Bril Review 2021: Does Brill Toothbrush Sterilizer Work?

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Bril Review: Smile Healthy.

There are two types of people in the world. The first group care enough about their health to know that teeth should be cleaned and practice cleaning their teeth, even twice a day. So, they go on, scrubbing, flossing, and gagging over their bathroom sink, all in a bid to have squeaky clean teeth. 

The second group only struggles to own a toothbrush and is content with brushing just once or never at all. Yes, such people exist, as disgusting as it sounds. We hope you never get to meet one.

Now, what do these two groups of people have in common? Okay, yes, there are both humans; we know that. Can you assert another guess? We will give you a clue. It has to do with the brushing tool. No, it is not because the first group uses the tool more vigorously and the other group doesn’t. Sigh. Fine, we will tell you.

Irrespective of how often these two groups care for their teeth, they both care for the tool, the toothbrush, the same way. Wait, you want to protest? But, what other thing do you do for toothbrush besides, maybe rinsing it off and dropping it on the bathroom table? 

If the toothbrush is lucky to have a more detailed owner, it will have a cup for a home, where it can stand erect and pick the germs in the air. While for an owner who cares less, the toothbrush is left to fight for the germs on the bathroom table. Eventually, they all end up in the mouth. Yuck!

You probably rolled your eyes now, “since it is such a big issue, go on and tell us what else to do with the brush!” We will tell you. For the mere fact that the toothbrush ends up in our mouth, it should be cared for. You do not see us bother over your bathroom sponge cause its duty ends externally. Unless you use your bathroom sponge in your mouth, then you shouldn’t worry as much.

Back to the toothbrush. Just for clarity, the toothbrush has bristles, and just like your hairbrush collects dirt from your hair, so does the toothbrush for your mouth. The only difference is that you wash off the sizeable visible dirt with water. But tiny dirt and germs are left behind, and germs are not good. 

But how can one get rid of those germs? Not like we can get a microscope to pick them out one after the other. We thought so too, till our attention became drawn to this new product with a lot of promise. The BRIL!

Everyone is talking about this and how it has helped them with oral hygiene, and we thought it wise to take a look, and of course, get back to you. Hence, this is a Bril Review, where we will be giving you all the information about the product, its features, pros, and cons. Just keep scrolling.

What Is Bril UV ToothBrush Sanitizer Case?

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Bril Review

The Bril is an electronic toothbrush sterilizer that uses UV light to give the toothbrush an all-around clean. You place the head of your toothbrush in it, and the UV light comes on automatically to clean up the toothbrush. This UV light is the same as the sun’s rays, you know, the ones that plants use for food and we use sunscreen against. It is probably harsh for the skin, but it is sure good enough for sterilization purposes.

How Does The Bril Work?

The Bril works with UV light. This unique light is the same technology most hospitals use to maintain a sterile environment. Like we have mentioned above, it is similar to the light from the sun, and it works by generating heat, strong enough to destabilize the cell wall of most bacteria and viruses that constitute germs.  

Now that you know-how about a peep into its features.

Features Of Bril

Technicalities of the Bril

  • Amount per unit: One
  • Dimension: 6cm x 4cm x 2cm
  • Weight: 4g
  • Colour: Variety

Other features include:

  • Size
  • Design
  • Material
  • Power Source
  • UV Light Chamber
  • Charging Port
  • Magnetic Holder 

Size: The size of the Bril is about that of an air pod case. And it opens up just the way the air pod case does. It is, however, empty enough to bear the head of your toothbrush. So, it is not anything like the large sterilizers you see in a barbing salon or hospital. It is small and can fit into any corner.

Design: We’ve already mentioned how it looks like an air pod case. In addition, it has a transparent part just on the covers so that you can peep through and see what goes on with your toothbrush. You know for the sake of curiosity. Also, the transparent part helps you know when the UV light chamber is on and running, thus serves as a sort of indicator light.

The other non-transparent part has a smooth feel and shiny look and comes in different colors. It is made from plastic externally, while the inside that has the UV light chamber is metal.

Power source: The Brill runs on electricity. It comes with a charging port and a USB cable to plug it into a power source. It charges up and can be used after that without being plugged in. The Bril can last for 30 days with just one charge, so it doesn’t need to be consistently charged.

UV light chamber: The Bril works with UV light. Thus, the inside of the Bril, where the toothbrush is put in, has a UV light Chamber, where the UV light is emitted from. The light emitted is purple in color, and the chamber is touch-sensitive so that it comes on once the toothbrush is inside and closed up.

