ChillPill Reviews 2022: Is This Sleeping Aid A Scam?

by Steve
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ChillPill Reviews

There’s a surge in the number of individuals from different vocations currently suffering from various mental illnesses, including anxiety, despair, sleep deprivation, and other conditions rampant in our world today. People are so busy these days, with a lot of deadlines to meet and different responsibilities to overcome. Human nature is such a way that he tries to make it all the time as soon as possible, which mounts an undue pressure that is sometimes overwhelming.

Different word economies are currently witnessing varying economic hardships making it much more difficult for her citizens to make ends meet. It is no longer news that the 21st has witnessed an increased amount of humans who get less sleep. Sleep is very important to any human being as you need it to refresh. The downside of getting a decreased amount of sleep or getting no sleep at all is immeasurable.

Stress and worry have become ubiquitous in our lives, and they are harmful to our health in the long run. It’s no wonder that there is a slew of products in various shapes and sizes on the market right now to help you manage your stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, this has become a market where merchants may try to take advantage of you by selling useless imitation products.

The manufacturers of the ChillPill claimed that it would help you manage your stress and anxiety. But the big question – What’s the guarantee that the ChillPill will work as the manufacturers promised. Before you go ahead to purchase a product you have not used before, getting to know the details of the product is key to making a worthwhile purchase. 

This ChillPill Reviews is designed to supply you with all the necessary information about the ChillPill. For you to search for this product means that either you or someone you know might be in need of the product, and this ChillReview will help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

What is the ChillPill

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The Chill Pill is a revolutionary handheld device that employs Electrotherapy to help people sleep better. It is a non-addictive, hormone-free, non-ingestible, and safe solution for sleeping problems. The ChillPill is a portable and durable sleeping aid that is a worthy alternative to your regular sleeping pills. The Chill Pill sends a signal to your brain that restores the various neurochemicals to their pre-stress state.

It sounds unbelievable that by simply holding the Chill Pill in your hand, you can lessen anxiety symptoms and fall asleep more rapidly – all while improving sleep quality and reducing stress. This revolutionary technique achieves this by sending gentle electronic pulses from your hand to your brain, telling your nervous system to relax. This procedure is completely risk-free and natural. Thanks to the manufacturers of the Chill Pill, you can have a portable version that you can carry with you wherever you go!

To put it another way, Electrotherapy involves delivering low-intensity current pulses to your body in order to restore equilibrium to your brain’s neurochemicals. Holding a small handheld instrument(The ChillPill) that emits electrical waves produces these currents. These waves inform your brain that it is time to unwind and sleep. This device includes a USB port as well as a cord. According to the brand at CES, this device uses cranial electrotherapy stimulation technology to keep people stress-free.

On the Mend Your Mental website, this substance is characterized as a neurotransmitter that sends out pulse signals. The signals notify your body that it’s time to unwind and get some rest. The electrotherapy stimulation employed in this device, according to the website, has been clinically shown to help alleviate anxiety and sleeplessness.

The ChillPill is affordable and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee at the time of writing this article. This product also lowers your heart rate, allowing you to unwind a little. Many people report that it improves their concentration. Getting long and adequate is fast becoming a problem for a lot of people these days, and this product is here to help you with a token.

