Top Skincare Gadgets 2022: Tips On How To Care For Your Skin

by Steve
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Top Skincare Gadgets

Your skin is arguably one of the most important organs of the body. To a great extent, your skin forms a greater part of your identity and has a wide range of functions. Your skin serves as a protective barrier to your internal organs. 

Your skin is also an organ of defense in the sense that it prevents the entry of microorganisms by serving as the first line of defense. Your skin also functions to help you regulate your temperature and is involved in the process known as homeostasis. If we begin to list the functions of the skin, we probably may not exhaust the list even in a two paged article. 

Citing the advantages of the skin, it is deducible that not caring for your skin has quite a lot of consequences. Despite serving as a barrier to the entry of microbes, your skin can get infected in the process. When infected, the condition manifests as different skin problems. In some cases, these microbes habiting your skin can go further to gain access to your internal system giving you a more systemic infection. 

Some of the skin problems change your look and even your complexion, thus affecting your self-esteem. It is very common to find some people, especially females, insecure as a result of one skin blemish or the other, which is why they go ahead and spend thousands of dollars on skincare products that sometimes don’t give the expected result. 

There are a lot of skin care products available both in our offline and online markets. Some of them have recorded strong evidence of having some negative after-effects on some organs of our body. Some of these skincare products can even make your skin worse than it was. Your skin deserves to be cared for, so it’s important to know how any product or gadget is supposed to help your skin. 

This Top Skincare Gadgets review is designed to help remind you of some practices which, when kept, will help guarantee you have better skin and life in general. I will also go ahead to recommend some skincare products and gadgets with some good customer ratings and reviews.

I have tried to gather and then provide quality information about the products highlighted in this article, their features, price, and benefits so as to help you decide whether or not they are somehow you would like to spend. You can go ahead to click on the ‘Read more’ button to access a full review on each of these products. This Top Skincare Gadgets review is honest and concise, and I hope you get life-changing information from reading this article. Let’s get started.

Tips on how to care for your skin 

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In this section, I will give out some tips that, when adopted, would help give you healthy-looking skin. Caring for your skin can sometimes be hectic, especially in people that are quite susceptible to irritants and have very delicate skin. These tips are quite achievable, and you could try keeping to them to see how well it affects your skin.

1. Wash Your Face

This is one of the easiest skincare tips as it does not require you to spend at all. The practice of washing your face in the morning as you wake up and before you go to bed is one with a lot of benefits. As you go about your day, your skin tends to sweat in an attempt to regulate your body temperature; the humid skin created in the process tends to breed microorganisms on your skin, including your face.

You come back home feeling stuffy and sticky, which is not exactly good for your skin. This is worse for the female folks who apply makeup and other beauty creams that get degraded by the sun forming free radicals. Making sure you wash off your face, thereby getting rid of the sweat and the accumulated microbes, works to clear up your sweat pores, ensuring that you have healthy skin.

Some people tend to sweat a lot as they sleep; the sweating also tends to block some of the pores in your face. Washing your face when you wake up will also help remove the clogging of your pores, ensuring that your skin gets the air and comfort it needs.

2. Get More Sleep

The importance of getting adequate sleep can never be overemphasized. Getting the recommended hours of sleep does a lot of good to our skin and overall well-being. Even robots and machines need to be rested periodically to ensure adequate function. You may not know about this, but your skin is designed to repair on its own.

You need to get your prescribed hours of sleep of about 7 to 9 hours daily to be able to give your skin the time it needs to rejuvenate. You can also use 30 minutes before your sleep to calm yourself down, wash your face, then apply some of your skincare products that are meant to be applied at night. Getting adequate sleep is important as stress does a lot of bad to your skin.

3. Breathe Clean Air

The air you breathe actually matters to your internal organs and your skin. The air present in your locality can harm your skin by causing some form of irritation. This irritation can trigger different reactions both to your airway and your skin. It is important to breathe clean and fresh as issues as this contributes to how your skin looks.

Different people react to different situations in different ways. For some people, this matters so little or has no effect at all on their skin but spells disaster for others. There’s no need to risk your health when you can be more careful with the right habits. It is important to keep to best practices for you to have a healthy life.

4. Use Antioxidants

Some lifestyles and practices tend to generate free radicals. These free radicals are contained in some foods and substances we consume. This includes some fried foods, alcohol, and pesticides. These free radicals contained in some of these food products can go on to impact negatively on our skin.

