Blaux Thermometer Review 2021: Is this infrared thermometer worth it?

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Taking temperature measurements is a daily routine activity not just in the clinics but also in the domestic and industrial settings. For this reason, there are different kinds of thermometers to serve these different needs. In the clinic for instance, a clinical thermometer which is a mercury-in-glass thermometer is mostly used, until recently that the digital, infrared thermometers are gaining ground in a variety of settings, including but not limited to the clinics. 

Due to its convenience and effectiveness, it has been adapted for usage on a variety of occasions. The usage is even amplified during this covid-19 pandemic because it is fast, safe, hygienic, and convenient. It is the best kind of thermometer to use during infection control as it is non-contact. 

Blaux thermometer is an infrared, forehead thermometer. It is a smart, digital thermometer that you really should learn more about. Read the complete blaux thermometer review to see if this product is for you. 

What is Blaux thermometer? 

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Blaux Thermometer Review

 Blaux thermometer is an infrared thermometer that is used to take the readings of body temperatures and other objects such as solids or room temperature. The device is kept at a close-range distance but not in contact with the object to be measured. Blaux thermometer is an infrared thermometer of top quality. It uses the latest infrared technology to produce accurate readings. It is a forehead thermometer that is utilized by simply directing it to the forehead of a person from a couple of centimeters(cm) distance.

 Blaux is a non-contact thermometer that is used to take the body temperature or the temperature of a substance without any direct contact. It works by reading and converting the infrared waves generated by the temporal artery that runs across the forehead, to heat and showing the result. As a non-contact thermometer, it has several advantages over the contact type. On some occasions, it doesn’t matter if the body is in motion, this device focused on the right spot can take the temperature readings precisely. 

This thermometer is even more useful when a fast response is needed because it takes temperature readings faster than contact-based thermometers. It is also recommended for measuring temperatures within the range of 0 to 100° Celsius/32 to 212 Fahrenheit. 

How Blaux thermometer works  

The Blaux thermometer is composed of a lens that brings the infrared radiation to a focus on the detector, that converts the energy to electrical and heat energy respectively. It can then be displayed in units of temperature like Celsius or Fahrenheit.  

Blaux infrared, thermometer enhances temperature measurement from a close distance without contact with the object to be measured.  It is useful for measuring the temperature in situations where fast and accurate results are required.   

Blaux thermometer utilizes the same technology and features as other infrared thermometers. It has a wide usage and it’s more economical than  the conventional clinical thermometer.  

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Blaux thermometer review

Specifications of Blaux thermometer  

  • Temperature measurement unit is both in °C and °F. 

       • Measurement speed is as low as a couple of seconds.  

• It has a comfortable grip for hand. 
• It is AAA battery powered. 
• It has indications with different colors for normal/high/light fever. 
• It has a button (such as “MODE”) to set temperature measurement type i.e. body or surface. 
• It has a battery indicator to display its status. 
• It has a memory capacity able to hold at least 64 previous measurements. 
• It has an “auto shut off” feature when user forgets to power OFF the device. 

Advantages of Blaux thermometer 

#Fast, accurate temperature readings 

Blaux thermometer gives out readings almost instantly. It takes just about a few seconds to produce result. It has indicators that let’s you know when a person is running a fever or is hypothermic and vice verse. It is advantageous when you have to take the temperatures of many people; it is quicker and absolutely more convenient. It can record the temperatures of many people while still maintaining high degree of accuracy.  

#Easy to read for everyone  

Blaux thermometer has a digital display screen that shows result in colorful large-sized numbers. Reading the temperature result is made very easy for everyone; no pro, no amateur. The readings can also be seen clearly even in the dark. No more inaccurate results due to reading errors like parallax as obtainable with the conventional mercury-in-glass clinical thermometers. No techniques or skill is required, everything is easy and digital.    

