pillowcases. Their hypoallergenic construction guards against bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs, and other liquids. Additionally, they prolong the freshness and comfort of your mattress.

Most mattress protectors are designed in the way that it covers the mattress; it is comparable to a fitted sheet. Typically constructed of cotton, polyester, or other fabrics, they are intended to assist in warding off liquid and shield against other forms of injury (dirt, dust, allergens, etc.). A mattress protector is most frequently used as a protector that is resistant to liquids.

The mattress protector will help to ensure that your pricey mattress stays fresh, clean, and unsoiled even in the event that you spill a drink or have a child or pet that is prone to accidents; a mattress cover that will come in handy regardless. They are an affordable solution to guarantee that your mattress looks great for many years. Mattress protectors are typically quite thin. If they are manufactured well, they can function without being particularly thick. As a result, they don’t really affect how the mattress feels or how comfortable it is. They can assist in lowering allergies, dust mites, and asthma troubles, in addition to shielding your mattress from harm, liquids, etc.

 Mattress protectors are a cheap method to breathe new life into sagging or otherwise uncomfortable mattresses. There is no requirement to buy a mattress pad if the mattress is brand new (assuming you are happy with the mattress).On the other hand, a mattress protector is practically necessary. It is cheap, safeguards your investment, has no outward signs of it, and shouldn’t significantly alter how the mattress feels. In my opinion, it is obvious. Below is contained the details about our preferred mattress protectors.

When compared to other mattress covers, the Viscosoft Mattress Protector stands out thanks to its numerous great features. The fact that this product is so inexpensive to buy is one of its great features. When you utilize this mattress protector for your mattress, you can benefit from a number of advantages. This Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Reviews will cover everything you need to know about this product in detail.

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector: What Is It?

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The Viscosoft Mattress Protector is a mattress protector that can not only help keep your mattress in good shape but also help avoid spills and odors. The mattress protector’s construction includes antibacterial elements that stop bacteria from growing on your mattress. This product is designed to also fight one of the major problems most people have with their bedding which is odor and pest infestation. With the Viscosoft Protector, you wouldn’t have to battle with these as it effectively takes care of pests and odor.

Charlotte, North Carolina, is home to the Viscosoft corporation. The business was founded in 2007 and specialized in everything related to creating goods that will improve and provide you with a more pleasant night’s sleep. Their high-grade products are of excellent quality, and the business does well by keeping its pricing down. Other things they offer include mattresses, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, pillows, and anything else that can assist you in enjoying a comfortable night’s sleep. By using their numerous goods, you can get all you require to improve your sleep.

The Viscosoft Mattress Protector is an excellent product that has received widespread testing and approval. Customers who have used this mattress protector have provided several testimonials. When you want to purchase a new Viscosoft mattress protector, you do not need to spend a lot of money on the item. It takes a long time before the mattress protector needs to be washed. Your washing machine can be used to wash the Viscosoft Mattress Protector because it is so easily cleanable. The product is composed entirely of natural, highly pest-resistant cotton fabric.

This product is also very easy to purchase, and that can be done directly from the manufacturers website without stress. The manufacturers also offer it at a discounted price, making it the most buyer’s choice. Most customers recounted this product meeting their expectations and totally wowed them. You can continue reading these concise Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Reviews to learn more about this product.

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Reviews: Features

The Viscosoft Mattress Protector is ultimately produced to have a good number of features. These features make this product stand out when matched with your other alternatives. Here are some of the features which you might find when you purchase a new Viscosoft 