The good news is that antioxidants can take these free radicals into account. This antioxidant includes some fruits and products prepared with ingredients that have anti-oxidizing potential. It is important to eat foods with antioxidants such as dark chocolate, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and pecans.

Frequent and consistent use of antioxidants for those that can afford it is very important and will go a long way to give you the skin you desire. It is just important to use skincare products that include antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, Green Tea, and other anti-oxidizing ingredients.

5. Exfoliate Your Face

Another tip that is worth taking note of is the act of exfoliating your skin periodically. Mind you; there’s a very big difference between gentle exfoliation and bleaching your skin. The act of exfoliation is basically the use of substances and practices that will help remove the topmost dead layer of your skin.

This practice is done periodically and is not something to be done every single time. There are some products which you use that can help you achieve this. Some plant and animal derivatives products can help you to achieve this. Agents and products with ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), which are found in natural fruit acids, have proven effective. Alpha hydroxy acids mop up the compound that holds on to dead skin cells, gently removing them without scrubbing. 

6. Exercise Regularly

Exercising your body routinely has a lot of benefits. Frequent exercises have been linked to better health conditions. Exercise helps increase blood flow, which helps in the clearance of free oxygen radicals. Exercise is also a way to reduce stress and can also help improve the quality of your sleep. Ensure the needful by washing out your face after working out as it leads to you sweating a lot.

7. Use A Moisturizer

Depending on your skin type, the importance of a moisturizer is worthwhile. Proper moisturizing helps prevent dry, flaky skin and keeps skin cells healthy. It helps prevent wrinkles and an aging skin look. Using a moisturizer is of great help to every skin through its importance varies depending on your skin type, whether it is dry, oily, mature, or acne-prone. 

8. Drink water

Drinking clean water and fluids helps to keep your skin properly hydrated. There’s a popular saying that water is the best fluid, and this is totally true. Your skin is one of those organs which indicates when your body is dehydrated. It’s important to avoid foods that dehydrate your skin which includes alcohol and coffee. In cases where these foods must be consumed, it’s important that you properly hydrate your body by taking enough water and eating enough fruits and vegetables.

Dehydrated skin looks dull, itchy, and dry. Drinking the right amount of water can have your skin glowing, while doing otherwise would have your skin looking flaky and your eyes sunken. The habit of drinking water would save you from a lot of illnesses and disease conditions. The habit of drinking water frequently would benefit you holistically.

9. Wear Sunscreen

The sun is really not a very good friend to your skin, especially when you’re exposed to it for long hours. A sun is a form of radiation, and being exposed to it for long hours can harm your skin in many ways. The sun emits a kind of radiation known as ultraviolet radiation. These UV rays, when in contact with your bare skin for a long period of time, do a lot of bad stuff to your skin.

The sun’s UV rays can cause some form of excitation of your cells, leading to hyperpigmentation and, in some cases, some skin diseases. As much as the sun is one of the major sources of Vitamin D, an important vitamin needed by your body for different biological processes, exposing your skin to the sun, especially the ‘bad sun,’ is not healthy.

The effect of getting exposed to the sun greatly depends on the time of the day. The morning sun, which is regarded as the good sun, has some health benefits, while getting exposed to the scorching afternoon sun is quite the opposite. If you must be out there during the hours of the bad sun as a result of your vocation or due to some other personal reasons, it is advisable to use a certain product that contains ingredients that can protect your skin from the bad effects of the sun. It’s advisable to use sunscreen to help protect you from the effects of the sun.

Top Skincare gadgets: Our top picks

#1 Beautystat cosmetics

The first product on our list today is the BeautyStat Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream. This affordable moisturizer is designed to be used both day and night and works to help your skin retain moisture.

This moisturizer is specially designed to repair the skin’s protective barrier. A damaged barrier can result in dull, rough, dehydrated, irritated, and oily skin. Having a damaged skin barrier can also speed up the process of aging and accelerates the hyperpigmentation of your skin. 