#Hygienic and safe 

Blaux thermometer has no business with coming in contact with any body(ies) to take readings which is why it’s the most hygienic and safe way to take temperature readings. It combats the risk for cross infection because it is non-contact. You can use this one thermometer for everyone in your family without running any risks of  sharing infections. You are also saving money as you’re doing so because you don’t need to buy a separate thermometer for everyone in your home.   

#Hassle free 

Have you attempted to check the temperature of an un-cooperating child before? You might have ended up not taking it at all, or got the wrong readings. This can never be the case with Blaux thermometer because you don’t even need to alert the person before trying out the procedure. You can take the temperature readings of a sleeping baby or even for a child on the move because you have to place it a few centimeters from the person’s forehead.

 This is the most convenient way to take temperatures as long as the temperature reading is concerned. No gross maintenance like a need to sterilize over and over again. With Blaux, you just need to change the AAA batteries and you’re good to go. 

#Stress free for both the patient and care giver 

With the Blaux thermometer, you can’t cause any distress or trauma to a patient since it’s non-contact and non-invasive. It makes things a lot easier for health care givers and their clients.  

#Multiple uses 

Blaux thermometer is not just useful for recording body temperatures but can also be used to take the temperatures of other materials, surfaces, foods, and rooms. You can check the temperature of your baby’s foods, room temperature and other important things in the home.  

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Blaux thermometer review

Quality features of Blaux thermometer 

Color-Coded Display – Temperature readings are recorded in colors to make things easier. The temperature readings are represented in three colors- green, yellow, and red. Green represents a temperature within the normal range, yellow represents slightly above normal temperature while a red represents fever. These indicators make the reading of temperatures very easy, to determine when one needs medical attention.  

Captures Body and Inanimate Objects’ Temperatures – Blaux thermometer is effective for checking body temperatures and also for objects as long as it is within the range of 0 to 100 degrees Celsius(32 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit).  

Easy to Use –  Blaux thermometer can be used by anyone. No technicalities involved, just hold the device a few centimeters close to the forehead of the person, and the readings will be captured. Just a push of a button and it is activated and ready for use.  

Convenient Storage – Blaux thermometer has a memory capacity that supports up to 64 readings. What it means is that you can always refer back to the device to verify your result in a case of confusion. It also helps to compare temperature readings within a short period of time. 

Adjustable Settings – Blaux Thermometer can present results in two ways; degree Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can adjust your settings to whatever unit you prefer and modify the color-coded indicators.  

Power Save Mode – On the occasion that  Blaux Thermometer is not used for a consecutive period of 20 seconds, it will automatically turn off. This prevents the batteries from draining, thus, saving individuals from incurring unnecessary costs. 

Pros of Blaux thermometer  

➨It is straightforward, safe, and simple to take temperature readings. 
➨It has a very fast working process when compared to contact-based thermometers. It gives readings in a few seconds.  

➨It does not require anybody’s contact to produce temperature readings which makes it very useful for infection control during pandemics like Covid-19.   

➨Blaux thermometer gets automatically switched OFF in order to save the battery when kept ON for a long time (~15 seconds). 
➨It is very lightweight and compact in size. 
➨Due to its non-contact feature, it guarantees infection control and combat risks for mechanical injuries on the objects’ surface.  

➨Due to its working principle, it can be used to measure inaccessible objects. 
➨It has a high degree of accuracy comparable with contact thermometer types. 
➨It is available at an affordable cost. 
➨It can measure moving objects 

What can Blaux thermometer be used for? 

Blaux thermometer can be used to perform a wide variety of temperature monitoring purposes. It can be used for checking the temperatures and hot spots of mechanical or electrical equipment, monitoring the temperatures of patients and even family members, checking the ovum or heater temperature, ambient temperature, etc. 

Blaux thermometers can be used to check arriving travelers for fever, as a method of infection control. Such measures are been taken during the pandemic to reduce the spread of infection.  

Blaux thermometer comes in handy for measuring equipment like in picking up hot spots in the electrical system, monitoring heating systems. They are used to measure food storage temperatures and they can do this with no cross-contamination. 