  • Guards Against Spills: Liquids cannot get inside your mattress thanks to the Viscosoft mattress protector.
  • Washable in a machine: Put it in your washing machine right away! No costly dry cleaning is necessary.
  • Antibacterial Qualities: The Viscosoft Mattress Protector was created with antibacterial qualities in mind. This indicates that the product can fend off any bacteria that might try to settle in your mattress. This is just one of the numerous qualities that set the Viscosoft Mattress Protector apart from other mattress protectors that are frequently utilized.
  • Unruffled Material: The Viscosoft fabrics shield your mattress from disturbances and sounds without creating any annoyance.
  • Cooling gel-infused memory foam: One of the main elements that help Viscosoft perform its tasks is memory foam, which has been filled with cooling gel. The cooling gel-infused memory foam in the mattress topper allows it to control airflow, which helps to release stored body heat. Additionally, it provides the mattress topper with its distinctive high density.
  • 100% Natural: The Viscosoft Mattress Protector is constructed of high-quality, natural cotton fabric, in contrast to other regularly used mattress protectors that are made with synthetic materials. Because of the fabric’s high quality, the protector is particularly resistant to any bugs that might try to assault your mattress. The Viscosoft Mattress Protector also has this fantastic feature.
  • Waterproof Features: The Viscosoft Mattress Protector is made to have waterproof features. Water and other liquids cannot wet the protection; therefore, this means. This is a really outstanding feature because a wet mattress can cause discomfort and odor. Utilizing the Viscosoft Mattress Protector will stop all of these from happening.
  • Can be used anywhere: When it comes to who and where the Viscosoft Mattress Protector can be used, there are no restrictions. The mattress protector is excellent for all types of mattresses and will still perform the essential duties that led to its creation.
  • Soft & Delicate: The Viscosoft Mattress Protector is exceptionally gentle and soft. When you use the mattress protector, you have complete comfort. The most natural source of cotton was used to create the product. Use this mattress protector if you’re looking for comfort and suppleness.
  • Thermoregulatory features: The Viscosoft Mattress Protector is made with the capability of acting as a temperature regulator in mind. This indicates that using the product while you sleep won’t make you feel hot. The mattress protector has the ability to produce a cooling impact to reduce heat.

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Reviews: Benefits

The Viscosoft Mattress Protector is a high-quality item that you can apply to your mattresses to make sure they last a long time and avoid any kind of deterioration. The Viscosoft Mattress Protector has a number of advantages that you may enjoy when using it on your mattress, some of which are listed below. They consist of:

  • Ensures longevity of your mattress: Utilizing the Viscosoft Mattress Protector guarantees that your mattress is well cared for by keeping it clean and odorless. It keeps your mattress fresh for a very long time before you have to determine how to wash the protector. It also avoids any type of unpleasant odor or scent.
  • Eliminates Bacteria: Using a Viscosoft Mattress Protector has the advantage of having antibacterial characteristics. This indicates that the mattress protector can aid in limiting the entry of all forms of microorganisms into your mattress. This is a remarkable feature that is quite uncommon and not frequently found in other types of mattress covers that are widely utilized.
  • Defends against mite and insect problems: The Viscosoft Mattress Protector is exceptionally strong against the problems that mites and bugs bring. You won’t experience a bed insect or mite infestation that could cause damage if you use this mattress protector. This is made feasible by the product’s high level of pest resistance. This pest problem is typically very common, but the Viscosoft will change your story for good. 
  • No Skin Irritation: The Viscosoft Mattress Protector is made with a design that makes it ideal for all skin types. Even if you have sensitive skin, the mattress protector is ideal for you, and using the Viscosoft Mattress Protector won’t cause any skin allergies or irritation. This exceptional attribute of the product is quite uncommon.
  • Form Retention: Buying a mattress is one thing then remaining as strong as you got it is entirely different. Your mattress’ shape may occasionally change after being used for a while because of how you’ve used it over time. Utilizing the Viscosoft Mattress Protector has some incredible advantages, one of which is that it may assist preserve the contour of your bed at all times. Amazing, huh? You, too, must get a brand-new Viscosoft mattress protector.
  • Good for your skin: Dust mites, bacteria, dust, and allergies can cause your mattress to double in weight, according to mattress manufacturers. It’s not only unhealthful—disgusting! The Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector, however, prevents foreign objects from getting inside your mattress, shielding you from skin rashes, allergies, and other respiratory irritations.
  • Very Affordable: A new Viscosoft Mattress Protector may be purchased for a very low price, making it affordable for everyone. You will be eligible for splashing discounts with the mattress protector, which will further drive down the cost, which is another fantastic perk. The manufacturers actually have the interest of their potential buyers at heart which is why they have made this product to be cheap and also very durable. You can easily make your purchase by navigating to the Viscosoft manufacturers’ official website online by clicking the link found at the end of this Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Reviews.
  • Pleasant sleep: The Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector offers a soft, breathable layer on top of your mattress that will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, unlike other mattress protectors that clump up or make you overheat.
  • Stay safe from spills: Your pricey mattress is shielded from spills of any type by the 100% waterproof layer that the Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector offers. Your mattress will always be protected and liquid-free, even if your child or pet creates a mess on it. Simply remove the Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector and wash it when it gets really dirty, and continue to enjoy its multiple befits.

