PowerPod Charger Review 2020: Is it Scam?

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PowerPod Charger Review 

In the event that you use your telephone a great deal in the day either for business, entertainment or boredom relief, charging it around evening time probably won’t be adequate. Making use of your telephone with a low battery isn’t ideal since it can affect performance and execution. You might slump into the swamp of anger and anxiety since you are aware that your phone battery will die off within two or four hours of intense usage.

Even when you plug it with the original charger, waiting for another four hours for it to be fully charged is quite frustrating. Of course, you will definitely want your phone to be electrified as fast as it can so that you will continue with whatever you are doing with it. But that’s usually not the case with most chargers. There are various choices to look into to guarantee that you generally have a full charge as fast as possible. Here, PowerPod comes in handy. 

Of course, we will probably suggest you put resources into a compact charger so you can charge your telephone in a hurry instead of the regular charger that wastes your entire time. Emergency chargers and power banks are advantageous alternatives to look into to guarantee that your telephone consistently has a full charge within a short period of time. PowerPod charger is the solution you need. 

Regardless of whether you’re out on a jaunty walk, adventures, or just anywhere away from your location, you definitely merit carrying a convenient charger in case you are concerned your telephone’s battery won’t last for the stipulated period of the separation. Be that as it may, which charger would it be advisable for you to purchase?

The best compact chargers are lightweight, amazing, and sturdy. Keep in mind that compact chargers need charging, as well — some are to be charged using electrical strings or cords, while others get their energy from the sun through solar panels or boards. Powerpod is the absolute best compact charger you can purchase to keep your cell phone’s battery beat up and you will never be stranded with a dead mobile phone anymore! 

PowerPod is a cell phone charger that will energize any of your gadget on the spot! So reduced, it fits directly on your keychain. The PowerPod is the ideal tech gadget ally to take with you wherever you go in order to ensure that you generally have all the additional power you need to keep your phone alive! 

The PowerPod is lightweight and fits directly on your keys! What’s more, it connects to every one of your gadgets without the need of any untidy cables and you are definitely assured of never to have  a dead telephone battery anymore. It sounds like a magic but it is so true. 

It restores the power to you. You no longer need to worry about browsing your email, sending instant messages, making and getting calls, utilizing all your applications, and even following maps! You no longer hesitate while trying to carryout any of the above options because with this powerful device, PowerPod, you never need to be too anxious over your battery shutting down or being stuck not able to make a call when you have an emergency case. This is simply because in the case of an urgent message, you will simply connect your powerpod compact charger to your phone and viola you are good to go. 

For the record, PowerPod is so little yet so ground-breaking. It charges your phone battery instantly. However, the reason why it is able to energize your phone battery so quickly is not far-fetched. The mystery is that PowerPod is equipped with a built-in micro high velocity feature. The charger conveys instant power that goes on for quite a long time! 

What is PowerPod Charger? 

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The PowerPod is a compact cell phone and tablet charger that is expressed to be significantly littler than certain coins. It’s been intended to work with all Apple or Android cell phones or tablets and to be joined to any keychain, knapsack, folder case or tote. Everyone has a rubber treated external shell, which may help spare it from harm if it’s unintentionally dropped. It’s guaranteed that when you plug one of these chargers legitimately into a proper gadget, it’ll give the gadget at least two hours of intensity. 

The PowerPod is lightweight and fits directly on your keys! It connects to every one of your gadgets without the need of any untidy cables and you are definitely assured of never having  a dead telephone battery anymore. It sounds like magic but it is so true. 

PowerPods’ built-in micro high velocity charger delivers instant power and works with your Android and Apple devices. It needs no cables and therefore, you just have to plug it directly into your device. Also, PowerPod Charger can be electrified, so you can use it over and over again. It’s so light and compact that it easily fits on your key ring or in your pocket. Now you can take PowerPod with you everywhere and have instant charge when you need it! You no longer need to worry about browsing your email, sending instant messages, making and getting calls, utilizing all your applications, and even following maps!

So you just have to append one to your key ring, or your folder case, your tote, your duffel bag. It’s the ideal gadget to stick onto your children backpacks so the children can require a ride after school or practice!