Magnetic holder: It will interest you to know that the back of the Bril has a magnet that allows you to place it on a metal surface, which most of our bathroom fittings are made of. Also, this will enable it to be placed far from reach so that the particles from the shower, toilet do not come close to it.

That is what we were able to gather about the features. Next up on this Bril review are the benefits. Just in case you haven’t figured them out from the features, we got you. 

Benefits Of Bril ToothBrush Sanitizer

Bril Review.jpeg
Bril Review

They include:

  • Small and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to Clean
  • 24-hour toothbrush protection
  • Allows for better oral hygiene
  • Safe to use
  • Saves Energy
  • Versatile
  • Array of colors

Small and Portable: 

You know, when one mentions a sterilizer, your imagination drifts towards a large, cumbersome machine, or even if you are hopeful, you’ll imagine a table-top device. The Bril is even better. It is small enough to fit into your hand and large enough to contain your toothbrush head. 

Owing to its size, which is just like an air pod case, you can carry it anywhere you wish, on a trip, a slumber party, or even in your backpack for emergencies. And with how it looks, no one will know it is a toothbrush you have with you. Well, until they see the handle, if they are paying attention. Thus, the Bril got your back, any time, any day. Or, more specifically, got your mouth! Wink.

Easy to use:

When a new product gets into the market with a lot of promise, it is customary to have still a brow hanging up in suspicion till one knows how to use it. With so many products, there is often difficulty understanding how to set it up or use it. 

We are sure your brows up when you first saw the article. No, you will not need anyone’s help setting up the Bril. There is no setting up happening anywhere. All you have to do is place your toothbrush in it, and the light automatically comes on to do its work.

Easy to Clean:

The Bril is a sterilizer, and it is safe to say that the UV light it emits to clean your toothbrush also cleans it up; you know what they say, ‘physician heal thy self.’ So, there is nothing to beat yourself about getting it cleaned up. If you are not satisfied with that, you can use a piece of cloth to clean up the Bril after each use. Voila!

24-hour toothbrush protection:

We have already shown you how portable and easy to carry about the Bril is. Now, the thing, while the sole function of the Bril is to sterilize your toothbrush, it won’t hurt to leave it there as a toothbrush case. 

There is no consequence of leaving your toothbrush in the Bril, even after the sterilization is done. The UV light will simply go off on its own once it feels the toothbrush is clean enough. While your toothbrush remains in it, safe and sound. So, you need not worry about the toothbrush picking up germs after. Just leave it in the Bril, all day long.

Allows for better oral hygiene:

This is the primary function of the Bril, improving oral hygiene. Before now, we would have been subjected to the vicious cycle of getting our teeth clean, putting away our toothbrush only for it to pick up germs, and reintroducing the same germs into our mouths in the next clean. 

Before now, we are pretty sure that no attempt has been made to carter toothbrushes. The Bril is the first attempt to carter for our teeth, and it is a good attempt. And we cannot overemphasize how vital our oral hygiene is. The mouth is one of the essential inlets in our body and one we can control. We may not have the ability to stop ourselves from inhaling some particles, but we sure have control over what we eat or let into our mouths. 

With proper toothbrush care, we will have better oral hygiene and are sure to stay healthier.

Safe to use:

This is yet another benefit of Bril. Another fear we usually get of new products is their safety. Does it burn? Can it explode? Does it shock? The list goes on and on. Well, the answer to these questions for the Bril is no. Bril runs on electricity, but it does not need to be plugged into an energy source while it works. All you need to charge it and then use it independent of a power source. Hence, you have no worries about an electric shock.

More so, the Bril works by emitting UV light. This is the same light that is found in sun rays. Even though we are advised to put on sunscreen, the UV light sure doesn’t kill; if it did, then it wouldn’t be a part of the sun. Mother Nature isn’t that cruel. UV light is not a radioactive wave; it is just light.

Also, there is no chemical whatsoever inserted into the Bril. No cleaning agents, alcohol, or germicides. It is just UV light. So, if you have allergies to some chemicals or are just skeptical about them, you can rest assured that this won’t happen with the Bril.

Therefore, you can be rest assured of your safety with Bril. Now, what could be more beneficial than getting the cleaning job done while putting you in no danger whatsoever? For the first time, technology has indeed made life easier. The makers of motor cars and airplanes have a lot to learn.

Saves Energy:

“Always turn off the lights when you leave the room!” an angry family man, who is sick of the hiking electricity bill, will say. You are rest assured that anyone showing up at that house with an electrical appliance will get it. 