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Reviews: Pros

  • Keeps spills from seeping into your mattress and prevents stains.
  • It won’t slide off your mattress thanks to secure corner pockets.
  • suit mattresses of any thickness and expertly constructed
  • To machine wash, simply remove the mattress protector.
  • very reasonably priced
  • Fabric is made entirely of natural cotton.
  • Possesses antimicrobial properties.
  • Acts as a temperature controller.
  • Able to fend off pests and mites.
  • Almost never gets soiled and is very washable.
  • Maintain the mattress’s contour.
  • Spills are kept off your mattress by the 100% waterproof material.
  • Prevents stains and keeps your mattress clean for a long time.
  • Extremely simple to take off and put back on
  • Fabric that can be machine washed, which makes cleanup simple.

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Review: Cons

  • Only the manufacturer’s official website can be used to make an online purchase of the Viscosoft Mattress Protector.
  • There are no local or retail stores that sell the Viscosoft Mattress Protector. They must be purchased online, and there is a limited supply of the item, but there’s even an advantage because when you buy the goods online, some discounts are included with the varied pricing of the Viscosoft Mattress Protector.

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Reviews: Where to buy?

When it comes to the features of being a top-notch mattress protector, the Viscosoft Mattress Protector is far better in terms of quality and functionality. Local or retail businesses do not sell mattress protectors. The manufacturer’s official website is the only legitimate and wise place to buy this item online. The Viscosoft Mattress Protector is limited in stock, but it can be purchased online. Customers who bought this product online are also provided some additional benefits. These benefits include:

Viscosoft Mattress Protector prices come with significant discounts, which allows you to save even more money by purchasing the item for a significantly lower cost.

Only the manufacturer’s official buy link can be used to make an online purchase of the genuine Viscosoft Mattress Protector, and every online transaction is completely secure and kept private. Only customers who buy the Viscosoft Mattress Protector online and directly from the manufacturers are eligible for the 90-day money-back guarantee program.

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Reviews: Pricing 

The Viscosoft Mattress Protectors are extremely reasonably priced. The price of the product varies depending on how many Viscosoft Mattress Protectors you want to buy. The various mattress protector costs are as follows:

King Size: Larger Size (76″ x 80″ x 17″)

  • Save 10% on 1x Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector at $107.99.
  • Save 10% when purchasing 2x Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protectors at $215.99.
  • Save 32% when purchasing a 3x Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector for $242.99 (recommended deal).
  • Whole Family Package: 4x Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector @ $323.99, 32% savings

Smaller Size: Queen Size (60″ x 80″ x 17″)

  • Save 10% on 1x Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector at $89.99.
  • Save 10% on 2x Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protectors at $179.99.
  • Save 32% when purchasing a 3x Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector for $201.99 (recommended deal).
  • Whole Family Package: 4x Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector @ $269.99, saving 32%

90-Day Money Back Guarantee 

Customers who purchase the Viscosoft Mattress Protector online using the manufacturer’s official purchasing link are eligible for a really fantastic privilege. Known as the 90-day money-back guarantee, this advantage. This implies that you can return the goods and receive a full refund of your money if you buy it and the mattress protector does not live up to your expectations. You must ensure the following in order to receive the refund:

  • The Viscosoft Mattress Protector may only be returned within 90 days of purchase. You will receive a complete refund of your money after you fulfill this criterion.
  • Make sure you return the item through the proper channel. You can do this by calling the customer service line of the business, and they can advise you on how to proceed. On the website, you can get information about the company’s mail or hotline.

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Reviews: What Are The Customers Saying?