Features of ChillPill

  • All-Natural and Non-Addictive: Drugs are virtually often used to treat anxiety. Pills can help, but they also cause new problems like tolerance and addiction. You aren’t solving one problem to create another with the Chill Pill. While sleeping drugs have been found to help people fall asleep, they are only a short-term remedy. They are frequently habit-forming, and you must continue to use them if you want to sleep soundly. Because The Chill Pill is based purely on microcurrent technology, such complications are rare. This means there will be no risk of dependency and no threshold for tolerance. Most significantly, using this device allows you to feel rejuvenated when you wake up. Tolerance leads to drug abuse with consequently increased side effects, but the ChillPill will provide a great alternative for you. The ChillPill is on-addictive, doesn’t build a habit, and has no negative side effects.
  • Portable: It’s simple to carry the Chill Pill about with you without drawing attention to yourself. You can comfortably use the ChillPill on a plane, in class, with friends or family, while watching a movie, or even at a meeting. It’s so unobtrusive that you will never have to worry about drawing attention to yourself when you’re actively relaxing your body.No questions from people around you, and you get to use your device while achieving the desired result without stress.
  • It’s both sleek and durable: The Chill Pill comes with a rubber sleeve that slips gently around your wrist and stretches into a bracelet. Put it in your handbag, wear it on your wrist all day, or slip it in and out of your pocket; whatever works best for you! It’s small and portable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.
  • Affordable: Medications, vitamins, and counseling are all alternatives to the Chill Pill. All of these options are costly, and they all cost money on a regular basis. The Chill Pill, on the other hand, is a one-time purchase. All you have to do now is replenish your battery, and you’re good to go. This is a significant cost-cutting benefit for anyone dealing with anxiety.
  • Electrotherapy Stimulation is Safe: The ChillPill employs the principle of electrotherapy stimulation. Without a doubt, Electrotherapy is safe for the management of anxiety, but because they don’t understand how it works, some individuals are scared. So I simply want to bring out that there is a slew of scientific papers that show how safe and beneficial this is for lowering anxiety.
  • Rechargeable and long-lasting: The ChillPill is not one of those gadgets that are designed to be plugged while in use. The Chill Pill has a 500mAh battery that lasts for at least 20 hours. If the device runs out of battery, all it needs is a USB charging wire to recharge it. Because this device is designed to shut down after 20 minutes, one charge is expected to last a long time. You just have to ensure you charge your ChillPill up whenever there’s electricity, then use it for a very long time without needing to charge it up again.
  • It’s simple to use: To use the relaxing Electrotherapy, simply hold the ChillPill in your hand. It has no adverse effects and can be used every night, as frequently as you wish. It’s lighter than an AirPod case, weighing only 50 grams, and designed to fit exactly in the palm of your hand. Experts advise that you use the device for around 20 minutes before you want to sleep. 
  • Friendly to the skin -The Chill Pill is ergonomically engineered to fit comfortably in your hand. This position is critical for triggering brain pathways that promote serenity throughout the body. Fortunately, the strong, skin-friendly construction allows people to fall slumber and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Prescription-free purchase – You do not need a prescription to order the Chill Pill because it is a Class III Medical Device. To place a purchase, simply go to the company’s website here.
  • Calm Down Immediately, Anytime, Anywhere: Having a Chill Pill in your pocket is like having a warm hug that you can reach for whenever you need some comfort and peace. It’s been shown to help with both general anxiety and panic episodes. To relax in any situation effectively, simply modify the pulse settings based on your anxiety levels. 
  • Enjoy deep and natural sleep: Falling Asleep Faster & Getting a Better Night’s Sleep is slowly becoming a problem for a good number of people. The Chill Pill puts you to sleep quickly and painlessly — without the need for medications! Simply hold the Chill Pill in your hand as you head to bed to combat insomnia. The moderate pulses encourage your brain and body to relax, allowing you to sleep off peacefully.

How Does The Chill Pill Help With Anxiety?

The Chill Pill is simple to use; all you have to do is hold it in your hand. Simply hold down the middle button until the Chill Pill begins to glow to turn it on. Then you can increase or decrease the intensity by adjusting the pulse. 

The huge silver circle in the center emits the primary pulse. So you simply wrap your palm around it till the pulse is felt. You can also move it over your body – to the lower back of your neck, inside of your wrists, the top of your palm, and the front of your thighs – until you feel your tension dissipate and your body relaxes. Many reports have it that you only need about one hour to charge up your ChillPill, and it lasts for 20 hours, making it convenient to tote about all day.

ChillPill Reviews: Pros

  • One charge lasts 20 hours, and it charges completely in just one hour! 
  • Long-Lasting Materials – Made to last for years and years. 
  • Make it your own with a variety of colors! 
  • Science-based therapy is both safe and effective.
  • Affordable 
  • 60 days money-back guarantee 

ChillPill Reviews: Cons

  • Only available on the manufacturers’ website
  • Limited stock, so hurry and make your purchase right away 

ChillPill Reviews: Where to buy 

You can get the ChillPill directly from the company’s website, and you can order as many as you want. You won’t have to squander time in the queue at the bank because the company has made it simple to pay for any quantity from the comfort of your own home. PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Card, and other payment methods are available. Because the manufacturer’s website is secure, your credit card information will not be compromised.

The ChillPill is sold in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. Right now, you can place your order.