Well, calm down, Mr Family man. The Bril consumes as much energy as its size. And even more impressive is that a charging time of a minimum of 3 hours equates to 30 days of use. Yes, you read right. Not 3, not 13, but 30 days. Imagine the amount of energy you will save with this device. Not to forget the amount of money you save from not purchasing batteries. Nice right?

So, if you are like Mr. Family man, and the only reason stopping you from purchasing the Bril is energy cost, then you have no reason at all.


 You have probably been wondering, so the Bril helps clean up toothbrushes, but no one has told us the kind of toothbrushes it cleans. Well, that is because there are no restrictions to types. The Bril is large enough to accommodate any size of a toothbrush. Even if you have Goliath for a brother, you can still get a Bril for his next birthday. 

Just like we stated earlier, the Bril works via UV light emission, which so far has a track record of being a safe form of sterilization, evidenced by its wide use in hospitals. So, there are no restrictions on age. It is safe for both young and old; the Bril can work on toothbrushes for all ages and all sizes: kiddies’ toothbrushes, adult, and old peoples’ as well. It is up to it.

An array of colors:

 Yet another feature to applaud the producers for. You do not have to be subjected to one color with the Bril, as is the case with most electrical appliances. The makers of Bril took cognizance of the fact that a bathroom is a place of color, as most bathroom fittings are already white. More so, since the Bril will be used by children, they only thought it fitting to give it some color.

Therefore, you need not move out of your color palette because of the Bril. It comes in an array of colors that you can choose from. The colors of the Bril known so far include: black, white, blue, pink, and others. Interesting right?

So, there you have it. This Bril Review has succeeded in letting you in on the benefits of the Bril and why you should consider buying it. Next up, the cons of the Bril. We were able to put together some of the cons of the Bril because we are particular about making a clear-cut decision. Keep scrolling.

Bril Reviews.jpeg
Bril Review

Cons (Bril Review)

They include: 

  • No guaranteed cure for illnesses
  • It doesn’t help already damaged teeth
  • It doesn’t rule out the need to change the toothbrush
  • It doesn’t rid of regular dental appointments
  • Limited Stock

There is no guaranteed cure for the illness: While the Bril claims to be a super cleaning tool to get germs out of your toothbrush, there is no guarantee that it can rid you of illness. Therefore, if you fall ill after purchasing a Bril, it shouldn’t come as a surprise because it is not a drug that kicks out germs already in situ. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Doesn’t help already damaged teeth: While the Bril helps keep your teeth clean and prevent decay that might result from a dirty toothbrush, it doesn’t get rid of already existing tooth decay. Hence, do not expect your tooth decay to go away by using the Bril. 

Like we have stated earlier, there are no chemicals or drugs infused into the Bril, so it has no potential to cure tooth decay or kill off bacteria already in the teeth. It can only kill the bacteria or germs before it gets to your teeth. Therefore, even if you decide to buy a Bril for future protection, you will still need to see a dentist for your tooth decay.

Doesn’t rule out the need for a toothbrush change: Yes, using the Bril on your toothbrush will always make it feel brand new after every clean. You probably did a sort of dance when you read that part. Slow down, sweetheart, not to kill your joy, but owning a Bril doesn’t mean you do not have to change your toothbrush.

 As much as it keeps it clean, you will still have to change your toothbrush because the Bril won’t change the bristles on the brush, even though they feel new. Just like you still get new clothes even after using a washing machine, you will need to buy a toothbrush.

 Also, for the mere fact that it is advisable to change your toothbrush every three months, Bril isn’t ridding you of that obligation.

Doesn’t rid you of regular dentist appointments: For the last time, owning a Bril doesn’t make you immune to other health practices. The Bril only wants to make you healthier and not worse. So, avoiding a dentist’s office simply because you own a Bril doesn’t sound okay. We understand honestly; the dentist is not such a fun place to go to, and you were probably hoping that the Bril is enough. Well, seeking health care can never be enough; it’s your body, for crying out loud; therefore, see a dentist. 

Limited Stock: You can put away your piggy bank now, sorry. Like we said earlier in this Bril Review, our attention was drawn to Bril, not because we needed something to help you improve your oral hygiene and health, but also because everyone is talking about it. Want to know what everyone is also doing about the Bril? They are buying it!

Owing to this, there is a high demand for the Bril and a limited supply of the Bril. So, you do not have the luxury of saving to buy the Bril later if you decide to buy. You will have to make a purchase as soon as possible.

Now that is that, for the pros and cons part of this Bril Review. It’s been a wonderful ride, right? So, just because we are lovers of detail and always like to rid you of doubt, we put together a step-by-step guide on how to use the Bril. Enjoy.