Marlene S.– Really good quality!! Very happy with this purchase. It is for my son, who is a college freshman. Paid more than other mattress covers in the past, but they didn’t last very long after washing them a few times. I’m sure this one will last him his entire four years! Yes, I recommend this product!

Matthew G. – I bought this to put on my Viscosoft Mattress Topper and the mattress on the queen-size bed in my offroad teardrop camp trailer. It worked great this weekend while I was out camping. I slept very well and was very comfortable. Yes, I recommend this product!

Linda M.- This protector is a good quality one. I have already had to test it. It washed and dried up nicely with no shrinking. It was well worth the money. It doesn’t feel like a waterproof protector – it isn’t stiff and crinkly. Yes, I recommend this product!

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Reviews: FAQs

Customers frequently have queries to clear up any uncertainties that may have come up in their minds about the product they wish to buy. Some of the frequently asked questions about the Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector are listed below:

Is applying the mattress protector difficult? Is it challenging to launch?

The Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector is very simple to apply to your mattress. It can easily be completed by one person!

Can you wash the Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector?

Yes, it is! You may just wash it in your washing machine alongside other items.

How long before I receive my order?

When an item is placed, it normally takes three business days or less to arrive, thanks to our quick delivery option. Please be aware that the delivery window may vary slightly depending on the time of day the item was placed and the location to which it is being shipped.

Do you send goods abroad?

Viscosoft goods can only be delivered to the 48 contiguous United States at this time.

When not in use, may I store the mattress protector?

Absolutely. Our mattress protectors can be kept wherever that’s cool and dry.

How impervious to pests is the Viscosoft Mattress Protector?

The Viscosoft Mattress Protector efficiently wards off mites, insects, and other pests that might try to infest your mattress.

Do the antibacterial qualities of the Viscosoft Mattress Protector exist?

Yes, the product includes antibacterial qualities that assist stop bacteria from growing in your mattress.

Does the Viscosoft Mattress Protector work with all types of skin?

The product is made to be suitable for all skin types and does not irritate the skin in any way, so the answer is yes. You can use the Viscosoft Mattress Protector if you have sensitive skin.

Is the Viscosoft Mattress Protector machine-washable?

Yes, you can wash the Viscosoft Mattress Protector in a washing machine anytime you feel the urge to do so.

Do the products contain any toxic chemicals?

No, dangerous chemicals like flame retardants or formaldehyde are not used in our goods.

How effective is the Viscosoft Mattress Protector?

The Viscosoft Mattress Protector is highly effective and should be used for your mattress if you want to provide it with the complete care and protection it needs.

If I’m not satisfied with a purchase, how do I return it?

All of the manufacturer’s items come with a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can return them for a full refund within that time frame if you’re dissatisfied with them for any reason. Call to begin the return procedure @ (844) 888-4726 or go to on our website.

Conclusion on Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Reviews

Forget about uncomfortable, hot-to-the-touch old-fashioned mattress coverings! The luxuriously pleasant material that makes up the Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector keeps you cool and keeps its form for years to come.

Why take the chance of having liquid spills or the occasional pet accident destroy your pricey mattresses? Using the Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector on each of your mattresses will keep them clean and odor-free for many years to come. It is an affordable option.

The mattress protector is superior to other regularly used mattress protectors in terms of quality and has many incredible features. Make sure you will receive significant benefits from using a mattress protector before using one of them. The Viscosoft Mattress Protector functions as a thermostat. Even during hot weather, this aids in cooling.

Try out the Viscosoft mattress cover because doing so carries no risk at all! The Viscosoft mattress protector is a steal at any price because of the fantastic stain protection it offers! However, if you take advantage of the temporary discount when placing your order, you’ll just have to spend $89.99 instead of the usual $99.99. You can’t afford to pass up that fantastic chance to save money!

The cost of buying a new Viscosoft mattress protector is pretty reasonable and can be acquired by any individual. The incredible reductions that come with internet purchases have further lowered the prices, allowing you to save money. When you utilize this product, you can get every desirable benefit from a mattress protector. You only need to click the buy button to order the Viscosoft Mattress Protector right now.

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