Using this product as prescribed by the manufacturers will help keep your skin glowing and hydrated. It is recommended that you use this moisturizer twice daily(Morning and Night), and it is backed by extensive research, This product is made with safe and effective ingredients. The components of the beauty stat universal pro-bio Moisture boost cream include:

This product is made with the finest of ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid Bonds, which are the main ingredient of this formulation because of their moisturizing effect. It works to keep your skin moisturized all day. Another important ingredient is the Bio-Fermented Nutrient Complex. This, in essence, is a beneficial probiotic derived from a rare mushroom extract. This Bio fermented nutrient complex will help to heal, soothe, detoxify, and fight against environmental pollution. It will also benefit those suffering from inflammatory damage.

The third ingredient we have on our list is the Ceramides and Pomegranate Sterols: These ingredients work to help repair your skin’s moisture barrier. This ingredient is quite effective and will help reduce wrinkling and premature aging appearance. 

The manufacturers of this product are currently selling this product at an affordable price. You can get universal pro-bio Moisture boost cream for the prices below :

  • You can buy 1 Jar of beautystat for $49.99
  • You can buy 2 Jars of beautystat for $99.99
  • You can buy 3 Jars of beautystat for $119.99

Benefits of the Beautystat 

  • The BeautyStat products can help in the production of collagen, which is a protein required for repairs.
  • This product contains powerful and effective ingredients that can help make your skin look healthier and better.
  • The BeautyStat can help reduce the wrinkles caused as a result of different oxidizing agents.
  • They can help to moisturize your skin, giving you the luxury of glowing skin.
  • This product can help protect your skin against free radicals by serving as an antioxidant.
  • For persons with overly oily skin, the BeautyStat products will help you control the amount of skin produced and retained by your skin.
  • The manufacturers package their products properly.

#2 UltraRadiance 

The second product on our recommendations today is the UltraRadiance.This device employs the latest LED technology in skincare. The UltraRadiance 5 in 1 Anti-Aging Kit uses five different LEDs. This led light all works today to give you healthy-looking skin. Actually, this technique has been in use for many years and has been proven to be effective. The manufacturers of the Ultraradiance took advantage of this and made this skincare device that actually works.

UltraRadiance helps the Skin elasticity, strength, and suppleness are improved by using UltraRadiance treatment, especially on the face. The UltraRadiance, in addition to helping improve your skin’s elasticity, also removes wrinkles, dark spots, lines, and other imperfections.

It helps to remove wrinkles and dark eye circles wherever it is applied. The ultra-radiance LED light therapy uses a combination of little massage and light therapy to improve skin problems.

It has been proven that as you advance in age, your body’s ability to synthesize collagen using enzymes and cofactors decreases drastically. This leads to multiple wrinkles in the skin and on the face. This product will go a long way in helping you avoid being in this situation.

You can buy the UltraRadiance at the manufacturer’s official website online at the following prices:

  • You can get one UltraRadiance for $89.85
  • You can get two UltraRadiance costs for $179.99
  • You can get three UltraRadiance for $201.99
  • You can get four UltraRadiance for $246.99

The manufacturers also made available a 30 days money-back guarantee offer. You can easily request a refund after making your request and then get refunded in full.  

Features and benefits of UltraRadiance LED Light Therapy

  • No unwanted side effects 
  • Rapidly effective:
  • Very affordable
  • Boost the effect of other skin products
  • Different light and intensities: 
  • Radiate from inside to the outside

Where can I buy these gadgets?

You can easily buy any of these products from the manufacturer’s website online. The truth is, some persons find it really hard to make online purchases because of the uncertainty surrounding such a purchase. But from our research, the manufacturers of these products are genuine and will definitely deliver your products to your location promptly. You get your products delivered in due time and without any problem at all.

You can also make payments with your credit or debit card, and other payment options are also available. The manufacturers also tried to make buying from their website more palatable; some of these products are available at different discount rates and money-back guarantees meaning that you have the liberty of making a return if you think the products are not what you thought or felt like you made a mistake by purchasing them.


In conclusion, I have been able to give us some tips on how to care for our skin. I have also given us reasons why caring for our skin is necessary. The products I recommended in this review also have good Customer Care reviews. During the course of our research, we discovered that so many verified users of these products already gave positive reviews about them. We don’t think you would have any reason to regret making a purchase.

These products are available online and can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website. You can click on the ‘read more button to access a full review of each product, then click on the link connecting to the manufacturer’s website to make your purchase. We hope you learned a thing or two in this review and would care for your skin better due to the information you got from this article.

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