Features of PowerPod 

  • Built-in Micro High Velocity Charger that delivers instant power that lasts for hours
  • Instant charge when you need it!
  • USB Rechargeable – use it over & over again
  • Compact, lightweight, portable design
  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices – simply select which version you need. 
  • No cables or messy cords – plugs directly into your device
  • Durable rubberised cover
  • PowerPod provides up to 2hrs of power. 

Highlights of PowerPod Charger 

  • Attaches Firmly Into The Phone When Plugged: This gadget can be attached straightforwardly into the gap you’d regularly plug a charger into, paying little mind to which perfect cell phone or tablet you’re utilizing. Accordingly, you won’t have to stress yourself over conveying any additional cables or cords with you so as to charge that cell phone or tablet. 
  • Dark With Label: The Power Pod is a dark gadget which implies that everyone will fit most cell phones and tablets with regards to shading or color. Also, every gadget is usually named “PowerPod,” so you won’t experience issues telling yours different from comparable little gadgets you may have, as USB flash drives. 
  • Battery-Powered: All through your charging gadget’s lifetime, you’ll have the option to recharge it the same number of times as you’d like, at whatever point its capacity limit of at least two hours has been spent. To do such, you’ll have to utilize the included USB cable to plug your charging gadget into your picked USB port of any PC or desktop. 
  • Two Versions Available: At the point when you get a Power Pod, you’ll have the option to pick between two renditions. One is Rubber made for use with any Android device(s), while the other is made for use with Apple gadgets. 
  • Rubber-Layered Cover: Since this kind of gadget is to be utilized while individuals are in a hurry, it’s just sensible to accept you may drop it or knock it into things sometimes. In any case, it’ll be probably not going to bring about lasting harm, on the grounds that everyone is secured with a sturdy, defensive layer of elastic or rubber.
  • Minimized Size / Compact: Some charging gadgets are as large as wallets and may gauge a pound or two, yet this present one is really littler than a portion of the bigger coins that are consistently utilized in North America. Every one likely has about a similar load as a coin, as well. Thus, this kind of charger won’t be hard for anybody to convey or store in a little space (like a glove compartment or minuscule satchel). There’s likewise a little opening incorporated with every one that will make it possible for you to join it to a key ring or a zipper. 

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Special Benefits of PowerPod 

  • Advances Work Efficiency: In case you’re somebody whom your work environment needs to connect with much of the time, even on your days off or vacations, having a Power Pod will get you out. When you have one of these, if your telephone loses its charge while you’re away from home, you’ll basically have the option to plug it into the telephone and begin accepting writings, messages, and calls once more. With the powerpod’s capacity, you’ll additionally have the option to utilize any applications that you’d ordinarily use on your telephone to complete things. 
  • Useful for Navigation Tasks: At the point when your telephone goes off as you’re driving along, you’ll lose access to your GPS application, which implies you may no longer realize where you’re going, particularly in case you’re a long way from home. A Power Pod will empower you to recapture access to the application within some seconds, however, so you won’t end up lost in a new territory. It’ll additionally get you out similarly in case you’re strolling, running or biking as opposed to driving. 
  • Perfect In Emergencies: In the event that you do happen to wind up in a crisis circumstance and you notice that your telephone is dead, you’ll have the option to plug your Power Pod into it to boot it up once more. At that point, right away, you’ll have the option to call or text the fitting individual or gathering of individuals for help. Without one of these fast charging gadgets, you may wind up sitting in a segregated region with an ailment or injury for quite a long time, as you trust that somebody will go along and discover you. 
  • Assists Kids With Keeping In Contact: A Power Pod will likewise help your children habitually speak with you by means of cell phone when you’re not in a similar spot as them. That implies you’ll generally know whether they’re OK or not, and the other way around. The equivalent goes for seniors in your family whom you might need to watch out for because of physical or mental challenges they might be encountering. 
powerpod charger review.jpeg
Power pod charger review