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How to use Blaux Thermometer

What makes Blaux thermometer unique? 

With this digital thermometer, measurements can be taken from a close distance but not touching the object or person to be checked, thereby maintaining hygiene and safety practices for disease prevention. It is an excellent thermometer for surface measurements. It has a memory that keeps a record of readings for as much as 64 measurements. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. 

The Blaux thermometers are a great way to observe the temperatures of a variety of household and workshop objects due to their sufficient light beam qualities that allow the user to point at any object and quickly detect the temperature. 

The Blaux infrared thermometer is useful in circumstances where it may not be convenient or possible to measure temperatures using other methods that may require contact or invasion. Also, in appliances with a very high temperature, and when there is difficulty in accessing the object to be measured.  

Blaux thermometer  can also be effective in cooking and serving foods. Checking the temperature of a particular food sample can help to determine the extent the food is cooked and /or if the food is at the right temperature to be consumed.  

Advantages of Blaux over the contact-based thermometers 

Blaux thermometer is a non-contact thermometer and it has several advantages over the contact type due to its ability to take the temperature readings of the target object or person accurately without necessitating physical contact. Due to the non-contact nature of this device, it is extremely effective for industrial usage since measuring the temperature of certain equipment is better done from a distance.  

Blaux thermometer can be used for other domestic purposes, it can measure the room temperature, food temperatures, the temperature of domestic appliances, etc.  

The Blaux thermometers make it possible to monitor temperatures in occasions where the object to be measured is inaccessible or on the move, where the object may be contaminated or damaged, where contact is not possible due to extremely high temperatures, or where the object is electrically active.  

The Blaux thermometer can even be mounted remotely and functions for a brief period before it shuts down. Blaux thermometers offer a very fast response time, the temperature measurement can be made within a few thousandths of a second. It measures temperature from a type of heat radiation known as black body radiation emitted by the object. 

Who needs this Blaux thermometer? 

This device is a must-have for every home since it is the most convenient way of checking the temperature readings of family members, especially in this pandemic. Blaux thermometer is safe and effective and can be used by everyone. It is very easy to read without any chances of incurring errors as with the traditional mercury-in-glass thermometer. No expensive maintenance or a need for consistent sterilization since it is non-contact.

This is the best way to prevent sharing infections in the home and a faster way to check the temperature. Not only can you use it to keep the temperatures of your family members in check, but also can be used to detect the temperatures of other object and appliances in the home that can help to save you a lot of stress and accidents in the home.

The manufacturer guarantees you can use it to check the temperature of bathwater and coffee but it should be noted that the temperature it takes is only on the surface, this is why it is recommended that if this thermometer must be used to take the temperature readings of liquids, it must be continually stirred in order to obtain an accurate result. 

Blaux thermometer review.jpeg
Blaux thermometer review

Blaux Thermometer Customers’ Reviews 

A lot of consumers have used this product with utmost satisfaction and have given their feedbacks. Below are some of the customer’s reviews;  


HELPS CURB THE SPREAD OF DISEASE! As an in-home nurse, I have to take the temperature of multiple patients every day. With all the risks of infection we hear about on the news recently, I feel much more secure using a no-touch thermometer. Since you never have to touch the patient, Blaux Thermometer dramatically decreases the risk of spreading infection from patient to patient! 

Devin M. – Philadelphia, PA 

My little girl’s safe framework isn’t the best and my dad in law is likewise getting up there in age so I can say we’re somewhat of an in danger family. With Blaux, we can screen for any indications of contamination effectively, precisely, and rapidly, and it truly gives my better half and I significant serenity. 

Satisfaction Q. – Lexington, KY 

My girl consistently used to become ill and on the grounds that she’s truly amiable, she would consistently pass it onto her cohorts, and quite soon, the whole class would become ill! However, with Blaux Thermometer, I can without much of a stretch advise if she’s beginning to get a fever, and beside dealing with her at home, I don’t need to stress over her being “understanding zero” at her school! 