ChillPill Reviews: Pricing 

This product is quite affordable and shouldn’t put you in a bad place financially. The Chill Pill has a unit price of $49.50. Ordering numerous Chill Pills per order will save you money. The ChillPill can be gotten for the prices when you order from the manufacturers’ website:

  • $49.50 plus shipping for one Chill Pill
  • $89.99 for 2 Chill Pills + Free US Shipping
  • $128.56 for 3 Chill Pills + Free US Shipping

ChillPill Reviews: What Are The Customers Saying?

The Chill Pill has been gaining traction as a viable alternative to standard sleep aids, with over $1.5 million in sales.

Rylee: Must have for mental health. I originally got this thing for my sleep problems (it takes hours to get to sleep every night), and it has changed my night routine completely. I look forward to bedtime now! But it’s been even better. The ChillPill took my panic attacks down from at least one to two a week to maybe once a month; best investment ever for the mentally ill, lol!

Samantha: This little gadget has been a legit game-changer for my anxiety. Idk if anyone else gets crazy panicky when getting lashes and nails done, but I do, well, I used to! Not anymore.

Jerri Winnet: I purchased the Chill Pill to help me sleep. I work at night and have a hard time sleeping during the day. I use the chill pill when I can not relax and wind down enough to go to sleep. It’s made a world of difference. I am able to go to sleep quickly when using my chill pill.

Randi Campell: I use my chill pill every single night. It really helps settle my mind and helps me fall asleep fast. I also use it on high anxiety days.

Samantha Slade, who has been using the device for over eight months now, says: “I have been actively struggling and fighting with anxiety, depression, and insomnia for two years. This chill pill has reduced at least 80% of my dependency on sleep aids (melatonin, CBD, THC, alcohol) to help clear my mind and get a quality night’s sleep. Within a week of using this, I was calm, relaxed, and asleep within 60 minutes max. Some nights within the first 20. I haven’t felt this relaxed in years.”

Another user, Mindy Davis, says: “I absolutely love my chill pill. I have anxiety and trouble sleeping. I just put the chill pill in my left hand, and I’m usually asleep before it cuts off. It’s wonderful. I’m buying a second one in case something were to happen to this one! I love it!!! It’s been a lifesaver! Thank you for such a wonderful product.”

ChillPill Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Who isn’t supposed to take the Chill Pill?

Electrotherapy is not suggested for persons with nerve damage, shunts, or carpal tunnel syndrome, and it is also not indicated for people who have cardiac problems. Furthermore, pregnant women should avoid electrotherapy treatment because its safety has not been demonstrated. In parts of the body where malignant lesions exist, Electrotherapy should not be used.

  • The treatment should not be used on swollen, infected, or irritated parts of the skin (e.g., varicose veins)
  • Electrotherapy should not be used on patients who are suspected of having serious infectious diseases or disorders that require the suppression of heat or fevers.
  • Electrotherapy current should not be passed via the skull or through the anterior neck (carotid sinus).
  • Powered muscle stimulators should not be used on patients who have cardiac demand pacemakers.
  • Patients with cardiac demand pacemakers should not utilize TENS waveforms.

What is the purpose of a Chill Pill?

Anxiety, despair, and sleeplessness affect more people than ever before. While we may not be able to change the chaotic environment, we can control our mental state. The Chill Pill is the only at-home medical device certified to treat sadness, anxiety, and insomnia, and it can help you get through these difficult times. There will be no more restless nights, overwhelming worry, or senseless grief!

Why don’t you just take some sleeping pills?

While sleeping pills are generally helpful in helping people sleep, the issue is with their long-term effects. After weeks, months, or even years of using sleeping pills to fall asleep, the risk of developing a sleeping drug addiction is extremely high. In fact, most patients develop a tolerance to the drug and gradually raise their dosage.

Tolerance in this context means needing an increased those in other to achieve the same effect as before. However, there is no risk of addiction with the Chill Pill, and long-term use actually helps your mental state to become independent of any sleeping or calming aid!

What is the composition of the Chill Pill?

The Chill Pill is composed of ABS-Certified Stainless Steel and is protected by a silicone casing. It’s completely safe and non-toxic, and it’s made to be gentle on your skin even when you sleep with it tucked into your palm!

Is it necessary to charge the Chill Pill on a regular basis?