How To Use The Bril ToothBrush Sanitizer Case

Step 1. Unpack the Bril from its packaging.

Step 2. Plug it into a power source using the USB cable that it comes with.

Step 3. Once fully charged, get any toothbrush of your choice, open the Bril and place the toothbrush’s head inside the Bril.

Step 4. Close the Bril to enclose the toothbrush. 

Step 5. The UV light will come on automatically, as you will see through the transparency of the cover.

Step 6. Once it is done sterilizing the brush, the light will go off. Your toothbrush is clean and ready for use.

Well, that’s about it. Now that you already know everything about the Bril, you are curious about the price to see if you are going to get on with the purchase or not. Not worry, cause this Bril Review got you covered.

Bril Review.jpeg

What Is The Cost Of Bril UV ToothBrush Sterilizer?

Price Of Brill ToothBrush Cleaner

1 Bril costs $29.99 plus $5.99 Shipping

3 pieces of Bril cost $59.98

5 pieces of Bril cost $89.97

8 pieces of Bril cost $119.96

Finally, for this Bril Review, we will be answering some questions that have been running through our minds, and haven’t been answered yet. Also, this Review segment is for those who do not want to go through the entire review but just want the facts. If you belong to any of the two groups, keep scrolling.

Frequently Asked Questions (Bril Review)

What is Bril? Bril is an electronic toothbrush sterilizer that uses UV light technology to kill off the germs on the toothbrush and make it safe for use.

  1. How does it work? 

The Bril works using UV light emission, which it emits automatically, on contact with a toothbrush. The UV light is unfavorable to germs as it disintegrates their cell wall, thus destroying them. 

  1. Is the Bril Durable?

Yes, it is. It is made of strong plastic that does not wear of nor melt. So, you rest assured of its durability.

  1. Is the Bril safe to use? 

Yes, it is. It is not infused with any chemicals or drugs. So, you have no worries about being harmed by chemicals or any side-effects from drugs. Also, the UV light which the Bril works with is not radioactive but similar to the light from the sun, which is safe.

  1. What is the energy source of the Bril?

The Bril works on electricity, but this is only to charge it. It does not have to be plugged into work. A single charge of about 3 hours offers a 30-day use. It does not need batteries.

  1. Does the Bril need to be cleaned regularly?

There is no stated fact about cleaning the Bril, probably because the UV light it emits also cleans it up. But wiping off with a piece of cloth from time to time won’t hurt.

  1. Where can the Bril be purchased?

The Bril is only available in online stores and can only be purchased there. It is not available in any physical retail stores.

  1. Does the Bril cure toothache?

No, it doesn’t. There is no proof of curing abilities for the Bril. However, it helps to keep your toothbrush clean and improve your oral hygiene.

  1. Who can use the Bril?

Anybody can use the Bril. It is not restricted to any age. It is safe for both young and old.

  1. How much does the Bril cost?

1 Bril costs $29.99 plus $5.99 Shipping

3 pieces of Bril cost $59.98

5 pieces of Bril cost $89.97

8 pieces of Bril cost $119.96

Now to the final part of this Bril Review, customer reviews! We were able to gather information about the Bril from customers who have purchased and used the Bril. Keep scrolling.

Bril ToothBrush Reviews Consumer Reports

“I love the Bril so much. Since I got it, I feel safer, and my teeth feel cleaner. I love that it can stay on the toothbrush all day long and cover it up. It is way better than the regular toothbrush covers.”

Joyce, Maryland

“After I used the Bril the first time, I got one for my wife and kids. I love how clean my toothbrush feels after. It was worth my money.”

Dan, California.

“A dentist recommended the Bril for me after I complained of a toothache. He said the germs were from my toothbrush and that the Bril would keep it safe. I’ve used it for some weeks now, and I do not regret it”.

Bobby, NYC.

Final Remarks on the Bril Review

If you are seeing this, you are at the end of this Bril Review. It’s been a wonderful ride, right? Now we’ve gone through the feature, pros, and cons of the Bril, and you are probably wondering if it should make it to your bathroom shelf. Well, here’s what we think.

For so long, there hasn’t been any other way to care for our toothbrushes besides rinsing them after use and judging by how important our oral hygiene is, as the mouth is the main entrance to our body. One that we can control, it is important that we offer it the most care. 

This is the sole aim of the Bril:

  • Rid the toothbrush of germs.
  • Keep it clean.
  • Improve oral hygiene.
  • Give healthy teeth and a healthy body.

So, it will not be out of place to purchase the Bril. Now, that is all for this Bril Review. I hope this review was helpful? 

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