Jack T. – Provo, UT 

I just had my first child and both my better half and I concern on the off chance that he becomes ill. Neither of us enjoyed utilizing an old fashioned glass thermometer that was unsanitary or could break and release harmful mercury all over. Fortunately, my sibling educated me regarding Blaux. Presently, we can securely gauge his temperature and furthermore don’t need to stress over him weeping hysterically every time we attempt and force a bit of glass on him. 


SO EASY TO USE, EVEN WITH KIDS. Why didn’t anyone tell me about Blaux Thermometer earlier? Taking the temperature of my two young kids used to be a nightmare… they’d always fiddle with the thermometer or take it out of their mouths before it was ready. With Blaux Thermometer those problems are gone forever! All I do is POINT it at my kids’ foreheads and I get an accurate temperature reading within a second! 


IF IT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR DOCTORS, IT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME. Hospitals use this exact kind of instant-read thermometer, and after you try one out for yourself you’ll understand why! You can get instant, accurate readings within a second. It makes it SO much easier to check the temperature of yourself or your family! 


SO SIMPLE, JUST PRESS THE BUTTON. Blaux Thermometer makes life a thousand times easier. It’s so fast and easy to use, whether you have fidgety kids or a parent who hates getting their temperature taken. And since you never even touch the person whose temperature you’re taking, there’s no risk of spreading an infection! 

Price of Blaux Thermometer and where to buy

The Blaux thermometer is gettimg wide popularity in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and host of other countries. It is quite affordable. The price list is as follows:

One Blaux thermometer can be gotten at 69.99$
Two Blaux thermometers can be gotten at 139.99$
Three Blaux thermometers can be bought at 156.99$

However, it is important to note that these are discounted prices and might go up anytime soon. It is addvisable to get yours now if you are interersted in buying this life saving thermometer.

As per where to buy this Blaux infrared thermometer, we usually advise our audience to buy products directly from the manufacturer’s official site. This is to ensure you get the original version of the product and also gain access to any offer available for the product. You can buy Blaux thermometer directly from the ofiicial store by clicking the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions (Blaux thermometer review)

How do infrared (IR) thermometers work? 

All objects emit infrared energy. When an object gets hotter, the molecules become more active and hence emit more infrared energy. Infrared radiation is one kind of radiation just like ultraviolet radiation, visible light etc. Infrared radiation is too weak to behold with the naked eyes, infrared thermometers utilizes optics that collect the radiant infrared energy from the object and focus it onto a detector, usually a thermopile. The detector converts the energy into an electrical signal, which is amplified as heat energy and displayed. 

 What response time can I expect from an IR thermometer? 

The response time of an infrared thermometer is very much faster than contact thermometers. It responds within a few seconds.  

 What is the maximum distance I can make measurements from the target? 

It is usually determined by checking the distance-to-size ratio and the diameter of your target. Mainly a function of the optics. For the Blaux thermometer, a distance of few centimeters from the object should be maintained, and the device pointing perpendicularly to the object measured.   

What is emissivity? 

Emissivity is the ability of an object to emit or absorb energy. Good emitters have an emissivity of absolute 1, it means that they emit 100% of incident energy.  Emissivity may vary with temperature and spectral response (wavelength). Shiny objects have poor emissivity since they reflect a major percentage of the incident energy and absorb little to none, which is why infrared thermometers will have difficulty taking accurate temperature measurements of shiny metal surfaces unless they can adjust for emissivity. 

Conclusion  (Blaux thermometer review)

Blaux thermometer is an infrared, digital thermometer effectively used for taking forehead temperature. Just like other infrared thermometers, it is an efficient way of measuring both human and objects’ temperatures. It has a memory capable of storing about 64 readings. It can serve domestic and clinical purposes. It is digital, compact and easy to use and a recommended product for everyone who wants to try using a digital thermometer. 

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