Cons of  PowerPod Charger 

  • Won’t Work With Every Device: A great many people have Apple or Android telephones, so it’s plausible that the Power Pod will work with the gadgets you need to charge, however it won’t work with all the advanced gadgets individuals as of now have. On the off chance that you have a Windows Phone, for a certain reason, it will most likely be unable to charge the telephone appropriately. Likewise, a similar unit won’t charge both Apple and Android gadgets. In the event that you utilize both, you’ll need to get one variant of the charging case for your Apple gadgets and the elective form for your Android ones. 
  • Spare Time: In the event that your telephone kicks the bucket and you don’t have one of these charging units, you’ll need to look for the privilege charging link and an electrical outlet or USB port to plug it into. Following that, you’ll have to hold up in any event for several minutes for the charger to convey a touch of capacity to your telephone. Luckily, you won’t need to sit around idly rifling through a heap of cables, finding an outlet or port or hanging tight for power once you have a charging unit of this sort. You’ll essentially need to snatch it and fit it into your telephone, and it’ll convey power more rapidly to the telephone than standard charges regularly do.
  • May Encourage Phone Addiction: In case you’re dependent on utilizing your cell phone or tablet and use it in any event, when you presumably ought to do different things, having a Power Pod may simply support your dependence. This gadget will assist you with guaranteeing that your telephone or tablet will never be out of intensity, so you’ll have the option to utilize it for all intents and purposes constantly in the event that you need to. That could be terrible news for you if your recreational telephone or tablet use regularly meddles with your work, your family duties or your training. 

How Does PowerPod Works? 

The Power Pod carries out its responsibility adequately because of micro high-speed innovation that empowers it to quickly convey steady power to a gadget once it’s connected to it. This innovation additionally empowers the power source to keep going for at any rate two hours — regardless of which function or application you decide to use on your telephone—or considerably longer than that. 

How rapidly will Power Pod recharge my telephone? 

PowerPod relies upon the yield (output) of the power bank, and if / how you’re utilizing the gadget while it’s charging. Most power banks have a 2A yield choice, which will recharge around 1% every moment (or 100% in around 80 minutes). 1A yield will energize marginally more slowly. 

Some power banks, for example, Air 10 Plus and Air 20 Max, offer Fast Charge for good gadgets and cables. To enjoy the quickest charge, utilize a USB-C link (for example USB-C to Lightning Cable or USB-C to USB-C cable). 

Which Devices Are PowerPod Compatible With?

The Power Pod comes in two variants – USB-C for Android and Lightning for Apple. You can select the device compatibility you need when you order.

Android (with USB-C connection)

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Huawei
  • Google
  • ZTE
  • Xiaomi

Apple (with Lighting connection )

  • iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 PLUS, 6S, 6S PLUS, 7, 7 PLUS, 8, 8 PLUS, X, XS, XS MAX, XR, 11, 11 PRO
  • Apple iPad Lighting cable compatible devices

How Much Does PowerPod Cost? 

powerpod review.jpeg

The expense of Power Pod is $19.99 in addition to $6.99 delivering. The unique TV offer permits you to get a subsequent Power Pod at the limited cost of just $6.99 at an all out cost of $33.97. 

Cost is from As Seen on TV Commercial page: getpowerpod.com 

Also, if you have an inquiry that isn’t recorded or need to get familiar with any of their items, you can call their helpline at 1 300 791 730 or email them at support@powerpod.net.

What Are Buyers Saying About PowerPod? 

(Lynne Blazey, Peel, WA

“Very compact and easy to array. I have only just got the device, but it is easy to use and has charged one phone and it took a while. Otherwise happy to be able to carry and not take up all the room in your handbag.”

(Greg Holden

“Handy! Handy to recharge to 20 to 30 percent on my mobile, I don’t know about any other devices as I haven’t tried them yet. Fully charged it took my mobile from 30% to 49% before running out of puff.” 

(Reet Petite, Sydney

“Brilliant little gadget. This little gadget is a life saver, it’s a discreet size & is easy to hang my keyring. I don’t have to worry anymore about my phone “dying”. I also like the fact that it comes in various phone “charger” styles as i also bought one for my husband who has a samsung. Thank you for a great product.”