The Chill Pill includes a 500mAh battery that lasts for at least 20 hours. Because it goes off after 20 minutes, you should expect a single charge to last you days, if not weeks! Every Chill Pill also comes with a USB charging wire.

Is it possible for me to sleep with the Chill Pill in my hand?

Yes, absolutely! The Chill Pill is meant to fit in the palm of your hand and activates neural pathways, calming your mind and body and promoting better sleep. Because the strong, skin-friendly construction allows you to fall asleep and wake up well-rested, You won’t have to worry about it slipping off the bed or getting stuck under your leg in the middle of the night.

Is it safe to take the Chill Pill when pregnant?

We are not aware of any risks or concerns associated with using this product while pregnant, but you should always see your doctor first.

What is the mechanism of action of the Chill Pill?

The Chill Pill releases short, harmless electrical pulses that provide sensory stimulation just by holding it in your palm. When the pulse is applied, this stimulation helps your internal systems to settle down. It’s totally risk-free and drug-free.

What is the best way to use The Chill Pill?

Here’s how to use the ChillPill, according to the Chill Pill website:

  • Set the frequency to a gradual, comfortable level while holding the Chill Pill in your left hand.
  • When it shuts off, switch hands and hold it for another full cycle (after 20 minutes).
  • You should start to drift off after the first cycle. It’s perfectly okay to continue the routine if you don’t fall asleep immediately.
  • It takes one hour to fully charge the device, and it lasts for 20 hours. Anyone above the age of six can use it safely. However, if you have a history of cardiac problems, nerve damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, or are pregnant, you should visit a doctor.

The Chill Pill device must first be charged for an hour. When charged, locate the 3-side button. Individuals are then instructed to press and hold the middle button until a constant glow appears. Individuals can change the intensity of the microcurrents by pressing the “+” and “-” buttons. The next stage is to find the grip, which will be different for each person. Individuals may choose to loosen or tighten their grasp when the primary pulse is emitted from the larger silver circle. 

Will The Chill Pill cause any discomfort?

The Chill Pill should not cause any discomfort. When modifying the settings, people should be cautious. People may believe that the higher the intensity, the better, but on an individualized basis, this is doubtful.

What can you expect from The Chill Pill in terms of results?

The Chill Pill may not put people to sleep right away for the first few nights. It takes time for the pulses to create calming neural pathways in the body. Individuals may first experience reduced tension throughout their bodies. As long as you stay on a regimen, your body will begin to wind down around the same time each night after one week. The Chill Pill should be able to handle insomnia, general anxiety, and sensory overload after over two months of constant use.

Does the Chill Pill come with a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee on The Chill Pill. Customer support must be informed if this product does not meet your expectations, you will be given a full refund. Consider the following methods of contact to assess this offer if an order is qualified for a refund:

  • is an email address.
  • Toll-free number: 1-800-674-3773
  • Chill Pill, PO Box 165, Damascus, MD 20872 is the mailing address.

Is the Mend Your Mental Chill Pill a genuine product?

During our study, we discovered that the product is available on a number of e-commerce websites. We also discovered that on several of the websites that sell this product, the majority of the reviews are good.

From a variety of angles, this product appears to be legitimate due to a large number of reliable websites offering it online and its availability. To be safe, we recommend that our customers undertake their own research before purchasing the goods.

Conclusion on ChillPill Reviews

In conclusion, I believe I have been able to do justice to the review of this product, and you should be comfortable with any decision you are making about the ChillPill. From all indications and evaluations, this product is not a bad one at all, as it has features that other sleeping aids cannot boast of. 

You no longer have to go back to taking your sleeping pills which have different side effects. The manufacturers of the ChillPill have available a worthy alternative to your sleeping pills. You can simply navigate to the manufacturer’s website by clicking the link below and then make your purchase as soon as possible.


Please keep in mind that any advice or instructions provided here are not intended to replace competent medical or financial advice from a registered healthcare provider or a certified financial advisor. If you use pharmaceuticals or have concerns after reading the above review, contact a licensed physician or financial advisor before making any purchasing decisions.

Because the representations about these products have not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada, individual outcomes may vary and are not guaranteed. FDA or Health Canada-approved research has not validated the efficacy of these items. These items are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any ailment, and they are not a get-rich-quick scheme. Inaccuracies in pricing are not the responsibility of the reviewer. Final prices can be seen on the product sales page.

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