“Great product to complement my device. Product is compact and easy to carry around. Not sure at this stage, have had it for a short time and have only used it to partially charge which was quick. Product is most reliable, I have used it for an Iphone device, I don’t know how many charges as I have had the product for a short time.”

(Ann, Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

“This is a great product. It’s very light to carry in a handbag but not on your keychain and it doesn’t take long to charge. I didn’t count how many charges I forgot to count but I would recommend it to anyone.” 

(Bruce Wright, Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

“It’s handy to have for emergencies. It seems to be reliable, convenient to use, handy size, and great to have in your pocket or on a key ring. Charges reasonably quickly, reliable, and probably does one full charge for an iPhone 5.”

(Rhonda H, Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC)

“Wonderful little gadget! Very compact and portable. Charges quickly and is easy to use. I put it on my keyring so it is always handy. We have two of these pods and leave one in the car for convenience.” 

Frequently Asked Questions (PowerPod Charger Review)

Will my Powerpod work with my telephone / gadget? 

Indeed! Powerpod power banks are perfect with every single cell phone. You simply need to guarantee you have the essential link or connector for your gadget. Most force banks accompany a small scale USB charge link included, which can be utilized to revive the force bank, just as your micro USB gadget. 

iPhone users must purchase or utilize your current Lightning cable / connector. Powerpod power banks can likewise be utilized to charge tablets, for example, iPads. 

USB Type-C users by and large should purchase or utilize your current USB-C link (if it’s not too much trouble check the item you bought to affirm, as certain items accompany a USB-C cable, for example, the Air 10 Plus and Air 20 Max). 

The Air 20 Max can be utilized to charge perfect USB-C PCs / laptops. 

Would I be able to energize my Powerpod? How? 

Truly! Each Powerpod is accompanied with a cable that associates with any USB wall charger, USB vehicle charger or PC USB port fit for charging. 

Fitting the micro USB cable into the IN port of your Powerpod and the USB end into your PC or wall charger. 

In the event that it’s the first occasion when you’ve charged it, or on the off chance that you have not utilized it for a month or more, charge your Powerpod for up to 15 hours in order to get the absolute best from it. 

How often can my Powerpod be recharged? 

About 500. Sweet! From that point forward, its ability may debase. (We as a whole get drained.) 

What number of charges would my gadget get from my Powerpod? 

Most advanced mobile phone batteries go in limit from around 1800 mAh (for example iPhone 8) to 3500 mAh (for example Galaxy S8 Plus) 

The surmised number of charges to an inert advanced mobile phone are: 

Air 3: 1 x 90% charge 

Air 5: 2 x 100% charge 

Air 8: 3 x 100% charge 

Air 10: 4 x 100% charge 

Air 10 Plus: 4 x 100% charge 

Air 20 Max: 8 x 100% charge 

Multi-Functional Power Bank: 3 x 100% charge 

Beautique Starlight Mirror and Power Bank: 2 x 100% charge 

Van Buuren Speaker and Power Bank: 1 x 70% charge 

Van Buuren TWS Earphones and Power Bank: 1 x 65% charge 

The specific number of charges changes relying upon the gadget and use while charging. 

Are the connectors and cables included with the Powerpod? 

Most Powerpod power banks accompany a short micro USB cable. Our Air 10 Plus and Air 20 Max likewise incorporate a USB to USB-C link. (**Please note the Multi-Functional Power bank isn’t accompanied with any cable as it is energized straightforwardly from a wall outlet.) 

Are my Powerpod and accessories secured by a guarantee? 

Indeed! A year guarantee. 

What’s your refund strategy? 

14 day unconditional promise and year guarantee. In other words, 14 day money back guarantee and 12 month warranty. 

Other Valuable Questions

Are the Lightning connectors and links Apple confirmed? 

Truly. All Apple items sold by Powerpod are MFi guaranteed. 

Is it perfect with unfamiliar connectors? Would I be able to utilize it in different nations? 

Of course. Powerpods utilize the USB principles which are all inclusive over the world. (You may require a connector for your PC or USB wall charger.) 

Would I be able to utilize this on a plane? 

Truly. However, on the off chance that anybody objects, send them our way. 

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